Being a deep thinker is a great gift as it allows you to delve into the very essence of things and be more conscious.

Still, in modern society with its materialistic values, this constant inquiry and a profound awareness that accompany being a deep thinker can be quite challenging. Our consumerist society is killing deep thinking and is cultivating ignorance, and it makes sense why. Ignorant people who don’t question themselves and the world are the easiest targets for manipulation and mind control.

This is one of the reasons why deep thinking is not ‘in fashion’ in the modern world. Those of us who have this rare ability to look right into the depth of things often end up lonely, unhappy, and unaccomplished. It’s all because being a deep thinker comes with a number of struggles and drawbacks most people are unaware of.

Here are some struggles that only deep thinkers can relate to:

1. Feeling of detachment

In a world ruled by greed, primitive desires, and material interests, where people’s intellectual, moral and spiritual level is constantly going down, it’s no surprise that deep thinkers often feel like they don’t belong here.

One of the reasons why a deep thinker may struggle with relating to other people is a lack of meaningful communication. With all the ignorance and superficiality today, it’s not easy to find someone to talk about the things that truly matter. This is why deep thinkers often end up alone as they prefer loneliness to forced friendships.

This type of person is unlikely to tolerate shallow relationships and fake friendships. And no need to say that these are incredibly common nowadays. It’s becoming more and more difficult to make friends with genuine and deep people who don’t have hidden motives. Sadly, the consumer mindset has changed much more than just the way we see material objects. It has also altered the way we see each other.

With time, all this may make you feel alien to this society and world. Sometimes, you just can’t understand other people and their actions, which makes you wonder why you are such a misfit and feel like you come from another planet.

2. You have no interest in mainstream culture and popular activities

Similarly to the feeling of detachment, you don’t resonate with the interests and aspirations that are common to the majority of people and don’t enjoy things everyone loves. Those popular TV shows everyone talks about or usual activities like going shopping with your friends and talking about clothes only irritate you.

You often wonder how it’s possible to waste so much time on the things that don’t really matter. In general, you have little or no interest in the mundane and material side of being.

3. You have a profound frustration with modern society

Whether you follow what’s happening in the world or not, the only thing is clear – you are quite pessimistic about the future of humanity. It’s all because you deeply realize that humankind is constantly moving away from the true values and the things that really matter. All this ignorance and superficiality of modern people often make you think that the human race is doomed.

A deep thinker will often reflect on the world’s problems and will tend to take them to heart. No one will disagree that our current society has lots of issues to solve. From wars and social inequality to disrespect towards Mother Nature and other living beings on the planet.

Deep thinkers get genuinely concerned and disappointed with all this injustice, greed, and violence we witness today. And the worst part is that one person can do very little to change the whole world. Thus, all a deep thinker is left with is worrying about the things they cannot influence.

4. Being indecisive and failing to take real actions

Deep thinkers are highly self-aware and reflective. However, no matter how good these traits may be, they have one significant drawback. Those prone to deep thinking have a really hard time when it comes to taking real actions to change their life and the world. These dreamers with theoretical minds prefer to live in their own heads, immersed in their thoughts and visions.

For this reason, turning ideas into a reality, and putting plans into practice can be challenging for them. This indecisiveness and a lack of action often cost deep thinkers success and accomplishment.

It may not be a problem, however, as a deep thinker is rarely interested in becoming a success story. At the same time, when you realize that your life needs a change or you could make a real difference in the world, but you fail to act on it, this brings you deep disappointment with yourself.

5. Overthinking

It makes sense that deep thinking almost always equals overthinking. One of the telltale traits of a deep thinker is the tendency to overanalyze their actions and behavior. They find nonexistent mistakes, failures, and flaws, and blame themselves for those.

The truth is that a deep thinker can often be too hard on themselves. This makes them focus on the negative and worry too much about insignificant things.

Overthinking is another thing that can prevent deep thinkers from believing in themselves and succeeding in life. A person who is too hard on themselves tends to overlook their strengths and talents.

6. Poor social skills and difficulty relating to others

Deep thinking often comes with social incompetence. Social skills are usually an innate quality, even though they can be developed.

Yet, social communication mainly relies on the practical, everyday side of life. And this is something deep thinkers are not really good at as they tend to have highly theoretical minds. This inability to connect with other people easily makes the feeling of detachment even more intense.

At the same time, the tendency to think deep leaves a mark on your perception of other people as well. Being a deep thinker is not only about trying to solve the world’s problems or eternal dilemmas. Many deep thinkers are fascinated with the human psyche and its mysteries. The ability to analyze human nature in depth also affects social situations and day to day interactions with people.

A deep thinker with an analytical mind can easily detect inconsistencies in someone’s behavior which indicate lies, authenticity, and hidden motives. As a result, this ability inevitably leads to disappointment. The more you deal with people and see their true nature, the more alone you feel.

7. Others confuse you for being arrogant/weird/absentminded

For the most part, deep thinkers are introverts who remain immersed in their thoughts most of the day and don’t open up to other people easily.

For this reason, those who don’t know you well may get the wrong impression that you are full of yourself and are acting snobby, avoiding small talks and group activities.

I like deep thinkers. I don’t like to have normal conversations with people. I love learning about what makes them who they are. Their thoughts. Views. Who is important to them. What is important to them. Let me pick your brain

I like deep thinkers. I don’t like to have normal conversations with people. I love learning about what makes them who they are. Their thoughts. Views. Who is important to them. What is important to them. Let me pick your brain.

Some may think you are a weirdo or an absentminded daydreamer who just sits there and has his/her head in the clouds all day long.

