Many people see the number 555 everywhere they go. What is the meaning of 555? And what should we do if this happens to us?

Many people believe that seeing certain numbers, or patterns of numbers is a sign from the universe. It doesn’t necessarily need to be seeing the number 555. Many people see 11:11, but it could be any number or repeated number in any situation. You might see it on license plates, phone numbers, or the change you receive when you make a purchase. Numerology assigns certain meanings to numbers, including the meaning of 555. So if you see 555 often, read on.

So if you see 555 often, read on.

What is numerology?

Humans have always paid special significance to numbers. For many, the number 7 is lucky, while some believe the number 13 is unlucky.

The ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras thought that every planet had a peculiar sound of its own. He represented this sound using numbers. He believed that all numbers have different vibrational properties and that they have significance in our lives.

Some people believe that seeing repeated patterns of numbers is a sign from the universe or has a special meaning for us. If you see 555 often, it might be a sign from your guardian angels or the universe guiding you towards making changes in your life.

You might see 555 on a digital clock, on receipts, bank statements, and phone numbers. There are many different ways you could encounter this number in your life.

The meaning of 555

The number 5 is a powerful number in many forms of divine reading. 5 represents freedom, exploration, travel, and change. 555 is a triple of the number 5 indicating which amplifies its power.

In numerology, the number 555 indicates that a change is coming. It could indicate a new period of personal growth or it could mean a physical change such as a house move or a new job.

If you often see 555, it indicates that you are a person who relishes opportunities to expand and grow. You constantly want to be in the middle of the action and are always looking to move forward in your life.

When you see angel number 555, it means that a significant and necessary change will be happening in your life, and your angels will guide you towards it. It may concern your career or love life. But the point is that this change will move you closer to your divine purpose.

What should you do if you see 555?

The prospect of change can be exciting or scary. However, seeing 555 signifies that this is a change you are ready for. The number 555 is a sign telling you that you have everything you need to handle this change.

The number 555 encourages us to let go of fears and doubts and embrace the adventure of life. This number is about your ability to make important life decisions and choices. It also reveals that you are adaptable resourceful.

So, if you have been offered an opportunity and you keep seeing the number 555, you should seriously consider taking the chance as it could be just the change you need to move forward in your life.

How to receive more guidance on your path

The number 555 is a message from spirit. It is encouraging you to let go of what no longer serves you and move into a new way of being. It is asking you to trust the universe and embrace new ideas and opportunities.

This can be easier said than done and you might want to seek further guidance about the changes you desire. The meaning of 555 is that this is just the start of a new way of living.

The universe is often guiding us to let go of limitations and fears and to trust our instincts. If you believe in twin flames, 555 is a positive sign that indicates substantial progress in the reunion with your twin flame.

You can ask for further guidance from the spirit world or universe. This guidance is always available to us, but we sometimes drown it out with our inner voices.

Our higher self guides us, too, however, we sometimes dismiss this guidance and try to analyze situations logically instead. Taking time to get quiet and listen for an angel message can help. We can also undertake spiritual journeys to discover more about what the universe is guiding us towards.

If you feel you need more help in understanding what you should do next, you might explore whatever areas spirit seems to be guiding you towards. There are thousands of people, books, and resources available to help you on your journey.



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  1. Jonathan

    This article is pretty much nonsense. We would like to think we are so important that we can see events and signs in our life that give purpose or relevance. You are what you make of this life. It is fleeting and momentary. Small indicators like seeing random numbers with meanings are imaginary.
    “We can’t exceed our vision of ourselves. If we want a better life, we have to believe we are capable of achieving it. Often we don’t get what we want in life because we don’t believe we are capable of it. We don’t think we are good enough, attractive enough or clever enough to…” Now this makes more sense, compared to seeing numbers.

    1. j

      I feel sorry for you. You don’t even know what your missing out on.

    2. Erin Ryan

      Then why come to this site and put a damper on it. You think you’re so special that your way is the only way, while ppl have every right to believe that there is a higher power to help them do exactly everything you said. Don’t tell ppl what to believe spiritually. Its one thing to say what you think its another to act like you’re all knowing. Get over yourself.

