Most extroverts would say that all introverts are weird, but even people who are introverts would agree that they do have some weird habits.

Here are just a few of the weird habits most introverts have:

1. They will check there is no one around before they leave the house

The last thing an introvert wants is to get into a conversation with a stranger, a neighbour, heck anyone actually! So they go into a military mode when it comes to leaving the house, checking through the curtains, the peephole, or over the wall before they leave.

2. They pretend to be asleep at parties

Rather than talk to strangers, an introvert will pretend to nod off at a party or social event. They would prefer to appear rude than have to go through small talk with people they barely know.

3. They never answer their phone

Another one on our list of weird habits is that nearly all introverts will leave their phones to go to answerphone, even though they are sat there when it is ringing. They prefer to hear a voicemail message than have to talk to a real person.

4. They get excited when social plans are cancelled

For most people, a normal reaction to cancelled plans is to feel disappointment, but not the introvert. They will do a mental high five to themselves and start planning their weekend of reading and alone time.

5. They hate small talk but love deep and meaningful conversations

An introvert’s idea of hell is having to chat small talk with people they don’t know. However, get them one-to-one with someone they are really close to where they can go deep into a conversation and they thrive.

6. They pretend not to notice people when they are out

This weird habit has to do with avoiding that small talk again. An introvert would rather hide behind a supermarket shelf than encounter someone where they’ll have to engage in conversation.

7. They tell nothing to many and everything to a few

Introverts tend to have a few close friends that know absolutely everything about them. All the other people that know the introvert will only be told the very basics and know nothing about their personal life or dramas.

8. They wear headphones out in public to avoid people

Typically, when you see people wearing headphones out in public, you’d assume they were listening to music. Well, it’s not always the case. Some, like our introverts, use them as a defense to stop others from talking to them.

9. They recharge their batteries by being alone

Introverts find social interaction exhausting, so they have to have plenty of alone time in order to recharge their batteries and renew their energy levels. Spending a lot of time with other people actually makes them ill. So don’t expect them to be party animals – they simply can’t do it.

10. They can’t and don’t flirt

Introverts find the whole idea of flirting nauseating and actually don’t really know how to do it. You have to be quite confident to put yourself forward and out there in front of another person and for an introvert, this is just too frightening.

11. They prefer texts to phone calls

Even an unexpected text can throw off the most introverted person, but believe me, it is much better than a phone call. Phone calls demand attention and action by their insistent ringing whereas a text can be left for a few hours and dealt with later.

12. They tell friends to go when they have had enough of socializing

An introvert’s friends will typically know when their friend has had enough of them. But this doesn’t stop the introvert from telling them, in no uncertain terms, to get lost when they need to be alone.

13. They prefer the online world to the real world

Introverts thrive on the internet. In fact, they are more likely to work on it, stay on it longer for social reasons, and use it for shopping than extroverts are.

Extroverts prefer face-to-face interactions with work, they go out socially and shop in bricks-and-mortar shops. Introverts love the online world because it gives them the chance to communicate at a slower pace.

Are you an introvert? If so, can you relate to any of the above weird habits? Let us know in the comments section below.



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  1. Paul

    I can definitely flirt, and I don’t think it’s right to equate introversion with lack of confidence. Introversion for me has a lot to do with being so introspective, and loath of the superficial, not with my level of self-esteem or self-confidence. I have plenty of both. You’re 100% on the small talk thing, what a bore and complete waste of time. I don’t answer the phone unless it is someone from my inner circle most of the time, and that is because they already know I don’t like the phone except to make plans to meet up, and that too, honestly can be done with a few short texts. If they’re calling, I know it’s important, and I answer. It’s more agoraphobic who would literally check to avoid people when leaving the house than it is introverted. I’ve never pretended to be sleeping at parties, and I don’t go to parties, other than a few gatherings with my inner circle, and I already know everyone attending, except in the rare occurrence, someone brings an unknown friend, and this I can acclimate to this with no problem. I have and do however pretend to be sleeping when a roommate is getting home late and has a habit of engaging me in late-night conversation, but usually, I oblige, as he’s been adopted as my kid brother. My favorite part of the article was

    “They tell nothing to many and everything to a few.”

