Are you known to have a short temper? Do you fly off the handle at the slightest provocation? You could have anger issues that are not being resolved.

Most people get angry a few times in their life, but it’s not healthy to feel angry all the time. If you can’t admit to yourself that you have anger issues, then read through the signs and see if any resonate with you:

5 signs you have anger issues:

  1. You have a serious temper

People with anger issues tend to have a serious temper, one that explodes out of nowhere and leaves those around them fearful or shocked. If you have a short fuse and find that the lightest little thing can enrage you, then you could have anger issues.

  1. You cannot take criticism

Those with anger issues are unable to take criticism of any kind. They feel as if they are being unfairly judged and quickly get defensive. They will fire back insults at the person criticising them and make it personal.

  1. You have to have the last word

In any conflict, you are the one that has to not only win but have the last word. The topic of the argument is not important, what matters is that yours is the last voice heard on the matter.

  1. You hold grudges

People who are balanced and have a healthy outlook on life realise that we all make mistakes. Those with anger issues will hold onto their feelings of betrayal or bitterness and be unable to forgive and forget.

  1. You have been told you have problems with anger issues

If you are constantly being told you have problems with anger, then it’s time to listen. The very fact that others are approaching you, risking your wrath, is a very real sign that you have anger issues.

What is hiding behind your anger issues?

If you recognise any of the above signs, then your next step is understanding what is causing your anger.


Going from frustration to anger is a natural progression and the cause of most people’s anger issues. If you are constantly getting frustrated doing normal everyday tasks, then try some relaxing techniques that calm you and control your breathing.

Also, look at the bigger picture, in the scheme of things, is it worth getting wound up about something that by tomorrow you will have forgotten about?


Is there a particular situation that is making you feel helpless and out of control? It could be a health scare or you might be worried about your job. No one can be in control 100% of the time, but looking at the practical ways in which you can deal with the problem is more productive than getting angry about it.


Fear can manifest itself in many different ways, from the fear of losing your job, your partner, fear of getting hurt or looking stupid. It is natural to want to react to fear, but lashing out is not a solution.

You cannot control other people or situations, but you can control your own behaviour and how you react to them.


When we are tired, we cannot keep a check on our emotions so easily and this means our resistance to stress is lower. Whether it is through lack of sleep or overworking – resorting to anger is not healthy.


We all have moments in our past that upset us. When we experience similar experiences in the present, it can take us right back to that awful moment. Don’t let the past dictate how you live in the present.


There are lots of ways you can feel hurt, you can be ignored, laughed at, betrayed, lied to, and many more. If you always feel angry when someone or something has hurt you, then try to look at which situations make you the angriest. Is there a common theme to them? Does anger make you feel more in control?


We all can feel a little envious of those who appear to have it all. But getting angry because you are jealous of someone is a dangerous mix. Jealousy and anger are particularly unhealthy emotions, and combined can prove to be destructive. Learn to use other people’s success as a motivation for you to succeed.

Anger issues are usually a sign of some hidden problem that is buried deep and we are unaware of. Understanding the signs of anger issues and then working out what is causing them is the first step towards a balanced and happier life.



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  1. abdurrahman

    i have anger issues with family member which i get angry from them very easily because family members some of them caused several troubles or things made me get angry before and i forgot about it but because they caused several raging causes i explode every time if the person is family member. or anyone that caused me anger before and i forgot it like forgiving it then caused again i explode to the person.

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