We all know someone whose very presence ruins all the fun. Or someone who complains all the time, so you end up feeling drained after talking to them. There are also those who never have a nice word to say.

What do all these examples have in common? They describe low vibration people. Could you have such individuals in your social circle without even realizing it?

First of all, let’s focus on the definition of low vibration.

What Does It Mean to Have ‘Low Vibration’?

It means to have negative energy and spread it onto those around you.

If we look at it from the rational point of view, ‘low vibration’ or ‘negative energy’ translates into negative emotions. Therefore, a person who has it is prone to negative feelings, destructive thought patterns, and toxic behaviors. They also drag everyone around into their misery.

It doesn’t always happen consciously, though. Some people give off negative vibes because they suffer from mental illness or are going through a tough time.

However, if a friend or a family member of yours is always angry, bitter, or sad, it means that they suffer from chronic negativity or low vibration. So, what are the signs of low vibrational people?

35 Signs of Low Vibration People

1. They are hardly ever in a good mood

Low vibration means negative emotions and, therefore, bad moods. That’s why low vibrational people feel down most of the time.

Of course, there can be a specific thing or person that spoiled their mood. But often, they get upset by their own negative thoughts.

2. Everything gets on their nerves

For the same reason, they get annoyed easily. Be it a co-worker’s laughter, a song on the radio, or traffic jams in the city center, something or someone always gets on their nerves.

3. They always find a reason to complain about

With a negative attitude like this, it’s no surprise that people who have low vibration complain a lot.

Of course, each one of us feels annoyed and angry from time to time, but the key sign of low vibrational people is that they dwell on negativity. It seems like they enjoy complaining and talking about ugly, sad, and frustrating things.

4. They lose their temper easily

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Anger is among the most powerful low vibrational emotions. So, when someone is prone to low vibrational energy, they lose their temper easily. Sometimes they get mad over the most insignificant issues.

For example, a low vibration person can start an argument out of nothing or get offended by someone’s innocent remark.

5. They are always up for an argument

It seems like low vibrational people are consciously looking for conflict. Like they seek to express all their repressed anger and chronic dissatisfaction in pointless arguments. And it’s true—their low vibration makes them attract more negativity into their lives.

6. They see life in a negative light

Low vibrational energy makes you focus on the negatives in every given situation. Moreover, it causes you to be generally pessimistic and have a gloomy outlook on life. Low vibrational people tend to pay most of their attention to imperfections, problems, and disappointments.

7. They believe that life is unfair to them

Low vibrational people are convinced that life is utterly unfair and doesn’t treat them right. They didn’t succeed because the circumstances were adverse, and they are unhappy because they married the wrong person. Someone like this tends to feel unlucky and mistreated.

8. They find it hard to feel happy

Even when a low vibrational person accomplishes something, they find it difficult to feel happy. They are constantly worrying that something bad will follow, and this success and happiness won’t last for long.

They distrust life itself, and that’s why they struggle to enjoy it, even during its brightest moments.

9. They are not happy for others either

Of course, low vibration people find it even harder to feel happy for others. Instead, they get jealous and bitter.

It looks like other people’s success spoils their mood, and it’s true, since envy is a low vibrational emotion. Therefore, it’s more natural for such a person to feel jealous than to celebrate someone else’s accomplishments.

10. They lack energy and enthusiasm

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Low vibration means a lack of energy, enthusiasm, and vigor for life. It makes you dull, unenthusiastic, and tired. That’s why people who have it hardly ever get excited about things and events.

11. They love criticizing others

Since low vibrational people are focused on the negatives, they tend to point out everyone’s flaws and mistakes. This prompts them to criticize those around them.

12. They are self-critical as well

Low vibration doesn’t make you critical only toward others — it also fuels self-criticism and self-loathing. A person like this often beats themselves up for the most minor mistakes.

They may also make self-deprecating comments to fish for compliments and get other people to comfort them.

13. They find it difficult to have fun

If you have an acquaintance or friend who always looks bored and annoyed at gatherings, they could be a low vibrational person. People like this tend to be dry and stiff, as if they don’t know how to relax and have fun.

14. They are never content with anything

Whatever you do for your low vibrational friend, they never appreciate it. The gift you gave them was not what they had expected, the concert you invited them to was too crowded, the food in the restaurant was overcooked…

Such people never feel satisfied with anything because they are not happy with themselves in the first place.

15. They make a mountain out of a molehill

Making a mountain out of a molehill is a typical behavior of low vibration people. They take a minor problem and exaggerate it into a disaster.

That’s because their low vibrational energy makes them prone to negative emotions, such as anxiety and frustration. So, sometimes they create problems out of nothing. As a result, they waste their lives stressing over trivial matters.

16. They dwell on negativity

When a low vibrational person has a specific worry or problem, they struggle to shift their focus on to something else. They dwell on the negativity caused by their overthinking and anxiety. They fully immerse themselves into the problem and can’t think about anything else.

17. They are anxious

Anxiety and fear are among low vibration emotions. Therefore, a person with this kind of energy tends to get anxious easily and worry about everything. They are also very likely to suffer from irrational fears and phobias.

18. They are unlucky

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To an outside observer, it looks like someone with low vibration is the unluckiest person ever. They always make the wrong choices and get into tricky situations. The truth is that their lack of luck stems from their low vibrational energy, not external circumstances.

19. They often feel misunderstood and mistreated

For the same reason, those with low vibration attract toxic and negative people. This quote by Wayne Dyer perfectly sums it up:

The law of attraction is this: You don’t attract what you want. You attract what you are.

