• music for anxiety

Music for Anxiety That Relieves the Symptoms

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It seems that music for anxiety may be the ultimate healing option. We may no longer need multiple prescriptions to keep us whole. I believe the key to defeating anxiety's attacks lies within the safety of your inner sanctum. Beyond the prayers and through the curtain of the subconscious lies the most sacred space. Here, [...]

  • dreams about teeth falling out

Dreams about Teeth Falling Out and 6 More Common Nightmares and Their Meaning

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The quirky title of this post must have grabbed your attention or drawn a few laughs. If you do have dreams about teeth falling out, you may do so yourself. However, those who are familiar with dream interpretation will know that such a dream has a serious meaning. Like other nightmares, it shows the fears [...]

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Why Being Soft-Hearted in the Modern World Is a Strength, not a Weakness

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In a society where aggression and independence are revered, soft-hearted people are sometimes viewed with suspicion. But kindness can be a superpower. Our society makes a big deal of people who achieve physical acts of courage like climbing mountains or risking their lives to save others. But there is a different kind of heroism that [...]

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You Know You’ve Read Too Many Psychology Articles When You Do These 10 Things

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What is it about psychology articles that gets us intrigued? Mention that you have an interest in psychology and you’re likely to get a response like: “Oh are you going to analyse me?” Psychology is the tool in which we use to find answers about our own psyches, but is there a point where too [...]

  • Physical Symptoms of Anxiety: 6 Ways Anxiety Affects your Body

Physical Symptoms of Anxiety: 6 Ways Anxiety Affects your Body

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Not only does anxiety confound your mind, but it also has physical symptoms. Over time, you will see the damage, caused by years of stress and worry. During my early twenties, I never believed that those sleepless nights and hours crying would ever amount to physical scars. I didn’t discover the physical symptoms of anxiety [...]

  • Never Let Go of Your Dreams

Never Let Go of Your Dreams… Except for Those You No Longer Believe in

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We often hear the advice Never let go of your dreams. But what if you no longer want to chase them? Should you still be trying to achieve them or quit? Fitness goals, travel goals and career goals. These are just some of the common goals we set in our lives. Oftentimes, we believe that achieving [...]

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Here Is Why Wealthy People Are More Likely to Be Narcissists, According to a New Study

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It's not a secret that many wealthy people feel more entitled and even exhibit the traits of narcissism. A recent study has found the reason why. Right before our eyes, the world is changing around us. With each passing day, technology advances and for some of us, so does our wealth. How does it affect [...]

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8 Albert Einstein Quotes That Offer Profound Insights about Life

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Many Albert Einstein quotes show that this remarkable genius had important things to say, not only about science and mathematics but also humanity. Albert Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany, on March 14, 1879. He changed the field of physics forever with his special and general theories of relativity, which revolutionized the scientific understanding of everything [...]