We often hear the advice Never let go of your dreams. But what if you no longer want to chase them? Should you still be trying to achieve them or quit?

Fitness goals, travel goals and career goals. These are just some of the common goals we set in our lives. Oftentimes, we believe that achieving our goals is the true measure of success. And from this tenet, we also believe that our goals in life can make us happy.

However, there are times when our goals and dreams no longer define us. There are times when our goals in life become more of a burden than a motivation. This is when the advice Never let go of your dreams doesn’t work. But for some reason, we still push ourselves towards these goals though they no longer make us happy.

But have you ever asked yourself — is it still worth it? When we no longer believe in our goals, don’t you think it is better if we let go of them and start with new ones? Here are some reasons to ignore the advice Never let go of your dreams and why it’s better to let go of goals that you no longer believe in.

You’ll Be Exhausted for Nothing

When you are forcing yourself towards a goal that you no longer believe in, you feel like it is more of a chore than a dream. You will feel exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally. You feel exhausted for nothing.

And not just that, forcing yourself to work hard for something you have no desire to will lead you to feel the emptiness. Thus, you are more prone to breakdowns.

When you love what you are doing, you will be less likely to feel exhausted. The same as your goals, when you are working hard for something you really want to achieve, you will rarely feel stressed and exhausted.

So time to stop pretending, let go of goals you have no desire of and start up a new one.

It Will Nearly Be Impossible To Achieve Them

We are setting goals in life because we want to achieve them. This is our main motivation to continue in life and to never stop working hard. But when your goals are no longer yours, achieving them will be very difficult. You will be in a constant battle to survive each day because you are no longer self-driven.

You will feel uncomfortable with your daily life. Every day is a struggle and you tend to forget about appreciating small successes in your life.

According to some studies, letting go of unreachable goals can help in personal development.

So you choose to ignore the advice Never let go of your dreams without holding back, it does not necessarily make you a loser. It gives you a chance to start a new goal which will lead you to true happiness.

When you chase your goals because this is what you really want, every small success is an achievement and every step you take will make you feel better. You will find yourself being a lot closer to your dreams.

There Are More Important Things You Can Do

One way of knowing that you have to let go of the goals you set is when you feel that you would be happier doing other things. When you start fantasizing about other things in life although you are now achieving your dream, then it is about time to change your direction in life.

Even if other people think you are living the dream, do not hesitate to change your path in life, such as looking for new jobs if you are not happy with your current career anymore. Do not allow other people to design your happiness; you have full control over it.

Faking happiness and pretending to be enjoying that certain goal will not help you be a better person. You are wasting your time on something which cannot bring you satisfaction in life. You are far more worthy than what you are doing now, so do not hesitate to let go. Spend your time on more important things in life. Focus on goals that matter to you most.

Summing Up

Goals are set to inspire and motivate us, but there are times when our happiness is no longer on the path we are waking.

When this happens, it is all right to change our course in life. Circumstances change and things may happen the way we didn’t expect and it can affect how we perceive things. By letting go of the goals we have set for ourselves, we can keep growing.

So do not fence yourself toward a certain goal that you no longer believe in. Don’t be afraid to let go because this way, you can be happier. When you no longer believe in your goal, you are far better off without this goal. So never let go of your dreams unless you no longer believe in them.

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  1. Rita Davis

    I agree with you! We shouldn’t let go of our dreams unless we no longer believe in them. I’ve read the book “Secret” by Rhonda Byrne she give very goog tips and pieces of advice for people who want to make their dreams come true!

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