Happiness is a profound emotion. While everyone defines it in their own way, we all want to feel happy.

Happiness is more than a state of mind; it is a constant ebb and flow, so learning how to become happier is crucial to living life to the fullest potential.

All people have a right to live a full, harmonious, and happy life. But, unfortunately, not everyone achieves this goal. The main reason is that often, people go after things that don’t bring them genuine fulfillment.

Therefore, knowing what gives you happiness is a life-long quest that is achieved by observing the smallest things in life. While surprise birthday parties, or winning the lottery are significant events that give you happiness, there are thousands of little things that happen around you that can give you satisfaction.

Do you want to feel happy every day? Keep in mind these steps to a harmonious life.

1. Focus on positivity

Start with the conscious decision to be happy here and now. Make it a habit to focus on positive things. It’s easier than it sounds, and all it takes is to be consistent.

Every night at bedtime, think about all the nice events that happened to you today. Reflect on your day and ask yourself what you achieved and what you could have done better. In the morning upon getting up, think about the main intention of this day.

2. Find your passion and be creative

One of the most overlooked ways to achieve happiness is to be creative. Finding an activity you can dedicate yourself to for just a few minutes per day can give you something to look forward to and a result of your work to be proud of. From writing to drawing, reading, or wood sculpting, find an activity that you want to immerse yourself in.

This may be a job, socializing with friends, or a hobby. Whatever inspires you for self-development and new creative ideas would work. Every day, devote some time to your hobbies, and you will not notice that your life will be brighter and filled with joy.

3. Make a list of activities you enjoy

It is possible that you have not yet decided on your favorite activities. Then sit in a quiet environment, think about what you love to do, and write down the list. When you feel sad, select an activity from the list depending on how much time you have. Thus, you can quickly lift your mood.

4. Express appreciation and gratitude as often as you can

Be grateful for what you have. While this is a relatively common recommendation, being satisfied with what you have will help you see that you may already have everything you need to feel happy right in front of you.

When we express our gratitude, our wellbeing automatically improves. You can always find something to be grateful for no matter what is happening in your life. With the help of gratitude, you shift your focus to the positive aspects of a situation or life in general.

5. Express your affection

Spend time with your loved one and tell them how much they mean to you. We all need to give and receive love. This is a natural human need. By expressing love, we feel better and happier.

Showing your love works like magic. Give unexpected gifts and make pleasant surprises to your dear ones. Such moments will make you happier because you will feel like a magician. By giving another person a piece of happiness, you make yourself feel happy first of all.

6. Take a walk in nature

Not only exercise but also walking triggers the release of the ‘happy hormones’ that give us that feeling. Taking in some fresh air and watching leaves fall, water ripple over rocks, or even small animals playing can provide us with a moment of joy.

When walking on the street in the morning, smile to the new day and the energy you receive from our planet.

We need to take care of our planet because it is our only one. Every day, we receive many gifts from it, but very often, we take them for granted. Spending time in nature, we enjoy the beauty and these gifts and get charged with energy.

Just look around and smile to the world, and it will smile back to you.

7. Help others

Do good for others, and it will come back to you. Helping someone out does give you that giddy feeling, you did a great thing by helping them out of whatever situation they may have been in.

When we help others and share with them our time, knowledge, and money, we become happier. No matter whom you help, a friend or a stranger, the very act of kindness will raise your energy levels, and you will feel the joy of self-realization.

8. Do not forget to smile

After all, a smile is the easiest way to cheer up yourself and those around you. It is contagious – people usually smile back at you. Remember that the power of a smile shortens the distance between people. Scientific evidence shows that people who often smile live longer and feel healthier!

Find happiness in the little things

Happiness brings us a deeper understanding of ourselves. When we strive to become more cheerful and positive, we change not only ourselves but the world around us.

Being happy does not take a lot of effort. Even though some days are happier than others, appreciating the small aspects of life and being grateful is sometimes all it takes to feel happy.

Once you make a conscious effort to be happy, it will come easier, and the people around you will feel it too. You don’t even need to devote hours to this practice – just a few moments of your day are all it takes.

Quit resisting that smile, don’t stifle that laugh, bring joy to yourself and others. 🙂

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  1. Phil Seymour

    Very good and effective tips. Another thing that seems to work for me is to start every day with a smile. Even if you have to fake it at first, it is amazing how that smile changes your entire being until one day you realize you are smiling when you awaken because you are genuinely happy.

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