When desiring that perfect job, or a date with the new neighbor, having confident body language is what will make all the difference between a yes or no.

Slumped shoulders, downcast eyes, and fidgety hands signal to the other person that you are uncomfortable with communicating with them. What you say with your body is just as important as what you say with your words, if not more so. Here are some ways to project an assertive image using confident body language that will pay off the next time you use these tips.

1. Use Slower, Deliberant Movements

Fidgety hands are dead giveaways that you are nervous. Try to steeple your hands or lightly clasp them together as a way to hold still if you need a reminder.

Keep in mind that your speech should not be rushed either. Take your time forming your thoughts before they come out, and this will project that you are self-assured. If your physical body and words are all over the place, this is frustrating and distracting for whoever is listening to you.

2. Straitened Body Posture Shows Confident Body Language

Simply by putting your shoulders back, you break out of the traditional slouch that marks you as an average person. Not only do you present a larger figure that demands more attention, but your mind actually benefits from this too. You breathe easier, and it helps clear your thoughts. Try to keep your hands out of your pockets, as this tends to bring your shoulders back forward and breaks your stance.

3. Strong Eye Contact Throughout the Conversation

There is a certain power in looking into someone else’s eyes while speaking to them. If you are trying to convince someone of your value yet, cannot meet their gaze, you lose that power. Making a connection through eye contact is vital to gaining a positive opinion when you are wanting to draw them into what you are saying. It is harder to trust someone who is looking everywhere else to avoid looking at you.

4. Keep Your Head Up

Literally putting your best face forward will take you a long way. Similar to maintaining eye contact, this keeps you from avoiding the person’s gaze and shows that you are interested in what they have to say. Keep your chin forward instead of pointed to the floor, and you will have that confident body language coming through strong before you know it!

5. Let Your Eyes Crinkle When You Smile

Showing your teeth will put others at ease, oddly enough. Grinning is a very confident body language that instantly relaxes anyone who sees your pearly whites. More often than not, the other person will also smile in return and the continuing conversation flows naturally.

The act of smiling releases endorphins, so if you can someone else to smile, they have just associated you with a positive feeling.

6. Lean Forward to Show That You’re Attentive

Moving your body towards the person who is talking to you shows that you are interested in what they have to say. They are going to pay more attention to you in return, as it is difficult to ignore someone who is obviously focused on you.

This should not be a blatant lean that looks comical, but it should bring you off of the back of the chair you are sitting in.

7. Find Your Confident Body Language in a Measured Stride

Each swing of your legs should be done with a firm, decisive manner. Shuffling or hurried steps appear awkward and uncomfortable.

Practice finding a good walking pattern before attempting to approach someone, that way you don’t try to take excessively large steps. Let your arms naturally swing, keeping them out of your pockets and uncrossed. Combined with a winning smile, proper posture, and good eye contact, your approach will leave a huge impact.

8. Mirroring body language

Copying someone else’s movement shows you are on their team. They will subconsciously recognize that you are similar to themselves, and are more likely to respond to you positively.

You should not try to obnoxiously mimic their every move, but pick something small to occasionally repeat a few moments after they perform an action. If the person you are speaking with leans forward, you should as well.

This is a great way to advertise your confident body language and create a connection with the other person. Dating experts claim that couples who are truly interested in each other will do this constantly without realizing it.

These Tips Will Create Many Changes in Your Day-to-Day Life

Once you are able to bring the charm at any time, you will see a drastic improvement in your relationships with your friends and family. It may be a bit unnerving at first to have them treat you with more respect and openness, but it won’t take you long to get used to it.

They may turn to you for advice on issues that they would like your opinion on. No longer will you be the wallflower at social events and parties, if that is something that always disappointed you.


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