Angry All the Time? Try These Efficient Anger Management Solutions

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anger managementMany people struggle with anger issues. There can be a lot of answers to the question: “why do we get angry?”, but the most accurate answer will be: because of the negative thoughts.
Negative thinking can lead to three major psychological problems: depression, anxiety and anger. We are usually angry when we are frustrated, or when we want to have control over the others and we realize that we actually do not have it.

If you want to manage your anger there are two things you can do:


Start with this simple exercise: focus on your inner thought and feelings, observe them! Every
time you have an automatic negative thought, say “STOP!” and replace it with a positive one.
Simple as that but it needs practice in order to become a habit!


The best way you could do it is by using the hypnosis technique with a specialist, but if you cannot afford it, then you may also use auto-hypnosis!

Hypnosis is the transmission of some particular positive suggestions to a person, who is in a deep relaxation state, for therapeutic purposes.

The expression “hypnotic trance” may sound scary, but, in fact, we enter into a trance many times, for instance when we read a good book, or when we listen to a great song, or while we are daydreaming… Trance is that state in which you are focused only on one thing and ignore the outer attributes.

If you want to try auto-hypnosis, it is not difficult at all, actually all you have to do is written right here:

– close your eyes;

– focus on your breathing;

inhale, fill your lungs with fresh air at the maximum level, and the exhalation must be slow, long and smooth; do this several times;

– focus on every muscle on your body one by one, from the top of your head to the toes of your feet! Imagine how those muscles become limp, heavy and relaxed;

– Then imagine a situation that angers you, observe all the symptoms of your body when you are angry, inhale, keep your air into your lungs, and then exhale very long, imagining you throw out of your body all those symptoms, repeating to yourself:“gone forever!

– Then imagine yourself to have found a solution to that unpleasant situation so that everybody would be happy and nobody would be offended.

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Angry All the Time? Try These Efficient Anger Management Solutions