Until you’re living with a narcissist, you will never understand just how toxic this person can be. I’m going to be brave and share the inside scoop.

You’ve heard the words, the lists, and indicators of how it feels to know a narcissistic person, but that’s just a generalization for those on the outside. From the inside, it feels much different. Living with a narcissist can actually drive you mad, and that’s no understatement.

My attempt to explain the truth

The truth remains hidden deep behind smiles and proclamations of achievements. The truth is painted over with colors and displayed as something else entirely. This is what it’s like living with a narcissist. Basically, the reality is fantasy and fantasy is reality – yes, it can be flipped and this is how the narcissist remains so successful.

Living with a narcissist revolves around becoming their biggest fan, and always staying interested in all their little “accomplishments”. I used to think that narcissistic people genuinely wanted me as a part of their life and success, and they do…but only as a groupie.

As far as my feelings and concerns, they did not matter. Everything, and I mean, absolutely everything, is about them and nothing is their fault.

When you take it away

The moment you show the slightest bit of disinterest, the narcissist notices and starts becoming irritated. Over time, the irritation grows because of the lack of a “#1 fan” in the club.

They may seek others to provide what you are taking away, but they will return to you and push their interests further until you’re quietly wishing they would go away. If you have said, “Enough!”,  they may even try to worm their way back in with fake kindness.

After they’ve tried all their tricks and it doesn’t work, they will blow up. Outbursts of anger will be used to demand attention because a narcissist would rather gain negative attention than none at all. When you decide to take away their fan club outlet, you actually cause them physical pain because of the mind-body connection that most of us already understand.

But why?

Now, I will break that down further. Do you know why they have to have this much attention? It’s because, honestly, they are empty. The true personality they once had was either ripped away, covered up, or rejected so many times that they have created a fake person. When they catch glimpses of that real person, it scares them so badly that it’s painful. Some of them were also abused, and this is the way they coped.

With that being said, when you deny the narcissist the attention they crave, they are faced with themselves, which is either fake or hollow. This is tormenting and horrific for the narcissist, but they will never blame themselves. The fake personality won’t allow it. They will turn to the one who denied them attention, and they will attack them, either physically or mentally… even verbally.

This is what it’s like living with a narcissist, but there’s more

Usually, the narcissist will partake in substance abuse as well, which will heighten the negative behavior. During drunkenness, the narcissist will insult and use trigger words to incite anger or start a fight. The drunken narcissist seems pathetic to those who are aware of their tactics, they somehow they continue to portray a lofty image of themselves.

During this time, they can be violent. I have tried to avoid violence before by staying quiet during the rants of the narcissist, but unfortunately, this didn’t work either. After trying to start a fight over and over, the narcissist, that I knew, started to throw furniture and my belongings just because I refused to engage in his confrontation.

I was, in effect, witnessing the breaking down of the narcissist’s greatest power, the power of manipulation.

I will now attempt to help you

The second part of this post will be my attempt to help you recognize and deal with the narcissist in your life. Now mind you, this will not be an easy task, as getting away from the narcissistic influence is like breaking free from a sticky tar pit. Here are a few indicators to help you decide if you’re living with a narcissist.


A true narcissist will be extremely charming, especially when you first meet them. They will try hard to remain charming even while trying to get attention. They will use this charm to keep you as their “#1 fan”. Now, don’t be mistaken, they will always want more fans, and most of the time, they will keep others as “intimate” fans as well, as the narcissist is rarely faithful – sorry, just being honest.


The narcissist is highly competitive, for obvious reasons. As long as they can strive to be the best at something, they will retain the spotlight. Now, competitiveness is not bad, but it’s the motive that makes it one way or the other.

For the narcissist, being competitive is necessary to remain on top. If they see someone admiring a skill, they will learn how to do that particular skill in order to steal that admiration for themselves.


The narcissist is a dominant personality. This is because, in order to keep control of other people, they must have a strong aggressive nature.

As for me, I was dominated for over 20 years by a narcissist. I felt trapped because I was young and I was stricken with multiple disorders which decreased my self-esteem. Only after I reached middle age, did I learn that I was not who the narcissist had trained me to be.


This goes along with domination, but it’s a tad bit different. A narcissist will make threats in order to intimidate the person in which they don’t wish to lose. They use aggression and trigger words to keep others under their control.