    3. Shelley B

      Bold statement but not true. Your path though

    4. Mike Kollin

      Oh Jonathan believes… he wouldn’t be here if he didn’t.
      Jonathan is having a battle of his own within and is merely expressing it externally in an
      outward motion with complete and totally strangers he doesn’t know and will never meet…

      This is exactly his relationship with himself as of now… totally disconnected through the lies
      he has weaved within himself to hide from him – “Self”…. Living his lie his entire life is something
      he is going to have to face…. and it won’t be easy. So for now it’s easier for him to #1 Read a post
      he says he doesn’t believe in. And then post on a post of something he says he does not believe in.
      If you see how many times the word Believe is written here you will clearly see he truly believes…

      He Believes Powerfully enough to read this!! He Believes Powerfully enough to respond in writing!
      He Believes!! Amen!!!

      Well the Awakening is going to Rock his world this July 2019 Eclipse and – and lunar…

      Good Luck Jonathan… it’s not going to be easy for you… best tip is to not fight it… go with it…
      and just let go…. you will be ok on the other side of this shift!

      Here we go people… Seat Belts on!!! It’s gonna get rough….

    5. Laurel

      If repeating numbers show up often or even just once, & you know it resonates with you, this serves as confirmation to YOU…not those around you. So if you do not get this personal confirmation, then it’s not something that’s for you. It’s as simple as that.

    6. Jwb

      Wow thank you for this input you know I know this has to do with spiritual awakening and growth and I know I am gifted and blessed in so many ways I don’t have to go into details because I am a lightworker who loves been in the light following Jesus!

    7. Adrienne Pazarin

      Haven’t you ever believed in anything greater than yourself?
      You’re opinion is valid, but why judge something, you can’t possibly understand?
      I am not into numerology at all, but I recently have been making major changes in my life, and making opportunities happen for myself. However, I also been seeing the number 555 everywhere, enough to make me notice, so I decided to research it and everything it stated ringed so true to me and what is happening in my life.
      You are right, life is what we make it, but all this is saying is that there are outside factors of which we cannot even begin to understand, which may guide us!
      Best Wishes & Stay Safe!

  2. Bart

    Ha, Ha, Ha! In the Thai language the number 5 is pronounced Ha. Therefore 555 means Ha, Ha, Ha and it means that you or something you said is funny.

    1. Toni

      If you are all about believing in something then perhaps you should cork that opinion of yours. Starting In July of 2015 I started seeing 222 and 333 numerous times. Once or twice a day for sure. The apartment community where my 17 year old old son and I moved into 7/1/15 was a good idea, it was what I needed at the time. I had moved from my mother’s home, we moved in to help her because she just couldn’t manage the entire home anymore plus my father was suffering from alzheimers and driving her bananas. Well, after 5 months they were both driving me nuts and i felt suffocated so I decided i could still care for them in my own spot. Well, 6 months into our apartment and constantly seeing 222 & 333 my mom needed me and her grandson to come home. She was not herself and something was way off. She just couldn’t find the “usual her” anymore. My father was approaching his 4th year of losing himself to be fair. Dad couldn’t function and mom was diagnosed with end stage leukemia and passed away in February 25, 2018. My father was placed outside the home on February 5,2018. Boom! Just like that my life was blasted to pieces. I became the POA for my dad, mom was cremated and given a beautiful memorial. So in a blink of an eye I became responsible for everything. I’m still in my parents home taking good care of what was left for me. I was choosen to be this child for them and I’m so happy I was privileged enough to repay my mother in love and care til the day she passed. So, starting 8 weeks ago I started seeing 555 very frequently and I know my mom is letting me know changes are coming because I’m now ready for them. My dad is still in my care and i cherish him. Mom has been in Heaven now for 9 months and nobody could have prepared me for the chaos, sadness, lonliness, madness, happiness, denial, drama of this circus we call life. But….THERE WERE SIGNS and they were definitely meant for me. Moms ashes are here with me waiting for my dad someday. They were married 43 years before she passed. I will bury them together when the time cones. Until then shes looking over me here at home.

      1. Ann

        God bless you, Toni. I have been in a similar “family caretaker” position for three years now. There have been times when receiving messages from my spiritual support team through repetitive or sequential numbers has been critical to my being able to continue moving forward. What a blessing to have this way of receiving supportive and empowering information available to us.

