If you have a high sensitivity to many things in life, then be careful. Your sensitivities can turn you into a  manipulative person, if not checked.

Having a high sensitivity can mean many things. Being more sensitive can mean you see things that others don’t and you feel on a higher emotional spectrum.

The negative aspects of having a high sensitivity, on the other hand, mean you also feel the bad emotions as well. Those with a high sensitivity desire to control these emotions so that they don’t become overwhelmed.

When high sensitivity becomes manipulative

There are times when high sensitivities can become something else entirely. Although being overly sensitive is usually harmless, there are occasions when these feelings make a person become manipulative towards another. Here are a few examples of this negative transition.

1. Forcing ideas

People with a high sensitivity are extremely intelligent for the most part. They usually have a high set of morals and standards which frame their day to day life. They can see the reasons for what they believe in a clear picture. Although people with a high sensitivity have doubts just like the rest of us, they don’t have doubts about their basic beliefs…not usually.

Here’s where that gets uncomfortable. A highly sensitive person, having solid beliefs and morals, will sometimes try to impose these beliefs on their family or friends. Most of the time, this manipulation isn’t done out of malice, but rather, the highly sensitive person feels responsible for the well being of the ones they love.

Unfortunately, these forced ideas are manipulation tactics and should be avoided in order to have a healthy relationship with another. If you’re forcing ideas, then you’re becoming manipulative.

2. Silent treatment

Sometimes people with high sensitivities will resort to the silent treatment. They do this for a number of reasons. Those who have a high sensitivity to things experience great hurt when they feel neglected. This hurt is usually so deep that they return this neglect with a higher form of neglect of their own. They will use this silent treatment until the other party notices what’s happening.

A sensitive person feels like the silent treatment is the only way to get the attention of the one they love. This is because every time they go about things in a normal manner, their loved ones start to ignore them. So, it makes you think a bit about who actually has the most severe problem.

Regardless, the silent treatment is indeed a form of manipulation learned by a scorned sensitive person. With this being said, don’t let neglect make you neglect others in return.

3. Must have control

A sensitive person usually needs to retain a certain order in their lives, whether it’s the way they arrange their furniture or the way they arrange their schedule. They love to be in complete control because this is the only thing that eliminates chaos. Chaos is an enemy of the sensitive person because any negative circumstances resulting from chaos can hurt and damage the sensitive mind.

Manipulation happens when the sensitive person goes from controlling their own lives to controlling the lives of others. For instance, if a sensitive person is in a relationship, they might try to control when things happen and how things happen within the household. They may control all social events and which friends come around.

This type of control can get out of hand quickly and even destroy a relationship. Watch for the signs that you are controlling toward others.

4. Utilizes anger

A sensitive person will utilize anger to make a point. When things get too upsetting for them, they often throw tantrums or produce angry outbursts. It’s almost impossible for a sensitive person to contain the turmoil inside when they feel wronged.

This type of anger can become manipulative fast. Sensitive people can learn to use anger to get the things they want and to intimidate others. Now, not all sensitive people are like this when they get angry, but some do resort to this behavior out of bitterness. Learn to control your anger when feelings start to get overwhelming.

5. Using pity

Have you ever felt sorry for someone who was overcome by large crowds of people? Well, I hope so because that could have been me. I am a sensitive person, and I really don’t like huge congregations of people. Sensitive people usually shy away from large crowds due to the fact that they can feel everything.

Unfortunately, sensitive people have learned to use this struggle to their advantage and to the disadvantage of others. Sometimes, when social events get to be too stimulating to the senses, they will make others feel sorry for their plight.

Yes, some situations are over-stimulating, but that doesn’t mean these same situations aren’t healthy for others. If you notice that you are making people feel sorry for you more often than not, then you could be becoming manipulative, and this must stop.

Controlling your sensitivities

Being sensitive is not a bad thing, but it can be used to do bad things. Take care not to use your struggles to make other people unhappy. Remember, not everyone is as sensitive as you are, and they deserve to live a life that’s fulfilling to them.

If you’re struggling with your sensitivities and feel like you’re close to becoming manipulative, all you have to do is take inventory of your actions. Use these basic 5 signs to help you determine your motives.

I wish you well.


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  1. stacey

    Brilliant. Thanks for this fascinating and well thought out insight Sherrie.

    1. Sherrie

      You’re welcome, Stacey. Unfortunately, I struggle with sort of behavior due to trauma from the past. Writing this post was an eye-opener for me. Also, unfortunately, I haven’t done much to better myself in this area…but not giving up. Keep me in mind and send good vibes my way as I try harder to become a better person. 🙂

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