ESTP – Living in the moment

You won’t find ESTP’s with pension or funeral plans. They are spontaneous, live in the here-and-now and want things to happen immediately. They can be quite hedonistic but only in the sense that they enjoy short-term experiences of comfort and pleasure.

They enjoy material things and new adventures and love being surprised. These types are always rushing around, doing fun stuff and experiencing everything they possibly can.

ESFP – Being the life and soul of the party

Open the fridge door and these people will perform. Outgoing, extrovert, quick-witted and loves being the centre of attention. This type is a born performer and if they are not already professional then they’ll be entertaining their friends and family.

You will not see ESFP’s staying in for some ‘alone time’, in fact, they’ll get itchy feet and grumpy if there’s no one to go out with so they can show off a little. Natural party hosts, they are the life and soul of a great night out. They also make work a lot more fun and brighten up the office whenever they walk in.

ENFP – Finding new adventures

To say that ENFP’s are easily bored is a true understatement. They are one of the most spontaneous and flexible of all the MBTI types. They love starting new projects but are not great at finishing them.

Stick an ENFP in a routine 9-5 job and watch them die of boredom. Give them a creative role within a laidback atmosphere and watch them shine.

The same is true for their personal life. You won’t find these types holidaying to the same place year after year or visiting the same restaurants. New adventures give their lives meaning.

ENTP – Values their freedom

Only when the ENTP is free from ties and responsibilities will they find true meaning in their lives. You won’t find them in a boring routine job. They are too outspoken for a start.

Always looking to the future, they’ll have a vision for the way they want their life to turn out. This vision will always be changing as they consider other possibilities. So long as it doesn’t bore them and challenges their sense of adventure, they’ll run with it.

Stick them in a campervan with no map and that is pure happiness to them.

ESTJ – Organising others

Give an ESTJ a role where they are leading a group and they are happy. They are fantastic organisers, methodical and matter-of-fact decisive people. They find it easy to make logical decisions which is why people flock to them for direction and supervision.

ESTJ’s love their role as leaders and are flattered that people want their help. They have a need for organisation and a practical knowledge of getting things done. Their frustration for disorganised environments means they’re motivated to create happy ones so they offer to take on the leadership roles.

ESFJ – Helping people

being kind

People give this type meaning in their life. They are happiest around them when they are providing for them, helping them and working with them. They are fiercely loyal, once trust has been established.

These types are instinctive in knowing what others need, even before others do. Harmonious and cooperative, they find it easy to work with others, so long as they can be in charge. They do need some appreciation for what they do or achieve as validation for their actions is important to them.

ENFJ – Fighting for the rights of others

These are the true humanitarians. They put their own needs aside to fight for other’s rights. Empathetic and warm, they are naturally sociable and inspire others to join a cause.

ENFJ’s have to have a purpose in life and helping others in distress provides them with just that. You will often see them as aid workers, councilmen and women, politicians and social workers.

Material possessions are not important to them. They want a kinder world and are prepared to do their part to spread the word.

ENTJ – Leading others

Another MBTI type that gets meaning from assuming leadership roles. They differ from other types as they are particularly forthright and blunt. Decisive and straightforward, they will assume leadership quickly and can be pretty vocal when stating their ideas.

Some might find them overpowering and could easily be crushed by their strength of character. They are all powerful types who can come across as brusque and curt, but they do have a natural gift for leadership. To those who can understand them a little better, this brusque nature will present as charm and efficiency.

Obviously, we all have different ideas about what constitutes a meaningful life. Do you agree with our assessment?



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