Sleep on it: Why regular rest makes for a more productive lifestyle

sleep lifestyleWhen a boss catches an employee napping at work, are they likely to be fired or will the employer realise that taking a nap doesn’t always need to be seen negatively; the employee may simply have been recharging their batteries? No prizes for choosing the right answer there.

Unfortunately, taking a nap, or stealing forty winks during the day is usually regarded with negative connotations. In a busy office, naps are seen to be taken by lazy individuals and people lacking ambition. Napping is perceived as the private reserve of older people, but how many folks know that Winston Churchill always demanded a mid afternoon nap? He’s in good company too, being joined by regular napping experts Thomas Edison, John F Kennedy, John D Rockefeller and Napoleon. If it’s good enough for them, might it be right for everyone? (more…)

Regular Meditation Proven to Rebuild the Brain

Just two months of conscious and proper practice of regular meditation seem to completely rebuild the human brain. This sensational conclusion was made by a team of scientists at Harvard Medical School. The results of the study were published in a special edition of Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging. The experiment was…

Concentration as a tool for success and ways to enhance it

concentration for successMany people experience difficulties when making important decisions, when it is necessary to focus and think seriously about something. But instead, their head is a mess, and they can’t make any decision.

The reason is lack of concentration. Our attention is dynamic and constantly strives to move from one object to another, which makes people scattered. Therefore, you should learn to train your concentration skills.

Concentration is a criterion for evaluating the mental activity of a person. The first sign of intelligence of a child is his ability to focus attention on something. People who are capable of focusing on an object for a long time are the owners of a strong mind. (more…)

Mind Over Matter: Meditation Proven to Increase Heart Health

meditation heart health

“Don’t think, feel!” – Bruce Lee, Enter the Dragon

In our mile-a-minute lives, we seldom take breaks to sit and just be.  Even in moments when we try to relax, our thoughts are still fixated on unfinished tasks, and on the next moment.  For many, the tension of everyday life has subtle side-effects — poor memory, headaches, poor heart health — things that often go unnoticed or untreated. (more…)