Therefore, if you have low vibration, it makes sense that you attract people with similar energy.

20. They have a victim mentality

It can be difficult for a low vibrational person to accept responsibility for their failures. It’s much easier to blame everyone else, isn’t it? That’s why they often develop a victim mentality and complain about being mistreated and taken advantage of.

21. They are prone to sadness

As we said above, a key sign of a low vibration person is that they are prone to all kinds of negative emotions. Sadness is definitely among them.

Such people often feel under the weather and sad for no obvious reason. Sometimes they can’t even say what exactly spoiled their mood.

22. They don’t have a purpose in life

Low vibrational energy leaves you unenthusiastic and drained. Therefore, you don’t have the vigor to set goals and pursue dreams. You are stuck in a routine, busy with your daily responsibilities, living a life that has no purpose.

If you know someone who is low vibrational, you won’t see that spark in their eyes that makes a person passionate and determined.

23. They are impatient and judgmental

When you have low vibration, you only see the bad in other people. You also don’t seek to understand and accept them. For this reason, low vibration people tend to be judgmental and impatient with those around them.

24. They feel bad about themselves

A low vibrational person’s negativity isn’t focused only on others, but also on themselves. This makes them prone to self-esteem issues. Since they find it hard to feel happy and satisfied, they also struggle to feel good about themselves.

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25. They are oversensitive and get offended easily

overreacting reasons

Low vibration people can be hard to deal with because they often overreact and get offended over nonsense. This happens because of their bitterness and overall discontent with life and themselves.

You feel like you need to carefully watch over what you say to make sure your low vibrational friend won’t take offense.

26. They are overprotective of their personal space

For the same reason, a low vibration person tends to be overprotective of their personal space. They are oversensitive, which can lead them to be excessively guarded with other people. They trust no one and see every attempt to establish contact as an invasion into their personal space.

27. They compete in misery

If you tell a low vibrational friend about your troubles, don’t expect that they will show empathy, offer help, or try to cheer you up. Most likely, they will tell you a similar story of their own, where they look even more miserable. As a result, you end up comforting them instead.

28. They make everything about themselves

When a person has low vibrational energy, they become a prisoner of their self-absorption. That’s because their problems, fears, and worries consume all their attention and energy. There are no emotional resources left for helping or comforting someone else.

For this reason, they struggle to even talk about other people’s problems. Low vibration people make everything about themselves and shift each conversation on to the things that occupy them.

29. They get mean

Extremely low vibrational energy can turn you into a bitter and mean person. You may end up feeling like you hate everyone because you believe that other people are the root of all your troubles.

That’s why in certain situations, low vibrational people get pretty mean and say terrible things to others.

30. They love gossip

Gossip usually revolves around negative topics, such as someone’s marriage problems and family disputes. That’s why people with low vibration love it. It’s one more way to pry into others’ faults and get a secret pleasure from their failures.

31. They get defensive

Defensiveness is a counterproductive response to criticism and conflict. Low vibration people get defensive when you call them out or point out their mistakes.

This reaction doesn’t let them listen to constructive criticism and learn from their mistakes. As a result, they don’t evolve. Instead, they quibble over your words and dwell on their hurt feelings.

32. They hold grudges

With this kind of attitude, it makes sense why a low vibrational person is easy to hold grudges against others. Sometimes this can last for weeks, months, and even years!

Their negativity and self-absorption don’t let them forgive other people and let the situation go. They dwell on their feelings of resentment and prefer to give the other person the silent treatment rather than talk the issue out.

33. They see the bad in people and overlook the good

It’s difficult to look at life and people from a positive perspective when you have low vibration. You always notice flaws in those around you and totally neglect their good qualities.

That’s why you tend to have a low opinion about people in general. You are just unable to see and appreciate their positive sides.

34. They nitpick

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Nitpicking is another sign of low vibrational energy. You start pointless arguments and waste your life quibbling over insignificant stuff.

As we said above, low vibration makes a person thrive on negativity and look for faults in other people. That’s the reason they nitpick and annoy others with their petty criticisms.

35. They self-sabotage

Low vibration people are the prisoners of their own minds. Since they overthink things and create problems out of nothing, they often self-sabotage, whether it comes to their career or love life. It’s like they are suffering when things go right, so they ruin every opportunity to achieve success and find happiness.

Do you have low vibration people in your social circle? If a friend of yours is chronically annoyed, sad, or unlucky, ask yourself whether hanging out with them is a good idea. Such people can only drag you into their misery and poison you with their negativity.

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  1. Antonio Farfan-Fiorani

    Dear Anna LeMind, B.A.

    I am an M.D./Nuclear Cardiologist, and when I am in the setting of the E.R. or facing a patient, I always put myself into the worst-case-scenario and act upon it. What I mean is: I must act at once if I find myself facing a patient with cardiac arrest and I cannot understimate what a patient tells me. If I do not act, the patient dies in the first example, and if I tell my patient that she/he is overreacting and everything is “in her/his mind”, she/he also may die (provided she/he does not look for a second opinion)

    The same goes for when I find someone who is telling a lie

    I do not consider myself a Low Vibrational Person, but I meet most of the criteria listed above when I find myself in the two situations I have mentioned, to begin with

    What is true is that, because of that, people rejects me, at the very least.

    I am sure about what I think, but it is always very useful to take into account another person’s point of view. The thing is, to put it simply: I may be, at least partially, wrong.

    Can you help me?

    I am asking because I always read your posts and consider you a like-minded person (absolutely no “reading-between-the-lines” here)

    Antonio Farfan-Fiorani

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