People with empath powers can read the emotions of others and know a person’s character when they first meet them.

Are you a tremendously spiritual person and feel that the physical world and everything that it brings is heavy? You may have empath powers if you feel constantly tired and have physical discomforts that cannot be explained in a medical way.

An empathic person has a lot of traits that may not be known to him or her sometimes, so read through this post to spot some empath powers you could have without even knowing it.

1. Sensitivity

People with empath powers are highly sensitive to the energy and emotions of people, animals, and sometimes even to the spiritual traces that exist around them. Some may even be sensitive to the energy of plants. This type of extreme sensitivity can be applied both to what is known to them and to the unknown, as well as to people they know intimately or to those who are unknown to them.

Empaths live in the world around them and perceive what other people are feeling through their extraordinarily developed senses and their elaborate sense of intuition. Generally, empaths internalize the feelings of others without being aware that they are doing it and interpreting those feelings as if they were their own.

2. Always searching for knowledge and solutions

Empaths are constantly searching for solutions, answers, and knowledge. They are great thinkers and very studious. Empaths believe there is a solution to every problem, and they feel uncomfortable and frustrated if they cannot find that solution.

The empaths will seek the solution without ceasing until they can find it. Those who feel spiritually connected will ask for guidance and answers from a higher power or the universe.

Empaths’ talent allows them to touch their spiritual environment and connect with their energies. Empaths generally experience synchronicities, a type of phenomenon that occurs in the lives of all of us. But since empaths feel more connected to the supernatural world, unlike most people, they are more likely to recognize the real meaning of these coincidences.

3. Psychic ability

Empaths have a great interest in metaphysics. With high probabilities of having had a paranormal experience, be it near-death experiences, out-of-body experiences, psychic abilities, or having established some kind of connection with those who have already passed a better life, people with empath powers easily incorporate this invisible reality to their physical experience without asking why. They know naturally the value of these situations without having to need a rational explanation.

People with empath powers have the natural ability to approach universal energy and be able to heal others, tending to gravitate to jobs that are related to holistic therapies or energy work. Their sensitivity allows them to feel the emotions of others, influence their bodies and minds, and generate harmony within them.

In order to do this, empaths must learn ways to prevent the energies of others from becoming theirs. If they could not do that, the balance and harmony they created in others would generate imbalance and dissonance in them!

4. Being peaceful

People with empath powers are generally non-violent and non-aggressive people who adore peaceful and harmonious environments. The lack of harmony makes them feel uncomfortable. Empaths will do everything necessary to avoid it. If they have to face turbulence, they will play the role of the peacemaker and work to find a solution to the problem as quickly as possible.

They are extremely sensitive to violence, cruelty, and tragedy, whether real or acting in a dramatic way. Watching any of these things on television, in the movies, or reading in a book, anything that involves the physical or emotional suffering of another person becomes almost intolerable.

The suffering of people, children, or animals becomes their own suffering. They feel completely identified with. There are many things that they cannot see on TV because they make them feel extremely depressed.

5. Love animals more than man

Empaths generally prefer the company of animals over the company of humans. They often have one or more pets under their care. Many empaths have become vegan or vegetarian because they can feel the vibrations of the animal from which came the meat we eat.

They have a clear idea of the animal’s fear and suffering. Empaths never understand why such a beautiful animal does not have the same rights as humans and that its destiny is death.

They could be a vegetarian who occasionally eats fish and seafood. It is never a comfortable experience for empaths because they cannot stop thinking that that beautiful animal that once breathed and lived, was killed and even suffered, and now it is here, in their plates of food. They do not feel that their right to eat it overcomes the animal’s right to live.

6. They read people

Since empath powers folks feel so deeply and tend to be so affectionate, they usually work as volunteers who devote their free time in a passionate way to helping animals, children, those who are most in need, or the environment. Empaths are excellent listeners who are really interested in the happiness and well-being of others.

Given that those with empath powers have the natural ability to know things without being told, they can have a great advantage in relation to others because they tend to know the origin of other people. But this ability also makes the task very difficult for those who want to lie or want to put on a mask or hide their emotions.

Empaths simply know the feelings and intentions of other people, even if those people have just arrived in their lives. Empaths are also very good at reading body language and realizing the small changes in the discourse of people that others overlook.

Lastly, empaths feel tremendously uncomfortable around those people who are lying, manipulating, or acting falsely. People with empath powers simply cannot tolerate unnecessary drama, selfish or egocentric behavior, particularly that which comes from narcissists!

Neither can empaths tolerate the negativity of others, especially when it has to do with a trial of their people or jealousy. Those attitudes absorb empaths’ energy immediately.



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