Don’t you know that our society is sick? So, while it suffers from this illness, I will continue to be a happily weird person.

I honestly believe that society is so sick because of conformity. According to politics, religion, and business, we are supposed to abide by unspoken rules of conduct. Now, I don’t mean that we are governed by a strict authority and have no basic rights. What I speak of are stereotypes of what the human being is supposed to act like.

In order to sell products and agendas, we are expected to basically be “cookie-cutter” people. If we veer from this norm, we may not be directly punished, but we are ridiculed. We are laughed at, mocked and judged for being something that goes against what the majority believes in or values. This, my friend, is the long definition of why our world is sick.

Weirdos Unite!

I am a weird person too! I dress funny, I talk funny and I have all these colorful obsessions that I adore. I really don’t like being a version of everyone else. Actually, I have this urge to skip down the road while listening to Michael Jackson’s Billy Jean, wearing pigtails, shorts, and tube socks. Oh, and don’t forget the huge headphones! That’s because, for me, something like that is pure happiness. It is void of conflict and gossip.

I prefer to be alone too if my other choice is with the Stepford wives doing crafts and talking smut about someone’s affair. If I have to know the latest news or wear the latest trend, I would rather be oblivious. I tried watching the news and fell into depression. It’s just that bad.

So, if you like anything that society tells you that you shouldn’t, or if you go against the grain as hard at you can or if you simply love to bake cakes while wearing a bunny suit, then join me. If you are a weird person, keep reading! I will tell you all the good things about absolutely destroying the box and setting it on fire!

Normal isn’t real

So baby, cheer up! There is no such thing as normal. What is understood by one group may be hated by the other. Society has taught us about normality and its standards, and it was brought to light to fulfill the plans of certain entities. If we keep adhering to this “normal” model, we will forget how to naturally be ourselves, thus, we will lose our identity altogether.


Being a weird person usually means you are being your most authentic self. Unless of course, you’re being weird just to get attention. That’s another thing entirely, yeah, don’t do that one. But to be yourself, you will sometimes do, say and wear things that will be unique. These things will not fit in with society’s fashion, and this will make you stand out. But being authentic means living in truth, and what’s better than being an honest representation of a human being?

True friends

If you never allow yourself to be that weird person, you will never find your true friends. By hiding what you hold inside, in exchange to be an ordinary person, you will attract other people who are hiding. When this happens, those whom you think are friends, will not be true friends at all. It’s so much better to let it all out and discover who truly appreciates you for who you are.

Artists are weird folk

Don’t worry about being misunderstood or disliked, you let your weird light shine for all to see. You let your weird little paintbrush make epic artwork, you let your weird fingers make beautiful music and you let your weird mind create poems and stories and ….blog posts, maybe. Listen, all the great

Listen, all the great artists in the world were or are weird. Take comfort in knowing that if you hold that weird spark, you probably hold an artistic soul as well!

You won’t be forgotten

If you are one of the weird people, more than likely, you will not be forgotten when you leave the room. Those who march to their own drum leave an echo behind for others to see and feel. When you leave the room, the town or the country, everyone else will still be talking about the things you said and done when you were around.

Society forgets about the impact that the weird person causes, and the changes that they are capable of as well unless we pronounce this loud and clear.

You make change

Okay, so you must be pretty darn weird if you’ve read this far. Good! Did you know that weird people have the ability to change things for the better?

Society has tried so hard to make us conform to their standards, their stereotypes, and models, but we are still weird and going strong. The best part about this is that gradually, the weird person is taking this world back. Pretty soon, society will conform to our demands instead. All we want is the freedom to be ourselves!

Weird is good, and don’t you ever forget it!

Before you feel bad about not fitting in with the crowd, think about it this way: Maybe they are jealous, and that’s why they make you feel so different. Maybe that weird magic you wield is beautiful and because they don’t know how to get it, they hate it! In time, even they will learn to be weird like you, so just think of yourself as an inspiration.

Now, the next move would be….take your weirdness and wear it like a medal of honor! Show the world just how great being different can be. This will help you gain confidence and help them set their own boxes on fire!

Just remember, stay weird and stay wonderful!

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  1. divine spirit

    I bet you still call your kids and refer to others as “you guys”. That’s a label too when you are referring to both male and female in a mixed crowd.Throughout history social linguistics has never been positive toward the female gender. peace

    1. Sherrie

      I live in the south. I call them Y’all. lol

  2. Silentcarol

    Love this for its good to know there are others like me. We are united in our weirdness!

    1. Sakib

      You’re such a weirdo!

    2. Sherrie

      Weird people are awesome!

  3. Bee Cee

    I love that there are weird people like me in the world. Without us it would be totally boring.

  4. Me

    I agree with all of this, except we are not the weird ones. We are the ones who retained enough of our individuality to mitigate the brainwashing and propaganda that we all experience from birth, enough to analyse and question it. We draw our own conclusions, find our own personal truth that doesn’t have to conform to any external system.

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