10 Real Reasons That Lie Behind Your Negative Emotions

///10 Real Reasons That Lie Behind Your Negative Emotions
hidden emotions1. Anger

When you do not get what you want, you can unconsciously cause a sense of anger in you in order to force another person to submit to you. So, anger helps you take control of the situation. Anger helps take the upper hand in the dispute, or take revenge for your failures. Anger can also be used to protect your rights. Anger helps us give the enemy to understand that he must retreat. Anger with yourself can be a way to force yourself to do something, get down to a task.

2. Sadness, grief

This is our way of expressing dissatisfaction with ourselves, our achievements. It can also be a form of manifestation of compassion. For example, when you sympathize with what happened to someone and use sadness to express your attitude and reaction.

3. Irritation

This is a weak form of anger. It occurs when someone’s behavior provokes you and makes you nervous. It helps us stop the stagnation and encourage ourselves to action. Behind all cases of irritation, lies the desire to bring the situation under control. That is, we get irritated when everything goes wrong and not as we said.

4. Guilt

It is a form of self-punishment. Sometimes it helps us avoid responsibility for our mistakes. Sometimes guilt is a form of manifestation of superiority: “I’m so highly developed that I even suffer about my mistakes.”

Feeling of guilt is a very destructive emotion, which signals the need to change something about ourselves. You need to figure out where it came from: forced upon you by your values or indeed you have done something icky. Then you need to analyze the cause of your action, sincerely forgive yourself and promise that this will not happen again. It will be good if you compensate the damage or apologize to those you offended.

5. Disappointment

Disappointment is a manifestation of discontent in those situations when you do not get what you want.

6. Fear or anxiety

These emotions are associated with the instinct of self-preservation. Their mission is to protect us, preventing dangerous situations. Fear “paints” pictures of unpleasant surprises and obstacles, our failure, bankruptcy. But its goal is not to disturb you, but to help: to warn of danger, to show the real situation, to indicate the hidden pitfalls, so that you are ready for the difficulties. It is necessary to find a grain of truth in these emotions. Then they change the polarity, charge us with energy and motivate to action.

7. Despair

It occurs when multiple efforts to achieve something do not bring the desired results. Desperation is a deep depression, which gives us the excuse to desist from further attempts.

8. Apathy

This is a mild form of rebellion against something. As a rule, it manifests itself in those who do not have the power or the ability to rebel openly. It is a passive manifestation of force and disagreement.

9. Depression

It is also a form of acceptance of control. It is when you fall out of the flow of life, and the others can get nothing from you, so they take over your duties. Sometimes depression is a passive way of expressing anger. It becomes an instrument of sophisticated manipulation of others, and works perfectly, creating a sense of guilt for the person to whom it is addressed.

10. Discouragement

It may signal that you have to afford to take time off work. Or there is a persistent inner need to give up something. Maybe you’re just tired.

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    What about hate?

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    yeah hate is a bad emotion, focusing on this bad stuff aint good though, wanna feel great,

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