In today’s over-connected world with its never-ending chatter, it can be difficult to hear the voice of your inner being. That’s why you should learn to recognize the signs you’re ignoring your intuition or, in other words, you are disconnected from yourself.

There are so many unhappy people around us. They just wake up one day and realize they picked the wrong career, married the wrong person, and wasted their life on nonsense.

How did they allow this to happen? They ignored their intuition and lived their lives according to someone else’ expectations.

If you don’t want to be one of those people, it’s better to learn to hear the voice of your intuition and be aware of the signs you are ignoring it.

11 Signs You’re Ignoring Your Intuition

1. You keep finding yourself in the same situations

When we are disconnected from ourselves and our intuition, we attract similar situations. We don’t learn our lesson, and thus life throws the same types of people and events at us so that we finally see the truth.

Are you always attracting narcissists and toxic people? Do all your relationships fail and end the same way? Do you feel unappreciated at work time after time?

If you get repeatedly stuck in the same negative patterns, it’s a powerful sign you are ignoring your intuition. Because its voice is always there, trying to warn you—you are just not listening to it.

2. You immediately brush off every negative gut reaction you get

When you get a negative gut feeling about a person or a situation, you are quick to brush it off as irrational and stupid. Sometimes you put real effort into convincing yourself that everything is all right.

I just met him. How could I possibly know he’s not a good person? I need to get to know him first.

It’s a typical situation. What could go wrong? I’m just being anxious.

Sounds familiar? These kinds of thoughts often pop up in your mind when you get a negative gut reaction that can’t be explained by logic.

It happens because you don’t trust your intuition. When you don’t have solid evidence that someone is a bad person or a situation is more dangerous than it seems, you just ignore your instinct.

3. You are indecisive

Since we disconnected you from your intuition, you find it hard to trust yourself. You are never sure about your decisions and prefer to get someone’s advice before acting. You also spend countless hours weighing up the options and overanalyzing everything.

This indecisiveness also makes you avoid the slightest risk. Most often, you don’t act at all and just prefer to leave things as they are. As a result, you sometimes feel like you are stuck in a rut.

All this stems from mistrust—toward yourself, your intuition, and life itself. You are so afraid to make the wrong choice and fail that you end up not making any.

4. You run away from negative emotions and pretend to be happy all the time

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If I asked you whether you are happy, what would you say? Would it be a definite ‘yes’ or would you have to think it over? Maybe your positive answer would come along with a subtle hitch in your chest?

When you’re ignoring your intuition all the time, you end up lying to yourself. Lying that you are content with your life, that everything is fine, and that you are enjoying yourself.

Every time you feel sad or unfulfilled, you immediately skip these feelings and act like they don’t exist. After all, you have no actual reason to feel down, do you? So, you run away from every bit of negativity you might be experiencing.

5. Deep inside, you know something is not right with your life, but you keep running away from this feeling

And yet, there is a vague feeling deep inside you that haunts you. A feeling that something is not right, that you are walking the wrong path and living someone else’s life. This is one of the most warning signs you’re ignoring your intuition and have lost touch with your inner being.

But as you do with all negative feelings, you put it aside. You try to distract yourself and forget about it, pretending that everything is all right.

In reality, it’s the voice of your intuition screaming for attention. Because deep down, you already know that the life you are living is not what you wanted.

6. You feel tense and anxious for no reason

When you aren’t living in harmony with yourself, at some point, uncomfortable symptoms set in: unexplained anxiety, tension, and the overall feeling of being unsettled.

You are lying in your bed at night, all comfortable and having no reason to worry, and yet, your heart is racing and you can’t fall asleep.

Sometimes your intuition is trying to reach you through physical symptoms. And anxiety can be one of those.

7. You feel like you are not in charge of your life

Remember that vague feeling we talked about above? Sometimes it gets a little more specific, and you feel like your life doesn’t belong to you.

You are not in charge, and there is someone else who is pulling the strings. You are just going with the flow, having no power over what’s happening to you.

Maybe this feeling stems from the fact that you try to please everyone. Or that you neglect your own needs and always go with what others want.

Does this ring a bell? Feeling like you have no control over your own life is another key sign you’re ignoring your intuition.

8. You are afraid of staying alone with your thoughts

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You don’t want to face these uncomfortable truths, so you are running away from yourself. To achieve this, you avoid every opportunity to spend time in your own company.

You know that as soon as you stay alone, frustrating thoughts start to fill your mind. And you don’t want to listen to these thoughts. You don’t want to listen to your intuition. That’s why you are constantly distracting yourself with noise and chatter.

You are always connected to social media or are surrounded by other people. You keep your TV on most of the time. It’s like you are allergic to silence—as soon as it gets too quiet, you feel the need to fill the room with some kind of noise.

The fear of staying alone with your thoughts is one of the most telling indicators you are disconnected from yourself and your intuition.

9. You are always busy

To get distracted from those uncomfortable thoughts, you don’t only avoid solitude, but also keep yourself busy all the time. You find it hard to relax and enjoy the moment.

You stay late at work and overload yourself with unnecessary household chores. Your social life is so busy that you barely ever spend an evening at home.

So, it’s no surprise that with this hectic lifestyle, you have no opportunities to sit down and reflect. By keeping yourself busy, you are running away from your intuition and the frustrating truths it’s trying to tell you.

10. You always end up doing what others want

Whether it comes to trivial choices or big decisions, you tend to go with what others want. You are afraid to let them down or just believe they know better.

Maybe you are so used to this passive role that you don’t even try to voice your opinion. Or, even worse, you don’t even try to figure out what it is that you want. You immediately agree with others and get convinced that it’s the best option.

Okay, this attitude is not a big deal in trivial situations. Does it matter if your friends choose the movie or your wife decides what color to paint the living room? But the problem is when other people also make more important decisions for you.

Did you pick your career based on your parents’ expectations? Did you marry out of the fear of staying single in your 30s?

If you don’t know what you want and always wait for other people to tell you what to do, it’s easy to end up deeply unhappy and stuck in a life meant for someone else.

11. Your mood is a mess

Along with anxiety, unstable moods are among the physical signs you’re ignoring your intuition. At one moment, you feel down and bored. A minute later, everything gets on your nerves, and you grumble quietly or vent out your anger at someone.

You also have a general lack of enthusiasm and energy. Everything feels pointless, as if you have no reason to wake up in the morning. This is what happens when you are disconnected from yourself. All these symptoms are the cost of ignoring your intuition and neglecting your real wants.

Do you recognize yourself in the above? Don’t worry, fortunately, there are ways to reconnect with your intuition. It’s never late to restore the connection with your inner being and discover the path to a fulfilling life!

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  1. Eddie

    I am a long time student of intuition and ESP and all its branches. These 11 warning signs are ALSO the basics of developing your intuition. I would elaborate each one, but it will be too long. In general break the habit of doing the exact opposite of what that little voice is telling you to do. Maybe take the umbrella in case? No leave it!! It is as you are asking yourself what to do so you can ignore it! Develop a habit of not arguing with yourself but listen immediately. You shouldn’t cross the avenue by Jay walking! Consider this “inside information” run to the corner and cross legally! It can save your life! Don’t treat that little voice like a nuisance, like a fly you need to swat away! This is one time getting superstitious about something is a good thing! It will eventually become a habit and will help your self confidence in general.
    I am still learning all about it!
    Great advice Anna. Thank you!

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