    This is 100% spot on, and we don’t gossip either and have no respect for those who do, and will limit our time around them to ni if necessary, regardless of the relationship dynamic, familial or otherwise.

    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Dennis

    I have all of those habits..

  3. John

    I don’t know about #2 and #3 is what caller I’D is for, but all the others I totally agree with.

  4. Nameless

    No offence, but it looks like the text has been written by a psychologist, not an actual introvert. Tendency to generalize is too high. Why should introvert go to an uninteresting party or set up unwanted meeting durning weekend? Would it be some kind of attempt to “socially normalize” themselves? The idea about muted headphones is also funny. It is extremely rare to be bothered by random person on the street, and at 99% this person would be beggar or street marketer (same thing after all). The best line of defense is to ignore them.
    I will share my quirk, becauce there is nothing similar in this article: I like to meet new people in group of my old friends, because newcomers need to open themselves, and I don’t need to do anything. Moreover it gives me a while to think – if I want to know this new person better, or confine to formal “hi”.
    There is one more thing that is even worse than unwanted small talk – seeing one person more than once per day. Don’t ever say “hi” again, or you will look like a moron. Etiquette suggest just eye contact and smile, but it is also awkward.

  5. Mike

    omg! you’ve been following me haven’t you? 😉…. also thanks for the idea.. I do have some headphones lying about… (some of them even work…)

  6. Rufus

    I am an introvert but can only relate to two or three of these things. I don’t think this is post accurately portrays the average introvert well at all, but instead someone who is antisocial, shy, or has severe anxiety. I don’t think this simply because of my barely existent relatability to this post, but because introverts are not all antisocial, socially lazy, or concieted.

    1. kddomingue

      I agree with you. There are many degrees of introversion and extroversion. Perhaps these things are applicable to the extreme end of the introversion spectrum but I don’t think this list is an accurate portrayal of the average introvert. It certainly doesn’t describe me. I do like conversing online because I’m freed of the time constraints that live conversations impose upon me. And that’s not to say that I dislike live conversations. I do like them but they tend to be more draining. I do flirt when the mood strikes me….flirting can be fun if it’s done in good humor. I do have to admit to hiding from people that I know when I’m out and about sometimes. There are simply times that I don’t have enough energy to deal with small talk and social niceties. Now, depending on who it is, I often prefer a phone call to texting back and forth at random intervals for hours. I like parties sometimes but would never be so rude as to pretend to be asleep to avoid talking to people. If I’m that uncomfortable, I’ll make my excuses and go home. So, there’s my introverted thoughts on this list.

  7. TyroneAxeMeDis

    Yep, you pretty much nailed it (introvert true habits). I personally have practiced all 13 points – and probably some others not even listed.

  8. Kyle j russell

    I can relate to all of this. I’ve always tride to hide all this but is not easy.

  9. Lawrence Reed

    I think this article was painted with pretty broad Strokes. I think only five of accurate for me. The flirting one is definitely off.

  10. Mary ann

    All of the above have got me.. it was so me..
    But i think ..something is missing ..
    Introvert people are suicidal.. most of us have trust issues.. causing to be anti-social.

  11. GG

    i can relate to all these but the flirting i really dont know i think i might be a natural haha

  12. Michael Francis Kelly

    Full house. Comments seem to reflect the continuum. Interestingly I just came across Avoidance Personality Disorder and am relating strongly to the crossover of behaviours listed and the anxiety producing situations they provoke.


  13. Rose Oliver

    Read the whole thing. I call myself a loner but I guess introvert is probably correct. I am well liked by most people I meet . I am friendly with strangers. But I don’t let anyone in. I like working alone and reject help in my home. I help others too much sometimes. I read deep books. Music is my life. I hate texting and telephones. I love deep meaningful conversations. If I can’t learn than I don’t waste my time. Occasionally I have flirted with someone who magically connected with my spirit which is rare. I feel no one really knows me and that’s ok. I hate parties of any kind. I like one on one. I teach naturally. Some may not like it but I share what I learn if it might help. I do avoid anyone I know when I am out. I guess I am ok on my own. At this moment I have no close friend. Nor need one. Either we are good for each other or I live alone. I would love a good friend but hard to find. Thanks for the article.

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