Gems and crystals have been used for thousands of years by cultures around the world as part of their spiritual practice. Gemstones are still used today to promote healing, to develop strength, and to find love, to name just a few of their uses. Let’s explore the fascinating world of gemstones and their meanings!

Each different type of gem has unique properties that offer a variety of benefits. If you want to know more about the spiritual meanings of gemstones, read on!

14 Gemstones and Their Meanings

1. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli spiritual meaning

Rich and intense, deep blue lapis lazuli allows the wearer to connect more deeply to the self. Particularly associated with the third eye in the chakra system, lapis lazuli turns the focus inward, toward innate wisdom and intuition.

This gem is perfect for anyone who feels overwhelmed by choice and is seeking guidance with a decision. Lapis lazuli helps you tap into your power and find your authentic self.

2. Amethyst

Amethyst gemstones and their meanings

This beautiful purple gemstone promotes spiritual healing by offering strength and courage to anyone who wears it. Amethyst emits a peaceful energy, which can calm anxiety, addiction, and mood disorders, while simultaneously boosting creativity.

It activates the crown chakra, helping to open the door to spiritual enlightenment. Amethyst promotes spiritual and physical health no matter where or how you wear it.

3. Pearl

Pearl spiritual meaning

Lustrous and powerful yet delicate, pearls are steeped in spiritual symbolism. In traditional Asian medicinal practices, pearls are used to treat problems with fertility, the heart, and digestion, and even to rebalance the entire body system.

Energetically, pearls release negativity, enhance wisdom, and promote longevity. Pearls also symbolize love, making them the perfect gift for that special someone in your life.

4. Jade

jade meaning

An amulet of good luck, jade blesses anyone who holds it. If you have trouble following through on plans or find yourself giving up at the first obstacle, try jade.

Lush green jade reflects growth in nature, and will clear the path and open you up to the prosperity you deserve. Jade helps push past self-limiting behaviors that are preventing you from reaching your full potential. Jade will encourage you to flourish and thrive.

5. Aquamarine

Aquamarine meaning

Crystal clear blue, aquamarine embodies the properties of water it is named for. This gem washes away anxiety, stress, and fear, making a space for peace and harmony.

Aquamarine can help you stop living in the past and open you up to a higher consciousness and a brighter future. Associated with the throat chakra, aquamarine can also help you find your voice and speak your truth. Its gentle, refreshing energy rejuvenates the mind, body, and spirit.

6. Garnet

garnet meaning

Garnet revitalizes the body and the soul. It also increases confidence and is believed to ward off bad karma and evil. Garnets are most famously red, but, in fact, we can find them in almost every color of the rainbow. Like rose quartz, garnet offers the most benefits when worn near the heart.

7. Carnelian

Carnelian meaning

Fiery carnelian is perfect for those who need a mood boost or a recharge of passion. Carnelian aka ‘the Artist’s Stone’ injects creative drive into your career.

Carnelian crystals fire up your self-confidence at work and in personal relationships. The meaning of this gemstone has to do with opening your sacral chakra and, therefore, promoting motivation and energy. Find or rediscover your passion with carnelian.

8. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz meaning

One of the most popular pink gemstones, rose quartz is closely associated with love and healing a broken heart. Rose quartz emits a gentle, soothing energy that calms a troubled spirit. It promotes self-love, and can also open your heart to finding true friendships and new romantic relationships.

Rose quartz is most often associated with the heart chakra. It makes an excellent gift for those going through a difficult break-up, or are struggling with loneliness. For best results, wear rose quartz near the heart.

9. Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz meaning

All types of quartz are healing crystals, and smoky quartz is a supercharged version of this spiritual stone. Smoky quartz allows you to let go of difficult experiences and leave bitterness behind.

The dark color of smoky quartz cleanses the spirit of negative energies, including anxiety, stress, sadness, and fear. Ditch your emotional baggage with smoky quartz.

10. Hematite

Hematite meaning

If your life seems hectic and you’re constantly overwhelmed, hematite offers a healthy dose of grounding energy. This black crystal is high in iron, which gives it a weight and heft that has a powerful calming effect, quite literally bringing you back down to Earth.

Hematite soothes a troubled spirit, allowing you to let go of anything that is causing you stress, tension, or worry.

11. Malachite

Malachite meaning

Vibrant, verdant malachite draws to it those in need of change. The meaning of this gem is transformation. Malachite channels your energies into fresh growth, while simultaneously trimming the tangled and dead wood that has been holding you back.

The fresh green of malachite encourages you to turn over a new leaf. Whatever you are looking for: love, a new job, a fresh start, and so on, malachite can help you achieve your dreams.

12. Onyx

onyx meaning

Powerful and deep, onyx is your sturdy helper when you need to overcome fear. Onyx promotes strength and self-mastery. It is grounding and stable, and it redirects aggressive energy, channeling that power into endurance.

Onyx is associated with the root chakra, so use it when you need to push back negative energy or to rebalance your energy. Onyx is also said to attract abundance and success, so try wearing it to your business meeting!

13. Citrine

Citrine meaning

If you are interested in gemstones and their meanings, don’t overlook this crystal. Sunny citrine emits a positive vibration.

It’s the gem to use when you’re searching for the light at the end of the tunnel. Whether it’s for a specific project or your overall outlook, this vibrant yellow gemstone can help you see the positive in any situation.

Citrine is associated with the third chakra, aka solar plexus, the center of power and self-control. Like vitamin C for the soul, citrine will help you unleash happiness and joy.

14. Turquoise

turquoise meaning

Turquoise is known as ‘the Master Healer’ for good reason. It is a must-have gemstone for those who always find caring for themselves at the bottom of the to-do list (or maybe not on the list at all!).

Turquoise heals by connecting the wearer with water, one of the essential elements of life itself. It renews and rejuvenates and promotes overall well-being. Like water, turquoise promotes peace and tranquility of the spirit.

These are just some gemstones and their meanings. There are many more for those who want to learn about the spiritual significance of crystals!

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