    2. Gio

      Spot on pal

  3. My Je Veux

    I think this is an awesome article and—- if it were COMPLETE NONSENSE then i’m wondering what led others to this article. In our daily lives SIGNS are important– They inspire, the warn us, they guide us. We use signs daily, so I don’t think it’s too far fetched to ponder WHY it is certain signs repeat etc. I think many wouldn’t be in the toxic relationships their in, had they paid attention to THE SIGNS ( and signs can come in any form, including numbers.) At the end of the day it all comes down to: LIVE AND LET LIVE. But NEVER belittle anything just because it doesn’t work for YOU. Great read thank you for sharing this.

    1. Valerie

      well said

  4. Peter

    Excellent explanation.
    Thank you!

  5. newoj

    I agree with My Je Veux, 100%! Just because something doesnt work for you doesnt mean it’s not true. If these beliefs/faith will help someone in some way…then people should just be happy for them 🙂

  6. Michael

    I see 555 I am looking for an angel

  7. Christopher

    Just be the best you can be. Don’t try to be better than anyone. Focus on doing your nest & try to improve on anything you know you would be more than happy to see manifest. Just don’t let your EGO take over your thought’s & cut you short of your own blessing’s. Nor anyone else’s in that matter. Take care of yourself first before you can help anyone else. Yet while you improve yourself. You will come across beign that will teach you & learn from you on the way up to true enlightenment & bliss not only for yourself. But for all soul’s you cross path’s with &/or interact with. Remember the good. Be aware of what’s not so much. Focus on the best scenario in your mind’s to make manifest everything that is needed to be at peace & unity with all creation. Think, talk, do what’s for the highest & greates good. No harm is needed to get to where we need to be. It’s so easy once you understand. Soon you will if you don’t already. Stay positive no matter what. EARTH~WARRIOR~89 A.k.A. HORSE. Be at peace EVERYONE. LOVE💜LIGHT

    1. Mia

      Truth. Beauty. Respect.

  8. Michael

    This article was PERFECT! it explained things perfectly and actually helped me makes more sense of things. this site wouldnt attract so many people if it were nonsense. I am so tired of these closed minded people, WAKE UP! OPEN YOUR EYES! I think your eyes are opening but your just afraid otherwise you NAYsayers wouldnt even be here commenting and reading the article LOL. GREAT article and thank you again!
    Much love and Gratitude,

  9. Michael Davies

    We are at the cusp of consciousness in human evolution. All knowledge is relevant to our growth; Science, physiology, psychology, spirituality, astronomy, numerology, etc. etc. Every discipline has truths (clues) to offer us. Embracing this is oneness, and none are mutually exclusive. If you are in touch with your inner self, your soul, you will see the SYNCHRONICITY at work, and you will feel what are truths and what are not. My coming across this page, the number 555 was completely unintentional and ‘accidental’, I was actually googling the number 5, innocently wanting to construct a password for a website that would be easier to remember if I could attach a meaning to each character in the password. When I saw the link for 555, I immediately knew that I was meant to, and only because I was ready for it. When I read this page it was immediately confirmed. I could literally FEEL it in my CORE SELF. The sequence of many events and truths that have literally been exploding like supernovas in my life recently, and that lead to me seeing this page, are all linked, no doubt in my mind. Carl Jung wrote extensively on the collective unconscious, and the concept of SYNCHRONICITY. Trust me, it is very very real. If your soul, heart and mind are not linked, you will remain in oblivion, and never see it. In short, if you cannot feel from your CORE SELF, you are screwed. Jonathan and Bart, sadly, you have a long way to go. Try not to miss the bus guys, time is running out. ‘Many will be called, but few will claim their ticket’. The fact that you did find this page, suggests that you are in with a chance. Open your hearts, your mind will then just be a very useful tool, as it was always meant to be. If not, your mind will eventually destroy you. When reading this post, quietly observe your reaction, it’s a valuable clue to where you are at. Know thyself. With love and light, Michael.

    1. Tiffani

      This was very well said and I agree, one must truly know thy self, seek knowledge and follow the signs.

    2. Craige

      Very well said Michael, agree 100%

  10. Kiki Chatterjee

    I often see 1111.111.555.222.444.888.123,00000,333.999 what does all these synchrocity mean?since i see all these seperate serial nos makes it confusing.any simple explanatn for this frequent occurance?

