Most extroverts would say that all introverts are weird, but even people who are introverts would agree that they do have some weird habits.

Here are just a few of the weird habits most introverts have:

1. They will check there is no one around before they leave the house

The last thing an introvert wants is to get into a conversation with a stranger, a neighbour, heck anyone actually! So they go into military mode when it comes to leaving the house, checking through the curtains, the peephole or over the wall before they leave.

2. They pretend to be asleep at parties

Rather than talk to strangers, an introvert will pretend to nod off at a party or social event. They would prefer to appear rude than have to go through small talk with people they barely know.

3. They never answer their phone

Another one on our list of weird habits is that nearly all introverts will leave their phones to go to answerphone, even though they are sat there when it is ringing. They prefer to hear a voicemail message than have to talk to a real person.

4. They get excited when social plans are cancelled

For most people, a normal reaction to cancelled plans is to feel disappointment, but not the introvert. They will do a mental high five to themselves and start planning their weekend of reading and alone time.

5. They hate small talk but love deep and meaningful conversations

An introvert’s idea of hell is having to chat small talk with people they don’t know. However, get them one-to-one with someone they are really close to where they can go deep into a conversation and they thrive.

6. They pretend not to notice people when they are out

This weird habit has to do with avoiding that small talk again. An introvert would rather hide behind a supermarket shelf than encounter someone where they’ll have to engage in conversation.

7. They tell nothing to many and everything to a few

Introverts tend to have a few close friends that know absolutely everything about them. All the other people that know the introvert will only be told the very basics and know nothing about their personal life or dramas.

8. They wear headphones out in public to avoid people

Typically, when you see people wearing headphones out in public, you’d assume they were listening to music. Well, it’s not always the case. Some, like our introverts, use them as a defense to stop others talking to them.

9. They recharge their batteries by being alone

Introverts find social interaction exhausting, so they have to have plenty of alone time in order to recharge their batteries and renew their energy levels. Spending a lot of time with other people actually makes them ill. So don’t expect them to be party animals – they simply can’t do it.

10. They can’t and don’t flirt

Introverts find the whole idea of flirting nauseating and actually don’t really know how to do it. You have to be quite confident to put yourself forward and out there in front of another person and for an introvert, this is just too frightening.

11. They prefers texts to phone calls

Even an unexpected text can throw off the most introverted person, but believe me, it is much better than a phone call. Phone calls demand attention and action by their insistent ringing whereas a text can be left for a few hours and dealt with later.

12. They tell friends to go when they have had enough of socializing

An introvert’s friends will typically know when their friend has had enough of them. But this doesn’t stop the introvert from telling them, in no uncertain terms, to get lost when they need to be alone.

13. They prefer the online world to the real world

Introverts thrive on the internet. In fact, they are more likely to work on it, stay on it longer for social reasons, and use it for shopping than extroverts are.

Extroverts prefer face-to-face interactions with work, they go out socially and shop in bricks and mortar shops. Introverts love the online world because it gives them the chance to communicate at a slower pace.

Are you an introvert? If so, can you relate to any of the above weird habits? Let us know in the comments section below.



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