Are you prone to feeling sad for no reason? In reality, there is always a reason, it’s just could be less obvious.

It’s perfectly natural to feel sad when something bad happens in your life. It’s completely human to feel blue when life gets hard. And it doesn’t mean you are weak or have given up. All it means is that you are sensitive enough to react to a negative situation. But what does it mean when you feel sad for no reason?

Probably the most obvious explanation would be a mental illness like depression, SAD or anxiety. Some other health-related causes include vitamin and mineral deficiencies, lack of physical activity and poor nutrition.

In essence, we are biochemical machines, so our lifestyle choices have a huge effect on our moods. This is because our emotions are basically different combinations of the same hormones and neurotransmitters.

However, today, we are not going to focus on these widely known causes of sadness.

What Does It Mean When You Feel Sad for No Reason?

Let’s try to delve into deeper roots of this unexplained emotional state. Below are some unexpected causes of unsubstantial sadness you might have never considered:

1. You might be going through an existential crisis

An existential crisis makes you reconsider your whole life even when everything seems to be going smoothly. You start to ask yourself questions like, Does my life have a meaning? Why am I here? Am I walking the right path in life?

An existential crisis can be a painful experience that brings feelings of despair, disappointment, and emptiness. And of course, it can leave you feeling sad without reason. It’s as if everything in your life suddenly ceases to make any sense and things fall apart.

However, an existential crisis often happens for your own good and eventually helps you find your purpose in life.

So when you catch yourself wondering: ‘Why am I sad for no reason?’, carefully watch your thought process. Are you asking yourself questions about your place in this world and the meaning of your existence? If so, your sadness is probably a symptom of an existential crisis.

existential crisis

2. This could be a mid-life (or a quarter-life) crisis

A mid-life or a quarter-life crisis is similar to an existential one, but it makes you ponder over more concrete issues.

For example, if you are in your 20s, your crisis may have to do with your transition to adulthood. The carefree days of adolescence remained in the past, and you now have to face adult life with its routines and duties.

You may also have noticed that your own perception of the world has become different. You no longer feel enthusiastic about things or have the energy to go out, meet new people and take up activities. Eventually, you may find yourself asking: Why do I feel sad for no reason? This happens because at the subconscious level, you realize that life will never be as full and exciting as before.

The same goes for other ages: in your 30s, you may struggle with finding the right career path. Having an unfulfilling, meaningless job you hate is enough to fuel a crisis. Similarly, you could still be single while desperately wanting to start a family.

Possible reasons for experiencing a life crisis at any age are countless, but they all have one common root. And it is a lack of fulfillment and satisfaction. Maybe you have given up on your dreams or are pursuing the wrong things. All this makes you feel like your life is moving in the wrong direction.

So to resolve this crisis, you need to find out what it is that makes you feel unfulfilled, unaccomplished and dissatisfied.

3. You are secretly lonely

Feeling sad for no reason could also stem from loneliness and a lack of understanding. Being understood is often more important than being loved. When someone truly understands you, you are connected on a deeper level. It’s not only an emotional connection but also an intellectual and a spiritual one.

But could you be secretly lonely without even knowing it? Here, I’m using the word ‘secretly’ because you don’t have to be alone in order to feel the pain of loneliness. You may have a special someone, family, and friends, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t still feel lonely.

In fact, the deepest and most painful loneliness is when you feel alone and misunderstood in the company of other people. You could hang out with the wrong people or be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t share your values and goals in life.

Even if you are unaware of the fact that you are surrounded by the wrong people, deep inside, you know it. Hence, the feelings of unexplained sadness. It’s how your Higher Self is trying to communicate with you and direct you to the right people. And opening your eyes to uncomfortable truths is always a painful process.

4. A lack of growth

If you have the job of your dreams and the right people in your life, there is no reason to feel sad. But what if you still do? Another possible cause could be a lack of growth.

Are you too deep in your comfort zone? Have you isolated yourself from the world? Does your life lack development, movement, and change? As a result, you find yourself stuck in a life that feels like an endless Groundhog Day.

However comfortable and happy your life may be – if nothing ever changes and you don’t grow as a person, eventually, you will find yourself feeling unfulfilled, bad and sad without reason. Then, you will realize that life is passing you by and you are just an observer, not a participant.

5. You are putting too much effort into meeting other people’s and society’s expectations

Today, we constantly feel the pressure of societal expectations. How we should behave, where we should work, what we should wear and so on. Apart from this, our families, friends, colleagues have expectations of their own too.

When you are trying too hard to meet all these expectations, this may take you away from your purpose in life. You may be neglecting your own needs for the sake of pleasing others. You could give up on your dreams just to follow a more secure and socially accepted path.

But even when you achieve all those things you are expected to, it won’t bring you true happiness if it contradicts your purpose in life. You will only find yourself living someone else’s life. As a result, you will be prone to getting sad for no reason.

What Does It Mean If You Are Always Sad for No Reason?

always sad deep thinker

We have discussed specific causes of unsubstantial sadness above that mainly have to do with various circumstances in your life. But what happens if you feel it on a regular basis? Do you feel like you are always sad without reason? Certain mental habits and thought patterns could be to blame.