One example is the narcissist will frighten their wife with the threat of having the children taken from her. This is a personal threat I received after deciding to leave. It’s a fairly common tactic.

How to get away from a narcissist

Now, there are ways to get away from the narcissist, and I do mean GET AWAY because in most cases, there will be no fixing, healing, or changing this personality.

They DO NOT care how you feel, they DO NOT respect you, and they DO NOT want to be fixed. Their primary goal is to manipulate you for the rest of your life, whether they are with you or not.

I’m sorry that this is a rather negative point, but at this point, you need to be shaken out of your dream state and awakened to the truth….if you are living with a narcissist, be strong.

Here are a few tips before I go:

  • If you are spiritual, pray, meditate, and be mindful of all your surroundings at all times.
  • Be strong. Resist the urge to give in to the narcissist’s charm. They will never stop trying.
  • Get help! You will need others to support you during this time. If you can find a way to record or take pictures of any evidence of the dysfunctional ways of the narcissist, this will help you convince your family and friends of the truth of your situation. If they destroy your home, take photos, If they start cursing you, try to turn on your phone’s recorder, and if they write anything abusive, keep it and show someone you trust. Considering the narcissist is great at hiding who they really are, there will be few people who believe your accusations until they see it for themselves. It’s just the truth.
  • Do not share your plans for leaving with the narcissist until you know you have a support system and a backup. Some narcissists become violent and you will need to always watch your back.
  • If you can afford it, place hidden cameras in your home to record any abuse that could be happening to your pets if you have any. Narcissists are notorious for abusing animals, and you will want to know what happens when you aren’t home, trust me.

These are just a few things you can do. I wish you luck in dealing with this type of abuse. It is so much more dangerous than you might think. When dealing with someone who is both aggressive and manipulative, it can be a true recipe for disaster. I will leave you with one final warning inspired by the hurricanes hitting my country….

“Don’t stay, leave now.”

Although that might sound mandatory, it’s just my experienced opinion considering what I have witnessed before. Take care.


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This Post Has 33 Comments

  1. Sakib

    It’s awful living with a narcissist that abuses you spiritually with black magic and on top of that nobody believes you because everyone is so obsessed with materialism. Even if you manage to get away from them, their magic still continues to take effect. I really need a miracle.

    1. Sherrie


      Stay strong. Your miracle will come in ways that you never expected. I send you blessings.

  2. Trisha Bell

    I am 73 years and have been married to a narcissist for almost 39 years. My life has been a living nightmare almost from the start. Slowly but surely he has degraded, stolen money that was rightfully mine, made my life pure Hell. Addicted to porn to the point of there being no normal relationship. He has been intimidating, controlling and is always right no matter what! I finally left after he acused me of being the problem in our marriage and said he was divorcing me! I have been gone a few months and our court date has been delayed or postponed several time. Everything to his advantage! I honestly fear for my life as I will soon face him in court. I have never opened my mouth over the years of all the things that he has done, physically or mentally. No one knows the truth! So far I am holding my own but at a distance. Very fearful! Answered all of his attorneys questions truthfully and when he sees how I have exposed him, it will,not be pretty. Actually terrified! But the truth will free you! But you might get killed in the process…….

    1. Sherrie

      My heart goes out to you, Trisha Bell. I was also married to a narcissist. In my twenties, I thought about leaving but was terrified as well. I stayed on through my twenties, having three children total, and then finally divorced in my early forties. By the time I was divorced, I had grown so strong that I was ready for him. To my surprise, he has been civil and even has a girlfriend. Although I did love him at one time, and fought hard for that marriage, in the end, he was only a fraction of the fearsome beast that I thought he was. Yes, I could have left sooner, but then my children would not be here today. I don’t know for sure about your situation, but sometimes they only thing they have left is your fear. Not all of them are the fearsome beasts that they want you to believe. But do be careful through this process have a strong support system.

    2. Marilee

      Trisha Bell, please let me know how you were able to leave! I’m wanting to leave my 30 yr marriage because I can’t take it any longer! I I’m beginning to become fearful of him! When he finally realizes Im really gone, I’m afraid things will go from really bad to much worse! He has never hit me but I’ve noticed lately because I don’t pay any attention to him that things are escalating! Recently, he screamed FU at me until I thought he was going to pop a vein in his head! If only!! I’m a shell of the woman I once was! So very depressed! Thank you! Hope you are free and doing well!

