Do you want to get your wishes fulfilled?

If you stretch your awareness a little bit, you will realize that the world around you is a clear manifestation of your own desires, thoughts, perceptions, feelings and emotions.

You may call it destiny or karma, but you have always received what you really wanted. Remember the last time you ran out of money when you needed it badly, and someone out of the blue came out to help? So, was it your previous karma or your destiny? How would an XYZ person know you are in need of something particular and turn up with the same thing?

Our surroundings are our own vibrations

Each one of us has a particular vibration depending on our present state of mind, which results in certain situations and people around us. For example, you will feel a lot of negativity and repulsion around people who are rude and depressed. Our state of mind is reflected in our surroundings. If we are happy, we will find everyone around us in a festive mood. Whereas, if you are in a depressed state of mind, everything turns out to be gloomy. Yeah?

So, you create your world with what you are.

Now, the point is how to get your wishes fulfilled?

There is a simple answer to this. If you have a strong desire, then simply believe that the universe will fulfill it. You need to have a strong faith and determination for what you seek.

No obstacle, diversion or a slight possibility of failure should be able to distract you from your goal.

The book The Secret says,

Expectation is a powerful attractive force, expect what you want and don’t expect what you don’t want.

But at times, we are driven by the clouds of doubt – doubt about having our wishes fulfilled.

The question which would now bother most of you is how to overcome doubts and fears?

Overcoming our doubts and fears!

Before we get to find the solution for this, just introspect whether you are sure that you will get what you expect.

Think of your deepest desire at this very moment and just be with it!

Okay, let’s say you desire a very high-class bungalow with classy interiors and some of the expensive furnishings, right?

Now introspect yourself, do you really believe that you will get it one day or maybe tomorrow? Or do you think that your mind is just fooling you with another random desire? Or, maybe you think something like “what if I don’t get it, then I will look out for some other alternative to be happy.”

Did you just see? Along with a desire, you have come upon with so many doubts about not getting what you want.

This leads to the beginning of a real struggle. You are sending a mixed and confused vibration to the universe – that you want something but doubt it.

It’s like going to the milkman and asking him for some milk and at the same time, doubting whether he has it or not. Sounds strange!

But we often do this in our lives and thus stop the universe from getting our wishes fulfilled. We want something, but at the same time, we create a number of reasons in our mind that prevent us from getting it. And the result is grief and dissatisfaction throughout life.

Does the universe really listen?

Many of us would wonder how the universe would deliver what we ask for.

You know that you were born out of your mother, right? She had to undergo a lot of pain and agony to create something beautiful like you. If you ask her to do something for you at any point in your life, she would be ready to help you if you clearly know what you want. Yeah?

Similar is the case with the universe.

It’s your faith in your mother that makes you believe she would really give you what you want, and you do get it.

Our life is completely driven by what we believe in. Everything and everyone around us – our parents, teachers, friends, relationships and the materialistic stuff – have come out of a belief.

It’s a famous saying that what you seek for can be found only through your FAITH.

Faith that you will definitely get what you need. Faith that will never let you down. Faith that will make you fly when you are on the edge. Faith that this universe is always ready to give you what you ask for. Faith that nothing wrong can happen to you. Faith that the universe loves you.

So, now I don’t think you don’t need the answer to the question of how to overcome doubts.

Where there is faith, there is no doubt.” Fear is a mere absence of faith.

Practice Spirituality

The mind has its own ways to pull you down and make you disbelieve in the higher knowledge. But, you can strengthen your faith and belief with the help of spiritual practices.

A few body stretches along with a few minutes of deep silence can create wonders for you.

So, next time you want something, ask the universe with full conviction and faith and then surrender the desire with the faith, and you are going to get your wishes fulfilled.

In fact, when you ask for something with full faith, you already have the desire fulfilled. It’s just that it requires some time for coming true. Like when you order a book online, it’s already yours, but it requires some time to get it delivered to you, right?

So, start wishing NOW – the universe is waiting to make your wishes fulfilled!

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  1. Priya Patel

    Truly amazed by this post! This is exactly what I needed to read at this time of my life. The law of attraction is a beautiful principle and I’ve definitely witnessed all the magic it can add to our lives simply because we have an optimistic attitude and we have faith that good things will happen to us. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  2. Edwin Davies

    Thank you, great post. I have complete faith that I will travel the entire world and meet amazing people and live this human experience to the fullest!

    1. Unangoni Gopolang

      Thank so much l learnt a lot more about how doubt affects our lifes.
      Faith overcomes everything

  3. Thea Dunlap

    Thanks for the great post. It is like a summary of The Secret but more on point.

  4. latt

    Great post. I am impressed

  5. pareena

    Thankyou somuch maam.u know i was destressed but the moment i read ur article i think now i can really verry easily get my love back.i will expect that we are already together forever this is what u are saying to do na.i really want him back in my life and marry him.i will start from roday only i will think positive and will expect our togetherness.thankzzz alote maam u saved my life.

  6. Sheetal sahay

    Very very motivating post .It’s 100 percent true i have also experienced it

  7. Khloe

    Will it take a lot of time for the wish to be fulfilled??

  8. Merlyn Pereira

    Beautifully explained and yes its all true you just need to stick to what you want and beleive and you will get it .I tried it and it worked for me .

  9. Yelena Hopper

    Hi Srishti Moudgil
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful things.
    I know,you have a lot creativity in your mind.

    1. Srishti

      Thanks for reading! Sunshine to you!

  10. Gattu chennakesavarao

    I am very fascinating about your article. It’s booster of to my life. You have great writing power thank you so much and I want you to share some thoughts can you favor me. Can I know your email ID

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