The Root Chakra or Muladhara is the first in the chakra system. Read on to learn what the functions of this chakra are and how it manifests itself with emotional and physical issues when blocked.

In the Sanskrit, mula means “root” or “base” and the word adhara means “support”, so the meaning of the word muladhara in this context is the “support center“. This is exactly what the main function of the Root Chakra is.

The Physical Positioning of the Root Chakra

At the base of the spine between the anus and genitals.

Root Chakra’s General Features

The root chakra has four nadia (energy channels) that put us in touch with the subtle energies of creation, of the earth. This chakra is associated with the fundamental root of our individuality, existence, and physical sensation.

Each chakra corresponds to a color and a certain vibration. Hence, Muladhara has the lowest vibration and frequency, being represented by three colors: red, orange, and yellow.

The element of the root chakra is earth, being responsible for our connection to the earth and nature. It also represents our desire to search for depth in everything we create or have. The root chakra is about feeling connected with the earth and with other people, feeling that we are connected to our family, we can integrate into the society, humanity, that we are connected and communicate with all the other beings on earth.

If this chakra does not work properly, we may experience a sense of emptiness and disconnection from everything and everyone. This might make us feel alone and like we don’t belong here.

The Ganesha goddess (represented by an elephant with seven trumpets) is associated with the root chakra, which symbolizes the minerals needed to sustain physical life. Above the elephant is a red triangle with the top upside down, representing the feminine creation. Inside of the triangle, you will find a phallus with a snake wrapped around it.

This represents the unmanifested energy called Kundalini. Above the phallus, there is a new moon, symbolizing the Divine Source of all energies.

What Blocks the Root Chakra?

Warning Signs of a Blocked Root Chakra

When Muladhara functions normally, it generates a strong will, vitality and energy. People with a healthy root chakra will overcome any troubles or obstacles, considering life as a fascinating adventure worth living, a game or a dream.

However, when there are some imbalances in this chakra, the person will experience a decrease in vitality, being barely capable of fulfilling the day-to-day activities. People with dysfunctional Muladhara can be abusive, depressed and/or deprived of the joys of life.

Being close to the sacral chakra Swadisthana, it also causes sexual disorders such as frigidity, impotence and sterility. Other disorders related to an imbalanced Root chakra are bladder disease, cystitis, prostate disease, inflammation of the hemorrhoids, and in severe cases, colon cancer.

Further signs include:

  • trouble saving money
  • chronic health problems
  • lack of healthy boundaries with others
  • poor communication with the loved ones
  • the sensation of being out of space
  • the feeling of disconnection
  • eating disorders or loss of appetite
  • lack of energy
  • generalized fear
  • materialism and greed, obsession with money
  • chronic fatigue
  • identity crisis
  • little interest in intimate/physical relations with the partner
  • linking one’s sense of well-being to external factors
  • lack of confidence

How to Heal the Root Chakra

  • Start with physical exercises (choose a sport or activity that you like).
  • Walk in nature, spend as much time outdoors as you can.
  • Practice grounding or walking barefoot to strengthen your connection with the earth and nature.
  • Practice yoga as it can heal all your chakras.
  • Do some gardening and pottery as it will give you the chance to be in touch with the earth.
  • Examine the relationship with your mother; talk to her about it. If you cannot, discuss the problem with a psychotherapist.
  • Decorate your house, clean it, and put things in order. Try to pay all your bills on time.
  • Get to know your neighbors better or make peace with them.
  • Make peace with your family.
  • Make/buy refreshing aromatherapy products with a pleasant scent such as scented candles (especially cedarwood aromas, myrrh, patchouli). Use aromatic bath oils and mix them with massage emulsifiers.

Beneficial Foods for the Root Chakra

Root vegetables like parsnips, carrots, potatoes, radishes, onions, beets, garlic.

Protein-rich food like meats, eggs, beans, soy products, peanut butter, tofu.

Healing Stones:

  • heliotrope
  • tiger eye
  • hematite
  • agate of fire
  • black tourmaline

These stones are used to activate, balance, and amplify the energy flow. Healing by crystals is based on the belief that these stones have a natural healing frequency that can be activated. The vibration of each one corresponds and resonates to heal specific imbalances.

In order to activate their healing power, you will have to use them on a regular basis.

Colours to Wear:

Black, gray, brown, red, red jasper, black onyx.

Check out this meditation to balance the vibration of your root chakra:

Did you experience an underactive root chakra? If yes, how did you heal it?



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  1. Alesha

    Very informative…I believe this is what I’m experiencing. Thank you for the article!

  2. Dr Ram Kesiraju

    very good article and highly useful to all sections

  3. Nirmala

    Very helpful in understanding the whole scenario Thanks

  4. Levanah Rowell

    Incredible, in-depth information regarding the Foot Chakra, from colors, foods, activities to help heal, as well as the information regarding the imbalances of the Root like the behaviours, physical manifestations as well.


    I’m really keen to help heal myself. This has helped lots, in knowledge and self sufficiency AND self-sustain also.

    Peace, xx

    1. Levanah- Danvers Rowell

      *Root chakra, NOt foot.

  5. Dorothy Moore

    I am a Reiki Master. Tonight, myself and 3 other practitioners got together to practice on each other.
    One woman had all her chakras blocked except her third eye.
    All the chakras cleared except the root.
    Each one of us individually sent Reiki to her root. It was still blocked. I told everyone to send Reiki together. That finally worked.!

  6. Cherie Jarchow

    Excellent information thank you for sharing!

  7. Candel in the night

    I used stones as I feel their energies which are all different ( light, strong , quick, still…) and I add a volcanic stone to increase their effect. Note that they need to be cleared of the bad energies they take from your blocages, by remaining in water a few hours then under the daylight, often.
    Now I use videos of light language ( shamanic language ) . It’s trône . Our blocages are mixed so that to cure a problem : confidence, you will have to clear something else like your inner child or your inner teenager , so that you can reach the bottom of the blocage. It’s like an oignon, but the more you listen to it the deeper it’s clears ( 1 to 3 hours sometimes in several times !)
    The karma and the family karma , the galactic karma and the inner child are the big ones.
    Then you have the 5 hurts that prevent you from being yourself : abandonment, rejection, betrayal, humiliation, injustice. Youtube : Julie-Sarah Coste-Dhomps blessure de rejet,…( energetic help , you don’t need to understand to recive).
    I use a lot the YouTube videos of : LnL awakening light language, Marlene Cronin light language, Tracy Radley light language, Quantum Alchemy light language , I am manifest Inc light language, high frequencies light language ( letting go with life is hard ) , Jen Cunnings light language, keleena Malnar light language, Alexandra Dobiggies spiritual healing, Michael Golzmane , Michael Muir Transformational Bodywork, Steeve Nobel.
    I des say music frequencies such as Royal Rife 50Hz cure all, meditative mind…
    Plus you can listen to Karl et Marie ( healing energies while they speak, no need to understand, the energies work very well ) ( déconnection from the matrix, déconnection from the banking and politic system, etc to free yourself ).

  8. Candel in the night

    Sounds mantra-like are also very useful : one for each chakra : lam, ram, Vam, Yam, ….

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