  3. Alex Durrell

    I have endured 7 years of the above and more. My particular Vampire has caused conflict between me and everyone we know through her ability to lie and recreate events to show that she is the victim. She has even contacted my ex partners in order to “get the facts” about me and “prove” that I am the problem. We have a child together and she has an 11 year old daughter; every time she is forced to acknowledge her controlling, manipulative or violent behaviour, she tells me that I hate her daughter and that she is terrified of me. The truth (which she has no interest in) is that I have begged her not to let the children see/hear any arguments but she WANTS to this to happen, assuming that they will blame me.

    Her need for control extends to our “conversations” about the issues during which she constantly interrupts, says two things at once, bullies, threatens, tells me what I’m thinking, involves the children and finally insults me and or hits me before leaving the house. Later she’ll say that “we need to talk”, if I decline due to what normally happens, she will do or say something to get a reaction, normally a threat to our child in some way.

    Because I know that she will hurt our son if a dare to leave her, I have have hung on but no more. I can say with certainty that she will make an allegation of some sort of sexual misbehaviour towards her daughter in order to “win” in her perverse thinking. Her daughter will naturally support her mother which puts me in danger and could affect me and my 5 year old son.

    I used to think that she was just self centered but I now know that she is a narcissist and can never be cured. Our son is a wonderful person despite what he’s witnessed and the next stage was not what I wanted for him but it’s better than him seeing his daddy in a prison cell because of what his mother did/said.

    Her cynical use of a child’s innocence is something I will never forgive her for.

    1. Jay

      I know exactly what your going through, my advice step out in some way to calm yourself as this is how they operate. The use or manipulation of a child is also my trigger, it in 10 years still triggers me and the npd knows it, will use it to push you over the edge..which is exactly what they are trying to do. Man feel for you, been there..nothing worse.

    2. Rd

      Alex , how did you get away.? How do we protect our children?

    3. Rd

      How can we protect ourselves and our minds and our children against these monsters?

  4. Deb

    This is so on point. It is possible to break free. I survived 11 years and am now happy for the first time.

  5. Lisa West

    I live with two narcissists in a home 1 of them owns
    He is text book covert while the female is also covert but uses illegal substances making her much more abusive and dangerous. Since the first day o met her I’ve realized what I’m dealing with. She’s aware of too much about me due to our landlord disclosing information to this women. He doesn’t respect my privacy or my request that he stop. He’s the type who manipulates me to get more than the rent amount we agreed to by claiming he’s not had work.. but I’ve watched him get angered over the ph when ppl have attempted to put him on jobs, etc.. He’s using all the tactics listed to make himself appear to be without blame.. something he won’t entertain or tolerate at all, including advice. He also becomes offended and verbally abusive if I had tried suggesting work sources while he’s without his normal lines of employment .. just as written. He is the best at his trade and will not stoop to “peanut money” just to help me feel less financial burden for the rent increases that occur due to his over drafting habits with two accounts he holds. She, the other narcissist refuses to help and ironically her rent always stays the same. She is (perhaps this is not true..) not his gf.. but he has a obvious double standard for us. They both become enraged when presented with the truth. And I wondered if the fact they both think lying and cheating various gov and tax laws .. are they partners in crime because they are both the same d iognosis? By the way.. yes they have both convinced me that I’m the lunatic and I need help.. I believed this for the longest time. I no longer blame myself and will seek a new residence as well as the proper therapy for this type of abuse.. it’s nice I found this site! Thanks to you I’m learning my hunches are correct. Luckily for me, I’m not married or gf in this case.

  6. H Tears

    Know EXACTLY what your all talking about. It’s horrible because it can bring you to suicide and you’d know inside they wouldn’t care. In fact, They would be soooo happy because everyone would be feeling sorry for them and doing all these nice things and giving them all kinds of attention. More Blind Suckers. I even went to Sheriff office. Showed them my phone. I had threat’s amidst the Love You’s. It even says ” I know you’re getting evidence”. I was told, It sounds like he really loves me. ( I had told him we should get divorced. Been separated over 6 no.). There was nothing that stood out as him being dangerous. We all have bad days. Dear God, I don’t go punching holes in walls, throwing furniture, smash my truck against a tree, throw my boots up on the roof, punch people in the nose because they have a different opinion than mine. Threatening to make their life a nightmare if you don’t let them be in yours. It’s almost worth death if they can outsmart the law and your experiencing it. I don’t have to do it myself. The depression, not being able to eat or sleep. No, it’ll pass. Thank u for letting me share and your stories. I only wish u safe and happiness.