  11. Melanie Molloy

    Thanks for this great article. It was informative and interesting. I saw 555 today and when I looked up what it meant it was very apt. The ancients have always known that our planet, us, animals,even the reality we live in is made of numbers and now science has shown this to be true. They say if you want to understand the secrets to the universe think in numbers vibration and frequency. It just makes so much sense.

  12. Jennifer Burnside

    Thx I needed this type of message Im a single mom and by listening to the universe and angel numbers gave me the push to try harder. I am fighting for autism therapy, becomming a holistic doctor just because I knoticed a few connections in autism im sorta taking a stand so its a little overwhelming at times.

    If angel numbers are real or not. Isnt important what you take from the message is! No matter how little you may think it is focus on your thoughts at the time. You never know you could be on to something and solve something or make something no one has ever thought of and thats amazing. My last exam was a 90% and i took the course on a whim. So focus on positive intent and you will never go astray man.

  13. Christie

    Besides 1111 being my God number is what I called it, I have seen 555 every day this week and now I’m seeing 222. For the last 2 weeks (every single day for the past 7 days) someone from the past I haven’t seen or talked to in quite a while has come up and entered back into my life without me looking or searching for them. It’s kind of scary but mostly exciting because I know and feel it in my bones that something big is happening. Also for the past 3 to 5 weeks I’ve felt strongly that I am going to have to make a very important life decision. Transcendence is the word that has been heavy on my mind. This must be the “decision” I’m about to face. Anyone out there with positive words of advice? I go back and forth between thinking and saying negative crap and wanting do badly to stay positive.. I mean you wouldn’t believe how many adversities I’m facing right now.. it’s like everything’s working against me yet I’m feeling excited about positive change and somehow someway I know that even tho it appears that I’m in trouble, it’s all going to work out perfectly awesome. Crazy to feel happy in the midst of all this.. and very cool to keep seeing these numbers! Without meaning to, EVERYDAY at 5:55pm I just happen to glance down at my phone, and send a text to Norma. She’s the one friend who understands all this and has also re-entered my life abruptly too! Thanks for this article, it was helpful. I will do everything in my power to remain positive.. 3 strangers have told me this recently.

    1. Jas

      This is very wow to me.. I can’t explain it.. but I have been feeling exactly what you’ve been feeling.. and I had a dream recently- the word that made me think twice was “Acsension” I don’t know if I’m ready for whatever that entails, but other numbers assure me everything will turn out ok. And it’s for my best. I’ve been trying to switch my negative thoughts about it into positive ones.. also life kinda makes it aware that I have the choice to follow through with it (and it’s needed for my full awakening) or I can manifest anything else. At the moment I just want to live in love and light, help others become curious (at their own pace) and experience the fruits of life.. I’ve been a recluse all my life. But then that scares me tbh, because ascension.. helping others awaken.. I do not want to see dead people, other people from other realms or whatever. My mind is going crazy with trying to figure it out, and also just trying to remain calm. Dialing it back down to, hopefully a higher paying job, one that I love and allows me to travel.. rather than my spirit being able to travel other dimensions 😂👽

  14. Anna Lockwood

    This is not nonsense in anyway. I was setting several sets of numbers for several years and it would be anywhere. It was continues and it always caught my eye. I was never looking for it. I finally about eight years ago started researching it. Come to find out that a certain set of numbers were coming up when I was feeling that there was not much hope in my situation at the time. Those numbers were 222. They were signs letting me know that my kids and me were not alone and Angels were with us protecting us. Looking back at the situations, it could have gotten worse. Thankfully it didn’t. I at those times wanted to know where God was. Looking back I could see what God was doing to help. I couldn’t see anything and felt hopeless at the time. It is true that you have to do the work for change and takes your steps of faith. We do stall ourselves. I am in a situation right now and trying to figure something out. 555 caught my eye and it pretty much makes sense with what I am trying to figure out right now. I’m grateful for the person taking the time to do the work and sharing this with us. Thank you very much.

