Prana is the Sanskrit word for vital life force. If your prana energy is out of balance, then fixing it can transform your health and wellbeing.

When our prana energy is strong, we feel happy, healthy and balanced. However, our prana or life force can become blocked and distorted by external events, bad diet, an unhealthy lifestyle and negative thinking. This can lead to us experiencing a range of physical and emotional symptoms.

How Does Prana Work?

Whenever we breathe in, we take in prana energy. This vital life force then flows through a network of energy pathways, called nadis, in our bodies in the same way that blood flows through our veins. This essential life force flows to our 7 main chakras in the same way that blood flows to our organs.

If this energy is blocked, we can begin to experience physical and emotional symptoms.

10 Signs of Prana Energy Imbalance

  1. Extreme fatigue, exhaustion and tiredness
  2. Feeling depressed or stuck in a rut and unable to make the changes we want in life
  3. Having repetitive negative or destructive thoughts
  4. Lacking in motivation and zest for life
  5. Reacting very emotionally to anything we perceive as negative
  6. Headaches, dizziness and general aches and pains
  7. Illnesses such as colds, allergies and immune disorders or other chronic illnesses
  8. Feeling stressed and anxious
  9. Digestive issues such as constipation and diarrhoea
  10. Sexual problems such as a lack of, or excessive libido

These symptoms are caused by an imbalance in the body and a restricted flow of prana. Prana can be easily blocked, especially in our modern, fast-paced and materialistic society. Causes of an unhealthy prana balance include stress, fear, negative thinking, unhealthy lifestyle choices, abuse and insecurity.

Luckily, there are several techniques that can get your prana flowing freely once more. When our prana can flow freely, we feel healthy on a physical level as well as on a mental, emotional and spiritual level.

8 Signs of a Healthy Prana Energy

  1. Feeling healthy and full of energy
  2. Experiencing a sense of peace and wellbeing
  3. Being compassionate and empathetic
  4. Having strong intuition
  5. Being confident
  6. Feeling creative and inspired
  7. Having positive and loving feelings towards ourselves and others
  8. Feeling at one with the universe

So how do we create healthy prana energy?

There are many techniques that can help us remove blocks and allow prana to flow freely through our bodies bringing health and wellbeing to our mind’s bodies and spirits.

7 Ways to Rebalance Your Prana Energy

1. Breathing

As prana comes in on the breath, the first place to start working on improving this flow is with breathing techniques. Simply taking a few slow deep breaths can instantly make us feel better.

2. Yoga

Yoga poses are designed to improve the flow of prana through the body. They can move stagnant energy and get things moving again. Poses such as Upward Salute, Low Cobra and Upward Facing Dog are simple yoga poses that can help improve the flow of Prana.

3. Meditation

If we have too much mental energy, we will experience an imbalance in our prana. Often our minds are very busy and full of chatter. Calming the mind by meditation, and simply observing the thoughts that come and go is a great way to restore balance and flow in the prana.

4. Mantras

Repeating a mantra or affirmation is another good way to increase the flow of prana. The mantra or affirmation calms the mind and lifts your vibrational energy from negative to more positive.

5. Energy Healing

Having a session with an energy healer is a wonderful way to get prana moving through you in a more healthy and balanced way. Reiki healers work with the energetic body to help clear blockages and stagnant energy and improve the flow and quality of prana.

6. A healthy diet

What we eat affects the vital energy in our bodies. Food has its own vital energy and eating healthy food will bring that energy into our bodies for us to use. In contrast, eating junk food and consuming excess alcohol and can reduce our life force and block the energy flow.

7. Nature

All things in nature have their own life force. This is why spending time in nature can benefit your prana.

When we spend time in nature, our prana begins to align with the natural energies of the plants and creatures around us. This can be especially beneficial if you live in a city where the energy is often toxic and stagnant.

Closing thoughts

Rebalancing your prana and increasing its flow through your energetic body is very simple and easy to do. This makes it incredibly worthwhile because the rewards can be so powerful.

Just a few minutes each day of deep breathing or meditation plus following a healthy diet and getting outside in nature when you will make a huge difference to how you feel physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

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