  7. DramaQueen

    I was 21 when we met, 25 when we got married and during this time I’ve witnessed weird behaviors but was in love, and so I painted the image of his with the colors that I wanted to be.
    He has done sll the things that you mentioned, physical and mental abuse, gaslighting, creating scenarions to make me delusional and start doubting my sanity… got worse when we had our only child…thought coz he had issues with his mom who’s a psycho was the reason that made him hold anger towards me now that I’ve become a mom…but no
    Stayed with him for 13 years overall, which is quarter of my life, and now we’re divorcing.
    Narcissists are sick…they are pitiful and manipulative… they have no boundaries, no ethics and their for them were JUST TOOLS.
    At court, he did what he does best…dubbed the story in every aspect to suit him…
    Ppl like these are pitiful…I feel pity for him coz he’s VOID…
    Wish him to stay away from me forever

  8. Lyn

    Been married to one 25 years tomorrow. Dont know what to do. Have 2 young adult children still at home. They are so scarred, they will always have problems. May even end up npd themselves. Feel so weak and stupid, Ive tolerated so much evil in the name of keeping the peace. Im ashamed and i need to get us out of here, but weve left twice and he always wins us back after some harrassment. There is no hope for us, we are stuck here

    1. Rd

      My narc maiplayed me through my daughter since she knew how much I loved her. I have been in and out of therapy, and when I started saying NO to her commands. She called 911 on me and lied. I spent a few nights in the slammer and now not stable. But then she emails everyone telling them that she wants to help me in court etc… she is out to destroy me

  9. Jinty

    I was married to a narcissist for just under 20 years. We were both active alcoholics when we met. He was so charming and loving. Two weeks after we met he proposed to me and we married three months after that. Life lurched from one drama to another. He was violent, controlling and a bully. The police had a season ticket to our home due to his abusive and destructive behaviour. I was determined to make the marriage work so accepted his apologies and promises to be be a better husband. It was like being on a misery-go-round.
    Seven years into our marriage I got sober and have never picked up another drink. He took about three more years but eventually he managed to put the booze down. The deal was that if he EVER picked up another drink that would be the end of us. No argument, no debate.
    To cut a very long, miserable story short, he had started drinking in secret a couple of years ago. I had suspicions but eventually got the truth out of him a year ago. I threw him out and ten days later he kissed our dogs goodbye and left with all his belongings. Two days later he cleared our bank account. I then enlisted the help of the charity Refuge who helped me enormously. My now estranged husband was on a mission to destroy me. I refused to allow him to and he tried everything to make my life difficult. He told anyone who would listen, including his siblings that everything was my fault. I was the bitch from hell. His life spiralled out of control, fuelled by more and more alcohol. He had no friends left due to his aggressive and supercilious behaviour towards them over the years.
    I had told him the day that he left me that he would end up in the gutter or dead due to his alcoholism. He grandiosely informed me that without having me hanging round his neck like a dead weight his life was going to be wonderful. That was on 1st December 2017.
    I left him in no doubt that there was no going back for us. It had taken me years to find the courage to end our marriage.
    For the next few months I was made aware that he was going down rapidly. I had some vile drunken texts from him but I answered with equally vile sober replies.
    On the night of 10th March of this year I was woken by my dogs barking. I was scared that he’d managed to gain access to the block where my flat is. I went to my front door and peered through the spyhole. Two police officers were standing there. I opened the door and once I confirmed who I was and that I was the wife of the person that they had come to see me about I just turned round and said to the officers “He’s dead, isn’t he?”. Sure enough he had been found dead in his room in the shared house where he was living. It turned out that he’d committed suicide. He had 45-60 paracetamol tablets in his system. Even in death, he had to cause a scene. He was found naked, slumped over his bed, beginning to decompose and with black mould on his body.
    It’s only now that I am beginning to sort out my emotions. What I do know is that for the first time since I met him I am physically, emotionally and mentally safe. I am suffering from PTSD but am starting on m one to one treatment soon. I am lucky. I have survived. I have no money but my life is richer with my friends rallying around. They could all see what he was doing to me and are all praying that the old me can escape from what he turned me into-a clone of himself. At the age of 62 I am learning to live again.
    I believed that I loved this man. I did. He couldn’t love me. He couldn’t love himself. He was on a self destruct course and tried to take me with him. I was lucky. I got out in time.
    He had every trait that was described so succinctly in the above article.