  15. Bruthahood

    Thanks for all the comments i read each one and found each insigjtful.May the univetse which is actually you be your guide on your heroes journey

  16. Richard Magick

    Haha…i too read all of the comments…I have recently been changing things about myself…I am stepping more into my power by not giving my power away in communication with people… Little things like helping unnecessarily will suck the joy right out of you… Lol and we wonder why we can’t be happy all the time… It’s because we give our power away in small details of conversion, action, and a lot of us identify with the pain body and ego quite frequently…

    I’m learning to speak my truth more… Instead of stepping around people’s feelings and being careful what I say…I say what is on my heart and mind while my intention is to empower… Little bit of wisdom for ya … Love and Bliss to you ~Namaste

  17. Erwin Bishop Wooten

    I always see 555 on the light rail coming home after getting work. Freedom and travel huh. 😂

  18. Leslie

    I love all of you wonderful open minded people. Stay the course all is well.

  19. Eva

    Around the time I was pregnant with my third child I began to have numerous experiences where 3’s (I can only describe as) ‘hounded’ me; I felt like whomever/whatever was trying to show me must have been very frustrated at my initial lack of acknowledgement of what I realise now were/are significant signs and messages. I have so many examples of interactions/experiences with 3’s,double or triple digits or multiples of 3, that I would have to write a book to share them all. I am now comforted by the presentation of 3’s, especially 33 – and here’s the icing on the cake – I discovered quite by ‘chance’ at the age of 39 that my day of birth the 29th day of November, is in fact the 3 hundredth and thirty third day of the year.

  20. Brenda

    Thank you for this post. Unlike other sites I’ve seen on this same subject, I like the fact that you ended it with a “what to do” since this post has come to me in timely fashion. From it, I’ve made my ‘to-do’ list:

    – Let go of what no longer serves me.
    – Move into a new way of being.*
    – Trust God.
    – Embrace new ideas and opportunities.
    – Let go of limitations and fears.
    – Trust my instincts. Listen to my gut.
    – Get quiet* and listen for guidance.
    – Explore new directives.

    *These have special meaning because they’re in alignment with my journey. Totally synchronistic!

  21. Maria

    Reading all these comments is very interesting! I keep seeing multiple numbers very frequentky also. Looking up their meaning is comforting somehow. It’s not just 5.55 like I saw a moment ago on my phone after waking up but others during the day from 1.11 to 5.55, a frequent occurrence.
    Astrologically I’ve just begun a 12 year Jupiter cycle – a new beginning and often a need to start something new and to let go of old thinking or ways no longer beneficial. So seing 5.55 again just now does confirm for me that changes are afoot and I must pay attention. Good and bad has to be dealt with but with some self confidence all can be done! Starting a new Jupiter cycle provides this confidence and strength to face what is in store. The appearance of triple numbers does that for me too. I also believe that my guardian angels are around and help when required. Was it not Linda Goodman who wrote – when God slumbers he speaks to us in numbers!

  22. Regina

    i had a dream and i saw these numbers (555,2) triple five then comma two all in brackets. this has really disturbed me

    1. Ann

      Hi Regina. Did you get any answers on what your dream numbers could be relating to? It is very strange. Was there something else in the dream it could relate to? or was anything going on in your waking mind that could need reassurance of change? I hope you find the meaning 🙂

  23. Ruth

    I have been waking up every morning at 5:55 for the past few days

    1. Matt

      Look it up.

  24. RoniFrancois

    The temperature reading on my car said 55 and the odometer said 55555, I was like 😮

  25. Carol Gonzalez

    I was just adding up my expenditure monthly payments on a calculator app on my iPad and it totalled 555. I also practically see double or triple numbers when I look at the time on my mobile. Sometimes even 11:11. Sometimes consecutive numbers for example 123, 456. I read somewhere this is called synchronicity. I believe in angels, I believe that our loved ones passed look out for us. I have seen a single robin in several places many times. I think this is my Mum. People look at me as if I am mad, but I really believe it is her. The robin came into my sons,s kitchen and I shouted for my younger grandkids to come and see their great grandmother and frightened off and she flew back into the garden.

  26. Mik

    Its 5/5/20 i seen clock at 555 i always see 555 5 55 anything with 5

  27. Bill

    God apparently thinks 5 is a special number. He gave us 5 limbs, 5 fingers, 5 toes, 5 senses etc. The Bible also talks about how God uses angels to communicate with us. The angels might be letting us know they are there by using numbers. It’s a sign of faith and hope for new changes in our life. You can believe or not, or just be comforted by the possibility of someone watching over you and guiding you. Your choice.

  28. Promise

    I believe in the number 555 and it works for me

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