Nobody can teach you about creativity even if they tried.

It is that one little bulb in your head that lights up as soon as a new idea pops up. Creativity is the fuel that keeps the world’s best minds active.

There are several amazing names from history and the present whose brilliant minds have inspired the world. Some of those names include Nikola Tesla, Leonardo Da Vinci and Albert Einstein among so many more to boot. They all seem to have had a different kind of exposure that allowed their minds to be molded like that.

To help you hone in on your genius like the greats themselves, take a gander at the following mind hacks.

1. Meditation

Gaining inner peace of the mind, body and soul is considered to be one of the most useful tips to unlock the mysteries of your troubles. In short, it will help you make decisions that are wise and morally correct. In other words, we can say that meditation relaxes your mind, focuses your thoughts and makes you smarter, as well as more creative.

The most renowned form of meditation is without a doubt, yoga. It is said to enhance memory, retention and impulse control. This serves as a great way to alleviate yourself from extreme cases of emotion, like when you get angry or nervous.

After a couple of sessions, you will see an immense improvement in your cognitive processing and memory.

2. Exercise

Whether you’re into exercising or not, you’ll definitely yield some enriching results afterward. There are a number of health benefits that can be achieved by regular exercise. “Exercise gives you endorphins.

Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands” – this dialogue from some movie accurately and hilariously describes the impact of exercising on your mental health status. You can always control and channel your energy by exercising.

Exercise not only tones your mind, but it also improves the functioning of your brain. It improves the spatial (records the environment and its orientation) memory of your brain. Now, when you know the miraculous benefits of exercising, it’s time for you to work out the stress by doing some cardio.

3. Drink lots of water

Have you ever wondered why you can think better after drinking water? Well, the answer lies in the structuring of your brain. 73% of our brain is water and this is the main reason thirst and dehydration are directly associated with the loss of concentration.

The dehydrated or sapped mind loses its freshness and capability to think. Mental processing, reaction, action, responsiveness, and memory depend on the amount of water consumed. If your boss is continuously scolding you for negative performance, it is time to drink a sufficient amount of water.

You can always opt for juices, fruits or vegetables that have a high percentage of water, including watermelon, oranges, pears, cucumber, spinach, lettuce, tomato, broccoli, strawberry, and raspberries.

4. Get plenty of sleep

Sleep is the natural way to soothe and relax your mind. 8-hour sleep will help you to improve your memory, decrease stress levels and beautify your skin (can we ask for more!). Deprivation of sleep is found to be associated with impaired memory, compromised functioning of the brain and lack of concentration.

If you don’t want to be on the receiving end of a pink slip, we would suggest that you put yourself to bed as early as possible. With each wink you catch, the worn-out batteries in your head will recharge, which will bless your brain with new ideas and concepts.

5. Give yourself a couple of laughs

It may sound like you’re wasting valuable working minutes, but studies have shown a contrary result in that matter. People usually tend to experience burnouts at their jobs over time and at times feel that life is dull and boring. This is the point where all the joy and buzz in their hearts have been sucked out.

Thus, the only thing that would set their moods right is if they were to chuckle about something. When it was said that laughter was the best medicine, they weren’t fibbing at all. Laughter actually helps induce creativity and the ability to recall.

So whenever you feel sad or bored, don’t hesitate to watch some funny videos or quip with your friends every once in a while.

6. Take a break

If you are feeling numb and cannot control or channel your thoughts, it is probably the time to take a break. The human body gets tired easily, even you are not working physically. In order to reboot your body and mind, it is important to take regular breaks. These breaks can help you relax, focus your attention and ultimately improve your productivity.

After all, creativity is the fruit of a relaxed and peaceful mind. You will be thankful for the minutes you gave yourself to a bit of rest and relaxation.

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