What jobs fit social anxiety sufferers most of all? Finding the right career may be difficult as social interaction as a key component to many job positions.

We all want a career that suits us perfectly, whether we are a creative mind or an analytical one. When we have difficulty interacting with others, however, it can be difficult to find the perfect career. For those who suffer from social anxiety, finding the perfect job is no easy task.

You can end up sacrificing the things you want most in a job to minimise social interaction. This doesn’t have to be the case.

There are some great jobs for people with social anxiety which suit both the creative and the analytical.

For the Creative Mind

A lot of creative careers have social interaction as a large part of the job. This can deter those with social anxiety who find interaction difficult. Although creative jobs may not seem like the ideal careers for people with social anxiety, there are a few with minimal social interaction.

  1. Artist

Artistry can be a difficult career to pursue, yet, they can be the most therapeutic jobs for social anxiety. Art allows you to connect and explore your feelings, which can help you understand what makes you anxious.

Careers such as graphic design can support you as you can create.  You can also challenge yourself by showcasing your art in public exhibitions.

  1. Writer

Going down the route of a writer seems difficult, but it is only the hardest for those who want to author books.

Freelancing, however, can be a dream as far as jobs for social anxiety go. You can work remotely from home with companies who work online to create content. You don’t have to have face-to-face meetings but still stay in communication with your employers via the internet.

  1. Creator

Sometimes, the best way of working through social anxiety is to work physically. If you are a creative mind wanting to let off steam in their career, there are a number of options.

If you enjoy being outdoors, you can work for landscaping companies to create beautiful scenery. Or, you can create and sell beautiful sculptures. The internet is a wonderful tool for freelance creators who want to advertise their pieces without having to directly interact with others.

For the Analytic Mind

Those who are more analytic in nature prefer jobs that require thinking and problem-solving, but as a career, it often involves solving problems for other people. Analytic careers can be the hardest to find, but there are a few ideal jobs which minimise social interaction so you can flourish despite your social anxiety.

  1. Entrepreneur

Starting your own business is always made out to be a pipe dream, but you can be your own boss instead of trying to hunt down jobs which don’t suit you.

Running your own business lets you take control of how things work and what you want to offer. If you don’t want to take control of the social side, you can bring people on board who can manage this for you. This gives you the freedom to do what you enjoy, without having to take on the parts you hate.

  1. Programmer

Programming and testing is a detail-oriented career that is perfect for those who are of an analytic mind. Although you will need to communicate somewhat with your employer, what is most important in programming is your analytical skills, making it one of the perfect job options for social anxiety.

If you have severe social anxiety, it is also possible to find freelance programming work, meaning you can work in the comfort of your own home.

  1. Accounting and Bookkeeping

If you excel at maths and have a good financial eye, accountancy may be the job for you. There is minimal interaction with others, except when advising them what to do, and you can focus solely on the work in front of you.

With minimal social interaction, you can build your confidence slowly, helping you to overcome social anxiety at your own pace.

A Third Option for Job Seekers with Social Anxiety

It may not be among the obvious jobs for a socially anxious person, but becoming a therapist for others with social anxiety can be life-changing. Not only will you help others overcome their fear of social interaction, but you will also learn ways of coping with social anxiety yourself.

As a sufferer of social anxiety, you are best placed to help others who suffer the same affliction. You will have unique insight into the difficulties others face, and helping them move on from their social anxiety is an incredibly rewarding experience.

Social anxiety is a difficult beast to tame. It affects so many aspects of daily life, it shouldn’t have an effect on our careers, too. Everyone deserves a career they love, whether they are socially adept or not.

We hope this has given you some inspiration to go out and find the career best for you, without social anxiety holding you back.

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  1. kelly garrett

    i have been self empleoyed , cleaning houses for 17 years. alot of my clients are seniors, and sometimes I am with them, but I build relationships with a person over years and it has professional boundaries. I can say yes or no to the tasks I choose,and can choose to not have as a client someone I dont like. At this time I dont have an assistant and work alone ALOT. I listen to music or just have peace, Tho I have noticed after a few hour I sometimes start to talk to myself. I have talked to published writers and a house painter, who have said they do the same thing and its ok. I dont mind spending time by myself. The mop doesnt argue with me.My mind is my own and free during this time.scrubbing is theraputic to me and I get good exersize.as well.

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