Could you actually be living a lie? It’s possible that society’s expectations have forced you to be something you’re not and live a fake life.

I’ve been living a lie. Yes, me. In fact, on many separate occasions, I have lived different lies. Eventually, I’ve pulled myself free and thoroughly cleansed all the crusty fakeness away for a while.

But, for some reason, it slowly grows back, gradually accumulating around my personality and changing me into something I no longer recognize. It can really be this serious, you guys. I think it’s a daily struggle, really.

So, what is living in a lie?

To live a fake life, or lie is to act or do things you really wouldn’t do. These are things that often make you feel uncomfortable or portray yourself in a disguise. Those who “wear masks” are examples of people who live lies. Let me give you an example.

So, I hate going on “girls’ night out” things. You know what I mean. Well, when I was living a lie, I forced myself to do this a time or two. Unfortunately, the situation was so uncomfortable that I secretly hated being there, so bad, that I grew nauseated.

I was living a lie, but no one knew how sick I felt by trying so hard. Uggh. Thank goodness, I hated living this particular lie.

Are you living a false life?

So, maybe this is about as clear as mud to some of you, so I will provide a few signs. These are signs that you might be living a life that’s not your own.

Maybe it’s so subtle that you never realized it before. Well, now’s the time to crack the code and do some spring cleaning within your character. There’s no need to live a lie. Read on.

1. You do what society wants

If you’re living a false life, you will always be concerned about what society wants. What you want out of life will take the backseat to what’s popular, what’s trendy, and all the rest of the peer pressure.

You must fit in, or even rise above, and society must know this. You give society what it wants and then some.

2. You have a fan club

There are good friends, then there are associates. Then, there is what I like to call, “the fan club”. The fan club is the group of people who praise you for your deeds and looks on a regular basis.

This group of people usually keep an eye on you and expect a certain amount of good deeds, new possessions, or new plans to always be rotating. The fan club needs something to adore and you give it to them on a regular basis, sometimes ignoring your own real needs and the needs of your loved ones.

3. Following through, no matter what

Yes, it’s great to follow through on plans and choices. I get it. But, when it comes to realizing you’ve made the wrong choice if you’re living a lie, you will follow through anyway, despite the consequences.

The healthy choice would be to follow through as long as the focus is the same. If not, then it’s okay to change your mind. Those living in a lie believe others see changing your mind as a weakness. Know the difference and you will understand this sign.

4. Practicing facial expressions and laughs

One of the most noticeable signs that you could be living life in a lie is your habit of rehearsing facial expressions, laughs and even speeches.

Instead of just being your authentic self and winging it, you must be prepared and offer the world your best rendition of you. Did you get that? A rendition, not the real you, this is what you will present to the world, thus fake.

5. You will be sad

One sign that you’re not living the true life is your predisposition to sadness. You will be sad quite a bit, but you will try to hide this sadness because it’s not part of the façade you’ve created.

But, since you’re not really happy about the life you’ve created, you will remain sad anyway. Most people who fit into your plan will not notice the sadness, but the ones closest to you, in reality, will notice.

Keep this in mind. If you know someone who is sad or depressed quite a bit, try to figure out if they are indeed lying to themselves about their life.

6. You’re bored…always

When you’re not living your best life, you will always be bored. Nothing will be fulfilling because you’re usually doing things others like to do instead of what you really love.

Things like hanging out with friends constantly, vying for attention, or talking on the phone/texting/emailing constantly – all are signs of terrible boredom. They are also signs that you’re living a lie.

7. Loss of identity

Who are you? If you cannot answer this question without mentioning others, then you have no idea of your own identity or worth. This means you have been living a life that’s not really your own.

This will only be noticeable when having deep discussions with some of the few genuine people that remain in your life. If you’re being questioned about your identity, just pay attention and learn what you can about your true predicament.

Living a lie is never a good thing

No matter how easy it may seem, or how pre-made this life may feel, it’s not the life for you – not the fake one. I believe if there were more genuine people in the world, the world, in general, would be a much better place.

If you are living a lie or you know someone who is playing it fake like this, don’t be afraid to improve. Being the real you is the only you that’s supposed to be.

Think about it!



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