Intuitive empath is a person who has an unusual capacity for sensing and understanding the feelings of others. Could you be one?

Intuitive empaths know what others feel without needing to be told, and they have an unusually sharp sense for whether someone is being truthful or lying.

For this reason, many self-proclaimed intuitive empaths go into the healing professions. There’s a lot of reported evidence from psychologists for the existence of empaths, and it often seems to suggest that they are unhappier than others.

Empathy is present, in general, to a greater degree in women. A study from the journal of Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews stated that there are gender differences as regards empathic response from infancy.

It has been suggested that females are more empathic as a result of neurological adaptation to the traditional role of child-rearing, as it requires a sharper understanding of non-verbal expressions.

The traits of an intuitive empath:

1. You understand where other people are coming from

When empaths are in interactions with others, they’re able to understand how the other person feels and why they feel it. This makes them excellent listeners and great friends. However, being able to put themselves in other people’s shoes and feel as they feel can be extremely stressful. Apart from having to deal with the stress and difficulties which arise in their own lives, they take on other people’s suffering as their own.

2. You are oversensitive

If you are extremely sensitive or have been labelled as being too emotional, you may be an empath. Empaths seem to have the ability to experience emotions at a greater intensity than the rest of us. This can lead to increased joy and pleasure in life, but when they’re exposed to negative stimuli, it can cause extreme anxiety and distress.

It also means that they’re more prone to mood swings than others, as stimuli from the environment can change rapidly from positive to negative. Empaths are often very sensitive to noise and other disturbances, too.

3. You can’t stand witnessing the suffering of others

At one extreme of the empathy spectrum (the low end), there are people with disorders which cause anti-social and often violent, criminal behaviour. Empathic people are on the opposite end of the spectrum, not being able, in some cases, even to watch violent films. They also find things that many people laugh at, like the misfortunes of others, unbearable to witness.

4. You aren’t comfortable in large groups

Because of the intensity and diversity of stimuli in situations involving a large number of people, empaths tend to find being around big groups exhausting and anxiety-creating. It’s common for empaths to prefer being alone or with one or two people.

If they have to be in social situations involving large groups, it’s often necessary for them to withdraw early and take time alone to recharge their batteries.

5. You have physical symptoms after emotionally intense situations

Empaths often find that they experience physical symptoms in response to high-intensity situations. Headaches are common as well as fatigue. Empaths may also be more likely to respond to the anxiety they feel by abusing their own bodies with drugs and overeating.

Scientific basis for the existence of intuitive empaths

Empathy is something that nearly all human beings have, with the exception of people who have psychological disorders that prevent them from feeling empathy. Empathy is, therefore, something which is found in human beings on a spectrum –  from high-empathy responses to low-empathy responses.

Confirming the existence of empaths scientifically is difficult though. Human neuroimaging is not at a level of advancement which would allow us to confirm that there’s something different going on in these people’s brains.

Up till now, tests have had to, in most cases, consist of surveys and questionnaires about how subjects perceive their own responses. This kind of evidence is very difficult for the scientific community to accept as a solid basis.

Scientists do not currently accept the use of terms such as intuitive empath just as they don’t accept terms like ‘psychic’ or ESP (Extra-Sensory Perception). Scientific research currently divides empathy into the categories of ‘emotional empathy’ and ‘cognitive empathy’. Emotional empathy is the ability to respond emotionally to what another person is going through, and cognitive empathy is the ability to comprehend another person’s perspective or mental state.

Neuroscience, however, which has been dedicated to investigating empathy over the last decade or so, has found that there is a scientific explanation for how living creatures are able to empathise with others.

Neuroscientists have called this phenomenon mirror-touch synaesthesia, where mirror neurons are activated when one animal sees another animal perform a particular behaviour. It has been suggested that in the case of empaths, mirror neuron activity is particularly acute.

It has been proposed that, like in the case of people with a very low empathic response, childhood trauma may be present to a greater degree in empaths than in the majority of the population.

The ability to empathise with the unpleasant experiences of another person may come, to some extent, from having had similar experiences. However, having had similar experiences does not always mean that someone is able to empathise with others going through the same thing.

Do you think you might be an intuitive empath? Share your thoughts with us.

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  1. Rbbt

    I might be both lol
    I’m antisocial n snap in some cases.. like seeing someone being bullied . Abuses etc. Snap violently.

  2. Eva Appleby

    I am definitely everything you described about being an empath and l know things about people l shouldn’t and see spirits too. I have had a lot of paranormal experiences throughout my life.

  3. Mischell

    I’m probably both. I went to someone for help because I have a hard time putting a shield to protect myself. I can walk into a grocery store and immediately if I pass someone can tell if they are mad, bored,etc. For example walled in one day and passed a couple with kids. Knew they were really angry with one another but they were using all the pleasantries like “Hello, how are you?” etc. when I got within 25 feet of them they started fighting. I hate grocery stores. I have to come home and take a nap after dealing with people. There are sometimes I find this gift a curse and sometimes a blessing. I can walk into a room and tell you almost everyone I pass how they are feeling even if they are not showing it outwardly. I’m no mind reader but this gift has enabled me to know how and when to approach a situation or individual because I can pick up on what I call “their wavelength”. Most people say I’m easy to get along with but that’s only because I tune into them during a conversation (basically talk their talk). But being an empath can be really draining and sometimes you just need to be away from people completely so you can breathe or heal. I have to question all the time if I’m taking on someone elses energy if I was happy one moment and in a bad mood the next. I wish I knew how to turn it on and off at will

  4. Frank

    Hi, I always thought of myself as, extra sensitive because I use to see things before they happened, I have had paranormal experiences, with spirits, one being my mom who died when I was ten, she would appear before something bad was about to happen. I started reading up on empaths tonight and it is me to a T, I am definitely an empath. And I may be more than that. However, this is a problem for me, because I am stressed from all the anxiety. Seems I feel everything, even when I’m alone, for instance, if there’s something going on with one of my daughters or the things going on with my ex-wife I just recently divorced, I am feeling it and it feels horrible. I need a break and don’t know how to get one. Also, my best friend/my dog is sick,, he’s 13 and came down with diabetes about nine months ago, and from a huge seizure he went blind, He smashed his nose so many times he’s internally bleeding all the time and he is also now an epileptic, another word, he’s in his last days. So yes I also can feel him as well as my other dog who has anxiety really bad, I can feel her freaking out over my sick dog, mind well give his name, He is Buddy Harley who is one of the most loving souls around me these days. Anyways I need some direction if you can help/point me in the right direction, I really would appreciate that. Thank you! for reading this.

  5. Frank

    PS, I also have always been able to feel vibes from people’s hands or even just being next to them. I can read people well, however, that doesn’t work when all the red flags are there and I ignore them and get married, haha. Some of us just are so happy in the moment that we throw caution to the wind and that’s exactly what I did. I am so mad at myself, SMH.

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