Introverts seem to have it hard. Not only are they uncomfortable in crowded parties and busy places, but they can also become emotionally tired from it.

I’m talking about a phenomenon called The Introvert Hangover. To put it simply, The Introvert Hangover comes from when we are overstimulated or overwhelmed, either by socialising with a lot of people or socialising in a very intense situation. It can leave you feeling burned out, emotionally tired for no reason, and generally, a bit deflated.

Although it doesn’t sound very serious, it’s all too real for the introverts among us, and it can come from the most mundane, everyday things. If you suffer from The Introvert Hangover, what I’m about to say might just help you in avoiding it in the future. Or, if you’re simply trying to understand those who are introverted around you, it can help you recognise when a friend may be in need of a little personal space.

The Introvert Hangover: 5 Things That Leave Introverts Emotionally Tired

Social Events

Social events, especially large parties, can have a bit effect on introverts. Having to socialise with lots of people for extended periods of time can be stressful for the introvert, especially if there is no escape to recharge.

Introverts need to have some time alone at times, as socialising with a large number of people can be difficult and takes a lot of effort. This can lead to an Introvert Hangover very quickly, as it takes a lot more thought processing for an introvert to maintain conversations than it does an extrovert.

Even with some alone time, introverts can be left emotionally tired for a while after a party, so don’t expect them to be up for another social event soon after.

Having Visitors

Although introverts do love being surrounded by friends and family, having visitors can be tiring. It means having to be ready to socialise and entertain someone all the time, with no chance to be alone until late at night. This can be difficult for an introvert and will quickly lead to an Introvert Hangover if there is little time to be alone to recharge.

Group Projects

Throughout school, university, and even in the workplace, there are times when we have to work in teams to get the best result. This can be a minefield for the introvert, as they much prefer to work solo.

Group meetings, organisation, time management and delegation are all things to think about and discuss during group work. And this can be difficult for an introvert to keep up with. If the project requires the group to meet a lot, introverts may get emotionally tired and irritable, especially if they have a particularly difficult teammate.

Concentrating Through Noise

Some are gifted with the ability to concentrate through noisy environments, but introverts are not blessed with this talent. It takes a lot of work to concentrate when the environment is loud, and you will most likely find them with headphones in, listening to loud music.

Introverts also tend to work alone, as they can be easily distracted by others and trying to concentrate through distraction is a sure-fire way of mentally exhausting yourself.

No Alone Time

I can’t stress enough that introverts need some alone time to recharge and relax themselves. It’s not easy when some aspects of life take more effort than they do for others. Allowing time to calm down, take some deep breaths and enjoy solitude is the best way to prevent an Introvert Hangover.

If you see your introverted friend struggling, take them outside for a breather and give them the space they need. Introverts find social events and visitors much more enjoyable if they still have some time for themselves.

Tips to Avoid the Introvert Hangover:

Take yourself to the bathroom

Take yourself to the bathroom if you feel there is no escape outside or to another area. This will give you a few minutes to yourself so that you can recharge.

Take deep breaths

Take deep breaths to calm yourself when you have to deal with difficult people. Think before you speak so as not to lash out when you get irritated, as this will only make the social situation more intense.

Find some alone time

Factor in some alone time when friends are around, if they know you as an introvert they will be all too happy to accommodate a little bit of alone time.

Be honest with friends and family about it

Be honest with friends and family about why you need some time to yourself. This will help them understand you are not moody – you’re just a bit emotionally tired.

We can’t help whether we are introverted or extroverted, but it is important to listen to our bodies so as to better understand why we feel the way we do. By allowing ourselves the time and space we need, we find everything much more enjoyable.

Remember that your introverted friend does not intend to be rude or evasive, they may simply be struggling to keep up.

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