6 Psychological Effects That Alter Our Perception of Other People

///6 Psychological Effects That Alter Our Perception of Other People

alter perception of others

1. Eyewitness Effect

This phenomenon states that the more people there are, the less likely is that someone will help you.

2. Inaccessibility Effect

Very twofold effect. It lies in the fact that people with high and inaccessible ideals are more interesting and desirable for others than those available here and now. At the same time, “the elusive” person scares people away and soon becomes lonely.

3. Pygmalion Effect

The term was taken from the famous play by George Bernard Shaw. Lenore Jacobson and Robert Rosenthal used it to refer to the prophecy that is fulfilled because of a strong belief in its truthfulness. The researchers tested it on school students. They manipulated the expectations of teachers, saying that some students, who were actually chosen by chance, have a high IQ. As a result, these students appeared to be the most gifted ones since the level of their intelligence increased significantly after the teacher began to treat them in a different way.

4. Zeigarnik Effect

Named in honor of Lewin’s student who discovered it, the effect acts in a way that people better remember the actions they did not manage to finish. Scientists explain this effect by the fact that early action has some potential energy that is not been fully released and “tortures” its creator. This effect is common to use in teaching and art.

5. Halo Effect

The essence of the phenomenon is the first impression that a person makes on others. If this experience is good, the person is credited with a number of other positive attributes, some of which may not exist at all. If a person has made a negative impression, people will try to ignore his good sides.

6. Audience Effect

The meaning of this effect is that a person behaves differently in the presence of the crowd or another person. In the presence of other people we may worry, experience strong emotions, get embarrassed or try to attract the opposite sex. As a result, a person’s thoughts and behavior are quite different when he is alone or with someone. You can also note the effect of the mirror when a person begins to mirror the actions and behavior of another person.

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  1. Arilde August 15, 2013 at 12:36 pm - Reply

    Halo Effect – is when we see attractive people as more positive people than non-attractive people.

  2. rdrglcrd August 16, 2013 at 8:19 am - Reply


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6 Psychological Effects That Alter Our Perception of Other People