Being an introvert in an extroverted society can be tough. Yet, there are some great jobs that can help introverts fulfill their full potential.

According to statistics, half of the population is introverted. However, the world in which we live is tailored to the needs of the extroverted ones. Luckily, there are some great jobs that suit introverts’ unique personality traits.

Larry Stybel, CEO of Stybel Peabody Lincolnshire, says that introverts work in all professional areas. We just find them in those positions that do not require too much interaction with their work colleagues or the public. As a rule, introverts who have found their path in life prefer to work individually rather than in teams.

Here are some examples of the most suitable jobs for introverts:

1. Social media manager

Introverts do not dislike people, but they can easily get tired of their continued presence.

As a social media manager, you specialize in virtual interaction. It can be the perfect workplace for introverted people who seek privacy and space to think, create or develop new ideas.

2. Archivist or museum technician

If you prefer to spend your evenings in a museum or library, it may also the ideal job for you. You will not come into contact with museum visitors. Moreover, it is likely that your colleagues will be introverted too, so they will not seek too much social interaction.

Besides, introverts are known for their curiosity for art, knowledge and history. This means that such a job will be more like a hobby than a stressful task.

3. Web developer

An online job is the dream of any introverted person. What can be better than a virtual place where communication takes place in chat and not personally? Working as a web developer, you won’t need to interact with the customers often and it will probably take place online.

The more space is given to an introvert, the higher are the chances of delivering the work of great quality.

4. Painter, sculptor or graphic designer

Some creative people may be talkative, ambitious and highly proud of their work. Such people won’t feel anxious to present their creations in front of a crowd.

Others, however, are quiet, solitary and prefer to spend their time in the studio than to hold a speech in front of fans. For this second category of people, the job of a painter, sculptor or graphic designer seems to be an ideal career choice.

5. Private chef

Private chefs are available to customers who need their services only for certain events. Thus, although they cook for many people, they come in contact with very few of them. So, for an introverted person with culinary talent, this can be a good career that offers great professional satisfaction.

6. Counselor or psychologist

As much as introverts love their personal space, this does not mean that they want to remain completely isolated. They are simply not very talkative but instead, can be great listeners with empathetic nature.

This means that they can easily understand human mind and emotions. This is why counseling or psychotherapy are some of the best career choices for introverts. It will help you fulfill your inner purpose: the one of supporting those in need.

Due to their inclination of working one-on-one, introverts are able to offer an accurate analysis of a situation and advice since this type of career does not involve dominating conversations.

7. Accountant

As an accountant, there are little distractions and rare social interactions. Most of the time is spent dealing with numbers, calculations and papers. This job may be perfect for an introvert who is highly dedicated to achieving the best results and is particularly suitable for the INTJ personality type.

8. Medical careers

Similarly to the careers in counseling and psychotherapy, medicine can also be an ideal job for the empathic introverts whose ultimate goal is to offer their support and care. Furthermore, this is a field that offers many opportunities which can satisfy an introvert’s need to perfect their skills and desire of evolving.

9. Translator

The translation of documents or texts from one language to another is a career that does not involve much social interaction. Also, it is an opportunity to enrich one’s knowledge about different cultures and nations. This is something that will certainly attract an introvert’s interest and curiosity.

10. Zoologist or veterinarian

Another job that will match the two well-known traits of an introvert: curiosity and their care for the environment/living beings. Certainly, the job as a zoologist or veterinarian does not involve much social exposure, which will allow an introvert to develop and fully express their skills.

+ 2 Bonus Jobs for Introverts

A) Limnologist

Limnological research allows scientists to identify and address the issues caused by the chemical changes in oceans, seas, rivers or lakes. Similarly to the previous jobs proposed as being ideal for the solitary introverts, this career option will undoubtedly allow you to explore the world and make a difference in it.

B) Private Investigator

Introverts can understand much more than what first impressions can offer. Their perception and understanding go further than it may seem. Thus, due to their interest in mystery, critical and analytical thinking, introverts can be great investigators.

We hope that the above list of job positions for introverts will help you find a career that will embrace your unique personality!



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  1. Dave Devally

    As a seasoned introvert, I was expecting to see my career choice here. Having been a truck driver for fourty years, and spent most of it working alone. No regrets.

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