Guess what! Although it may be hard to believe, you are stronger than you think. Maybe you’ve noticed this fact while going through troubling times.

I thought I’d have it easy now, seeing as though I’ve lived a traumatic life. To my surprise, the difficulties keep coming. Apparently, I had more energy than I ever thought before. Someone told me in my midst of my pain: You are stronger than you think. Of course, I didn’t believe them.

So, what’s going on with you? If you’re going through things that seem more than you can handle, take comfort. You are stronger than you think you are. I can definitely attest to that. I finally started to believe it when things just fell into place.

How to gauge your strength

So, I guess you wonder just how strong you really are, huh? Well, unfortunately, the only way to truly know the depth and length of your inner power is to go through seemingly unbearable pain or strife. Yeah, I hate that part of the deal. When you do this, however, you will see that you are stronger than you think. Here’s why that’s true.

1. You’ve changed

One way to tell that you are stronger than you think is by noticing how you’ve changed. Do you seem more resilient when things happen? Are you able to remain calm during a crisis?

If you weren’t good at this before, and now you seem like a pro, then you definitely have gained some strength. Maybe you’ve become accustomed to the changes in life, and you no longer fear them. If you notice how much you have changed, it could be because you’re much stronger now.

Let me cite a quote that sums it up:

I'm strong because I've been weak. I'm brave because I've been afraid. I'm wise because I've been foolish.

2. You’re taking action

Maybe in the past, you hesitated when making decisions. Maybe you felt afraid to take action in certain circumstances as well. You are stronger than you think when you can flawlessly take action and get things done.

You may even be able to take action when it’s for a difficult situation. For instance, if you’re feeling like a relationship is bad for you or going nowhere, you can easily take action to separate yourself from the union. Yes, you are just that strong.

3. You can take care of yourself

When I say “take care of yourself”, I don’t mean hygiene or health. What I mean when I say this is you can make the big decisions, take the difficult actions, and also stay financially stable enough to live a good life.

Taking care of yourself is about more than physical wellbeing too. Taking care of yourself is about being emotionally sound and comfortable with the life you’ve been given. You are stronger than you think when your wellbeing is also well rounded.

4. You are patient

Have you noticed how incredibly patient you really are, compared to the crisis at hand? It shows how strong you are when you can wait for something to come to pass or for something to resolve itself.

Time is precious, but mature and strong people understand this and utilize their time wisely. They understand when it’s okay to be patient and when it’s best to make a move.

5. You are wise

Wisdom comes with age, but it also comes when you’ve learned how to operate with sound logic. It comes from experience and maturity, no matter what age you are. You could be filled with wisdom as a young adult, and able to tackle most any obstacle. You are stronger than you think when you’ve learned to make wise decisions.

6. You’re loyal to your morals and standards

Despite what everyone else wants, you seem to retain your own passions and desires. You also stay committed to what you believe in as well.

You are stronger than you think when your standards and morals come before settling in a relationship that isn’t right for you. Yes, having a companion is a positive thing, but it should never change the outline of how you wish to live. Strength helps you stand firm when others try to make you compromise your most basic beliefs.

7. You have faith

Much like patience, faith is the substance of an extremely strong individual. Faith means hoping for things that are unseen, and it takes a strong person to believe in something that hasn’t shown any proof yet.

You can have faith in your friends, family, or just faith that negative things will turn around. Whatever you have faith in, just know that it means you are strong enough to feel confident.

8. You value the small things

Although big successes are important, it’s the small things that really matter. When you’re strong, you notice the little things and you appreciate them too. If the weather is nice, you may spend hours enjoying it, not worried about getting everything done.

If you make a little money, you might use that income to do something that lasts. You know how to utilize the little things and enjoy the small blessings. This is part of being a mature and confident person.

9. You have a healthy self-image

When you’re strong, you tend to have a healthy image of who you are. You’re not conceited or self-absorbed, no, that’s not it. Rather, you understand how you feel and you are stable about what kind of person you are.

Your likes, dislikes, and passions are easy to understand. You also know just how to defend yourself, and you do it without hesitation.

Yes! You are growing stronger every day

Life is difficult. Let’s face it, sometimes these years you are given are downright horrendous. The good thing is, you can take these years and make them shine. You are stronger than you think, and you will see this when the bad times come.

No matter how many times you feel like giving up, you won’t. As you stand up in the face of adversity, you will feel the fires of resilience burn within. Yes! That’s it! That’s you in there!

You are so much stronger than you’ve ever dreamed.



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  1. Don

    The two points I’ve noticed most over time concerning your article are first, number eight, valuing the small things.The small things from people mean so much even if you don’t noticed them at first. I believe that on our death beds, our minds will be full of the small things. Second, there are instances where people say “I could never do that”, then they happen and they do.

    1. Sherrie


      Life is strange, as I am learning things both positive and negative about life. The saddest thing is that I am learning things that I wished I had known when I was younger. But there is a reason for this, although I don’t know what the reason is, and I keep this in mind. People always surprise themselves by what they are truly capable of doing, both good and bad.

  2. Christopher Pederson

    Your article truly touched me and made me realize just how strong I have become over the years. Thank you so much for this. It just so happens that Google picked up a conversation on the radio and the first result was your article. Sometimes I wonder about myseof and the life I live but somehow your article came to me when I didn’t even know I needed it.

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