    1. Ashni

      Jinty, it’s never too late! I’m so glad you had the strength to leave his dusty bum. You’re independent, courageous and amazing, I’m sure life has many opportunities in store for you.

  10. Ashni

    It’s hopeless especially when he acts emotionally distraught and gets others on his side. F*cking hate him, excuse my profanity. I feel like I’m losing myself in the process, I’m more stressed and have nervous breakdowns. He just doesn’t get it and neither does his ‘fan club’. Hell, the best way to deal with these people is to stay away. When you’re alone in the same room as them, leave. Leave them in their own despair. The wild thing is that, they’ll even use your silence against you, for instance, my uncle avoids Him at all costs, because he goes on and on about his irreverent stuff, it took me to be a victim to realise that my uncle does not feel at home in his own house, because He is convincing and Him and his fan club have so much bul crap against my uncle. Moments of peace are rare. Just avoid at all costs. The only problem is that, they are dependent on others to provide for them, and it doesn’t help when you live in a sexist society where the woman has to be the caregiver and His fan club are made up of back-biting manipulators also. Looking forward to leaving this place.

  11. Stopabuse

    Great article I’m stuck with one and we have a child and it’s the worst thing I don’t know how to get out of this relationship all the threats he is the worst type he is everything and more text book narsastic monster

    1. Gerlinde Rosensteiner

      How is your situation now, dear?

  12. Emily

    Thank you for this; it was a great read. I’m married to a narcissist and we have 2 kids together…one of whom adores his dad and really looks up to him. I want out, but am afraid of what my children will have to go through.

  13. LJ

    Hi, this article was great. Spot on. My friends husband lies, cheats, steals non stop, but plays the role of the caring, good guy rountine. He has got everyone in the neighborhood and at church even fooled. He has cheated on her 3x, made sexual comments to me, slapped me on the rear once, drinks like a fish, calls all women over 50 useless dried up shrews, thinks younger women are playtoys, is never on time, has been turned in 2x for sexual harassment, has pending court cases, liens on their property, lets the kids walk all over her, screams and rages when things don’t go his way and spends like no tomorrow on image and status. He apologized 1 time about cursing at me. He blames her and everyone for his issues. What is the deal? It seems like he gets away with everything or thinks everything is funny. By the way according to King of the Universe everyone is a “moron” compared to him. What a chaotic lifestyle.

  14. KW

    They are evil and knowing this, without a shadow of a doubt, has helped me during our lengthy divorce. After 18 years , I can exhale. We had our first stressfree, predicatable Holiday season without him. It sounds cliche, wishful thinking or that I am in denial to say they are Evil….. but that is the sad truth. Reading how people have felt suicidal etc, is even more proof. That is exactly what the Devil wants you to do. These sick people have a dark spirit controlling their selfish, addictive, greedy loveless lives. Love comes only from God. These individuals can not Love. So they obviously do not have Truth and light in their souls. Knowing this is pure spiritual warefare and has helped me in unmeasurable ways. My Narc is off the chart on the Spectrum. 13 professionals have confirmed he is the worst of the worst. If I can survuve, anyone can. Just focus on happiness, the truth, light, love, peace and joy. Run and remember you are escaping evil and drakness! Take Care and God bless to all!!!!

  15. zva

    i have lived with a man who has been verbally abusive to me every day of my life. The things has has done are unbelievable. i have never told anybody.

  16. Anon

    I have been through what some have experienced on here. I just wanted to be a good man and father to my kids and my alcholic ex narcisist used that against me in any way she could belittling silent treatment acts of violence for no reason or trying to isolate me from friends and family as all that mattered were her emotional needs and what she wanted. I just want people to know I eventually left her but feared for my teenage children. I was a mess mentally spiritually and toally lost as to who I was as a person. Roll on a couple of years and my kids are all with me after probably witnessing her abuse of me and then they ended ip the targets after I left.These people are monsters and destroy familys get out I was lucky I still have my real family intact and thank God everyday my sanity is gradually coming back and I am starting to love myself again theres hope at the end of this dark tunnel I am living proof be brave

