Sometimes simple intuition isn’t what you’re feeling. You could actually be an emotional empath.

It’s okay to be emotional. In fact, feeling strong emotions has many good points. Unfortunately, being around negative people can have the reverse effect. In that case, it can be draining.

To be an emotional empath takes strength. After all, empathy allows you to absorb feelings from all around you, even feelings you don’t recognize. It can even be overwhelming trying to sort out all the emotional airwaves.

Are you an emotional empath?

So, I guess you’re wondering since you feel overrun by emotion if you’re an empath – an emotional processor. Maybe you’ve felt an overflow of heartache and had the slightest clue where it was coming from. Or perhaps you felt the extreme joy emanating from a group of friends… a joy so grand you felt tears welling up in your eyes.

Well, here are a few signs that you just possibly might fit into this category.

1. You are a lie detector

Let me say this: it is incredibly hard for anyone to lie to you, as an empath. Emotional feelings well up within you the moment another person lies. You fell the tense energy created by the lie and have a hard time not letting the liar know that you know…if you know what I mean lol.

Liars cannot hide things, be deceptive or tell lies to the empath because you know how to read energies and expressions so well.  If lies cannot get past you, then you are definitely gifted.

2. You are creative

Whether it’s painting, writing, dancing, playing a musical instrument or acting, you are creative. When you are creative, most of the time, you are also blessed with an empathic nature.

Let’s face it, when there is so much emotion coursing through your body and mind, there’s no way you can refrain from creating something. Creation is like venting your emotional feelings or draining just a bit of that overflowing knowledge you attain just by going through the day. Yes, this could be you.

3. You are a free spirit

An emotional empath is usually a free spirit. If this is you, then you will probably enjoy traveling, nature, and spiritual aspects such as meditation. All these things help the empath process what’s going on in the mind.

When you meet others and start to share the pain or happy emotions, it can become heavy. That is why being free and enjoying life as it comes is a welcomed release from carrying such large amounts of energy from so many sources.

When you finally get alone, you will also enjoy the freedom of just basking in the atmosphere and skimming lightly from the emotions from everywhere.

4. You listen so well

There are many people who chatter away about everything, but empathic people tend to listen a bit more. If your friend needs someone who will really care about their feelings and what they’re going through, you will listen attentively and try your hardest to help.

In fact, as they listen, you can see the true feelings, notice the truth behind their expressions and even share in the pain. This means, instead of telling their problems to someone who only wants to gossip, they are telling someone who really wants to help. And listening is just what you do naturally.

5. You just know things

You don’t know why you know, but you do. You can tell when someone is lying and you can know when something is happening, maybe even from a far distance.

With the emotional energy the empath receives from this knowledge, also comes a head start at finding a solution. You don’t have to wait until everyone is talking about an event or problem, you will already know.

6. Pain and sadness are almost unbearable

Have you ever been home alone and start thinking of the past? Well, probably all of us have done this. An emotional empath will do this often, actually way too often. Because of the ability to feel emotions so strongly, thoughts of loved ones who have passed on will plague you.

Also, any sort of pain felt by a friend will make you heartbroken as well. Trauma, news, and certain television shows will be hard for you to watch without shedding tears.

7. You can channel emotions

When I hear this indicator, I think of those who channel the dead through the séance experience. However, this is a bit different. While the emotional empath may not be channeling the dead, they can feel what others feel, just as real as their own feelings.

From far away, you can feel the sadness of a mother who has lost a child, or the anger of a man who lost his job. You, as an empath, have the incredible ability to link emotions and make connections that others could only dream about.

8. You daydream….a lot

I remember daydreaming on the school bus every day on the way home. I often wondered just how many other kids were doing this.

Well, empaths do this all the time. There is just so much emotion flowing through them and so much information, that it’s pretty much impossible to not daydream. If you catch yourself zoning off all the time into some fantasy world, you’re probably an emotional and extremely creative empath.


When I think about the emotional empath, I don’t just think of one certain aspect. I think of all the ways this influx of extreme emotion affects them. I can see this ability as a gift which helps us learn more about ourselves and others. But I also can see it as a curse sometimes because it never really goes away.

I can see it as a blessing because I think we are born into this and it is our calling. And I can also see the rock of responsibility placed upon the shoulders of the empath.

If this is you, I see your strengths and I see your weaknesses. But the world would not be the same without you, and probably be much much worse. Am I an empath? Well, I’m not sure. Sometimes I think I am and sometimes I seem far removed from that title. So, for now, I will just keep learning.

Be blessed!



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