1. Overthinking and dwelling on the past

Being an overthinker often means being prone to the toxic habit of dwelling on bad memories and negative thoughts about the past. For example, you could be ruminating about a situation that happened a few years ago where you showed yourself in a bad light.

You recall every detail of your actions and think about what you should have done instead. “I should have said that instead…”, “If only time could turn back, I would…”. Sounds familiar? The only result you get from thoughts like these is feeling worse about yourself.

The period of your life you are thinking about is long gone, but your response to it is real and is affecting you right now. When you get upset about your past, the negative emotions you are experiencing have a tangible power over you. As a result, you get sad for no reason.

Situations that happened long ago belong to the past, which means that you can do nothing to change them. So is it worth even thinking about them at all? Do not poison your mind with bitterness and regrets. Never give your past the power to affect your present.

2. Focusing on the negative

Is your glass always half-empty? Do you tend to focus on the negative aspects of a situation or a person? When thinking about the future, is your mind flooded with images of the worst scenarios that could happen and possible problems you could face? Do you tend to believe that there is nothing good to expect from life and people?

If these things sound like you, then you are a negative thinker. All these thoughts grow into an endless cluster of negativity made of bottled up emotions, bitterness, and worries. And one day, you just find yourself feeling sad for no reason. In reality, there is a reason and it is your negative outlook on life.

3. Victim mentality

It may sound controversial, but some people enjoy being sad and unhappy. Of course, they don’t do it consciously. It is just their way of coping with problems and responsibilities and they may do it without even realizing it.

This is what is known as a victim mentality. Could you have it without even knowing? Take a look at the following questions:

  • Do you always blame others for your failures and feel like the whole world is conspiring against you when you face hardships?
  • Are you always angry at something or someone?
  • In case of conflict, do you act passive-aggressively and give people the silent treatment?
  • Do you often feel wronged because you believe that the world and other people owe you something?

If you gave a positive answer to most of these questions, then you probably have a victim mentality. People may have it for many reasons, but one of the most common ones is that they secretly crave attention.

So when you find yourself wondering: Why do I always feel sad for no reason? Maybe you should ask yourself these questions instead: Do I want to be sad? Do I want to look sad and unhappy so that those around me take care of me?

What to Do When You Are Feeling Sad for No Reason?

feeling sad for no reason solutions

If you want to end the feeling of unsubstantial sadness, you should find the root cause first of all. Use the ideas above, but don’t look for a magic solution. It’s a hard and time-consuming process. But before you do that, the question is, what to do when you feel sad for no reason?

Here are a few things you can do when you are feeling sad without reason. Just remember that these things are a temporary fix but not a solution.

1. Watch an inspirational movie or read an interesting book

A good remedy for negative emotions like sadness or boredom is to escape the mundanities of daily life for a little while. Spending an evening in the company of a good book or a feel-good movie is a great way to cheer up a bit. Try to pick something positive or at least not too dull.

Who knows, you may get an unexpected inspiration and ideas in the process. It’s a fact that some quality movies and books have the power to change people’s lives.

2. Call or visit your parents

Sometimes, in order to end our sadness, all we need is to feel the warmth of being heard and understood. Who can give you this if not the people who raised you? If you have a good relationship with your parents, call them just to hear their voices and see how they are doing.

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It is even better if you can visit them, have dinner together and recall all the beautiful and funny moments of your childhood. Sometimes a short trip into the bright days of our past can do wonders for our mood.

3. See an old friend

It’s inevitable that we lose friends as we grow up. But it often happens that we lose touch with great people just because of the circumstances. Why not call an old friend to see how he or she is doing?

Even if it’s been years since you last spent time together, they may have remained the same great person you once had in your life. Why not re-establish this connection? It’s always an interesting experience to meet people you haven’t seen for years to see how they’ve changed and most importantly, how you have changed.

4. Go for a walk or arrange a trip

When you are feeling blue, nothing can be better than a change of scenery, even for a little while. If you have the possibility to plan a trip somewhere near or far, you may be surprised how fresh images can cheer you up and awaken your lost enthusiasm.

It would be great if you could go somewhere in nature to enjoy lovely views, quiet setting and calm. Studies show that walking in nature can relieve anxiety, depression and bad mood. Moreover, spending some time on your own surrounded by the sounds of nature can help you reconnect with yourself. As a result, you may find it easier to hear the voice of your soul.

In the End, There Is Always a Reason Behind Feeling Sad

Some days you will feel sad without knowing why. Like you lost something very precious but forgot what it was, or like you miss someone you never met.

Some days, you will feel sad without knowing why. Like you lost something very precious but forgot what it was, or like you miss someone you never met.


To sum up, if you feel sad without any reason on a regular basis, you should probably re-evaluate some things in your life. Take your time to analyze yourself, your relationships, and your life. You might come face-to-face with uncomfortable truths in the process, but it is worth it. Sometimes it’s the only way you can find your place in this world.

P.S. If you are prone to loneliness and feeling sad for no reason, check out my new book The Power of Misfits: How to Find Your Place in a World You Don’t Fit In, which is available on Amazon.

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