  17. Cor

    My son is in bondage to a NARCISSIST. Its affected us negatively in so many ways. As the Grandma I am truly worried she will harm my grandsons in some manner because she is also a bi-sexual who has a preference for females rather then males. She holds men in malicious contempt and enjoys using and manipulating men because it gives her a sense of power and control. Tonight she threatened my son he will never see his children again if he does not babysit them while she goes out to drink. He doesnt want to be an enabler to her alcoholism. He also knows that if he stays with his kids at her house, she will come back maybe the next day, hung over, angry and aggressive. She will likely physically attack him again. I tried to educate him on Narcissistic Personality disorder to help him be more aware and expose her manipulative controlling tactics but hes so confused and afraid of her threats he cant seem to focus or cimprehend the big picture of what type of toxic person hes dealing with. Maybe reading this will bring light into a dark stormy situation.

  18. Carla

    I’m so grateful that people are talking, writing and posting about narcissism now. However, I think it does a profound disservice to countless victims of severe psychological abuse at the hands of narcissists who are truly of the highly sophisticated, covert and malignant type– it can even contribute to the invalidation of their abuse– when writers describe just one presentation of narcissism as definitive (“HERE is what IT is like…”). Usually it is the most easily comprehended form presented as well. A sophisticated abuser does not, for example, need to engage in physical or verbal violence to bring about profound devastation and complex PTSD.

  19. Jennifer Arnold

    look up chimera , think about what a spiritual chimera would act like , you will never untangle “them” – but you can see “them” for who they are , a permanent duality . A marriage of two that looks like one being . That is what we are all dealing with , The sooner that is faced the better . He and his inner bitch , Her and her inner Mussolini . ITs a bonded union of two .

  20. Deanna Bieze

    After 15 years of suffering, confusion and fear I finally got out. I still have guilt for leaving my five children (aged 10 to 16) with him. It’s been 44 years; a 2 nd marriage also ended in divorce after 18 years. That marriage was happy most of the time but there was some abuse of alcohol & he was unfaithful. At age 62 I met the man I was praying for and we had a wonderful life until he passed away in 2013. Have faith, be strong and don’t take him back no matter what he promises. He can’t change. The longer you stay the worse it gets. My children have forgiven me but they have problems of their own now.

  21. Janeen Jarvis-Lunna

    I’m 70 years old and let my 22 year old grandson move in a year ago. He refuses to work, to help around the house and is disrespectful and arrogant. In about a month I’m moving into a mobile home I just bought and I let him know he’s not coming with me. I believe he thinks I’m not serious; like it’s a joke. I know I’m doing the right thing but I still feel a bit guilty. I do have good supports to help me.

    1. Deanna

      Leaving a narcissist is an act of self-preservation so don’t let it make you feel guilty. In order to survive and have some peace in your life it is the only way. He will always blame you for his miserable life anyway. God be with you.

  22. Robert Lee

    I’m actually going through a criminal case with a narcissist and she is putting me through hell. She had lied to me and manipulate me that she took $10,000 because she told me that someone is blackmailing her and she even showed me the text messages. That when I found out and tried to confront her about it she blew up and started yelling and hitting me that she told me to get out of her house and called the cops on me and now is claiming that I’m stalking her that now it’s a criminal case against me, but what she is not getting is I have so much evidence on her accusations that she is lying to everyone and is play the victim, that she even got her friend who is a cop involved and he is believing everything that she is saying, that he’s not even looking into the weather she is lying. It sucks because I loved this girl more then anyone and she made my heart skip a beat and every time I was around her my breath was taken way, I would have died for this girl. That my life was turned upside down. I couldn’t believe the accusations she is claiming what happened between us, I go to court in 6 weeks, wish me luck.

  23. carol

    I have been with my husband 31 years and have denied everything about the way he has treated me ,
    He had a car accident 18 years ago and was in a coma etc, and I was told he would never be the same man that had walked out of the house that day ,
    So I accepted that and thought all of his behaviour was down to that !
    He had problems when he was younger and he had always put that down to him being the “black sheep” of 8 brothers and sisters , I do know that his Mum was cruel to him {not excusing him } and his father had fights with him .
    The thing that hurts me the most is KNOWING that the love he said he had /has for me is NOT real asI am a very loving caring person and it is important to me to know that , but I have only just realised how true and how all this narcissim applies to him and it has made me feel totally worthless and empty and I dont know what to do with myself, I am 64 years old and never thought I could be in this sitiuation .

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