8. The necessity to solve everyday problems can be a real challenge

You may have reflected on the questions that most people have never asked themselves and have read more books than anyone around you.

Hours of your life may have passed trying to find answers to meaningful questions and figure out what this existence is all about. You may have remarkable insights and may notice things most people are unaware of. However, solving everyday problems can make you feel completely helpless.

The truth is that deep thinking rarely equals practical thinking. Ask a deep thinker to explain to you the essence of existentialist philosophy for your college paper, and they will. Ask them to help you buy a washing machine for your new home, and they will scratch their head, feeling clueless.

The mundane aspects of being don’t really interest a deep thinker and their practical thinking skills are not that good. So they try to avoid dealing with such issues at any cost.

9. Periods of introspection and causeless sadness

If you are a deep thinker, you are probably familiar with the feeling of sadness you may have from time to time for no obvious reason. It is a sort of existential depression.

Pain and suffering are always inevitable

Pain and suffering are always inevitable for a large intelligence and a deep heart. The really great men must, I think, have great sadness on earth.
-Fyodor Dostoevsky, “Crime and Punishment”

In these periods, you are just drawn into yourself, analyzing your life, or reflecting on existential issues. Nothing can really get you out of this state unless the flow of your thoughts comes to some conclusion.

Thinking in depth is directly linked with reflecting on existential questions. A person who has never asked themselves about the meaning of life and everything can’t be really considered a deep thinker.

Is there life after death? Who am I? What is my purpose in this world? Questions like these are certainly interesting to think about. At the same time though, they have no answers. So reflecting on these matters automatically means that you will be chasing the elusive truth for a lifetime and will never reach it.

10. Lack of understanding

When you have that thoughtful expression on your face, even your close ones may assume that something is wrong with you and start worrying about you, asking questions like “Is everything all right?” or “Are you ok?”

The problem is that it’s not always easy to explain the cause of this mood. It may be something as simple as a book with a sad ending or a thought-provoking documentary you recently watched – literally anything can put you in deep thoughts.

11. It can be difficult to get out of your head and return to reality

When you are reading a book or are simply immersed in your thoughts, it’s like if you were traveling to an alternate reality. A real struggle is when you have to come back to the “real” world and return to your job, everyday duties, and activities. This return is always accompanied by a feeling of confusion and even frustration.

Remember those mornings when you are having a beautiful dream and it is suddenly interrupted by the sound of the alarm clock? This is what it feels like when you realize it’s time to get out of your head and come back to real life.

How to Cope as a Deep Thinker in the Modern World?

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Can you relate to any of the above-described points? Share your thoughts with us.

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  1. Amelia Aviles

    All of the above exactly the same of what I am😅

  2. Aine

    This article made me feel so much better. I have all those struggles and wonder if I am weird and tend to isolate myself. Thank you for writing and sharing this and spreading your wisdom so people like me can read it as it speaks to the heart 🙂

  3. Rabia

    Thanks for putting it out there; I’ve needed to read this for years…to know once-and-for-all that I won’t be understood by the vast majority of people, that the problem is neither with me nor with them since the majority just don’t/can’t/won’t think that deep EVER! I’ve always been under the impression that if i strike a deeper discussion, others will be able to share their reflections…following each disappointing encounter, i would tell myself that i have a knack for ending up in the wrong social circles. Hearing from you all has saved me all the effort of bringing up deeper discussions in the future only to be disappointed by the inability of others to relate. Instead i’ll use that energy in trying to strike normal conversations or appearing engaged in one with a smile that resembles my genuine one 🙂 Thanks a lot fellows!

  4. Will

    We’ve become the anomaly of society. The misunderstood black sheeps. But deep inside, we know that the path we’re in is a point of no return. I pretend to be a part of the society sometimes for the sake of living. I have become so good at pretending. But I can’t always do it, so I just get in my deep slumber of thoughts instead. We’re more aware and self conscious than the majority of people. My main issue is how to live without being a part of this selfish society. It’s all about survival now.

  5. David


    Just thought I’d comment because this article seems to be about me and about you people.

    I guess there Is an underlying issue with us, We simple need to stop caring too much and that’s our problem, Our deep thinking is only causing us more pain than anything. Behind that smile Is a sad face and sometimes a bad feeling inside.

    Ive been through very tough times recently, I’m not sure If I should continue the way of a deep thinker or change my way like everyone else but I don’t want to be someone who is neglectful, disrespectful and not humble enough etc…

    I think It’s just better to let go, Stop thinking and move onto what makes us happy just like the rest of the population. Yes, There are Wars going on, Poor people in the world, People dieing etc… but look on the bright side, We seem to be doing OK and we should be more grateful for what we have rather than feeling like miserable gits all the time.

    Hope this helps someone out there and my sincere apologise to anyone If I upset you.

    All the best,

  6. Cheryl

    This is definitely me but I got to this stage very late in life. I’m now 74 and for the past 10 years have been engaged in very in-depth, honest critical thinking and questioning of everything! It’s frustrating to not be able to find people in the “real” world” (not online) who are on my frequency of thinking. I disagree with something said in No. 1 though. – I do NOT feel like a misfit, I feel like everyone else is. I always wonder what is wrong with them, being concerned only with very superficial things. Mindless chit-chat makes me glassy-eyed and I just want to go home and be with my own far more interesting thoughts. It’s true I have no interest in mainstream culture and popular activities – they have no meaning for me – and I definitely have a profound frustration with society, all religions and the world/people in general. I am profoundly sad at the state of the world so I’d say I’m existentially depressed. I am a true introvert but can “wing it” for 10 minutes and act superficial like other people, then I’ve had enough. I’m an atheist and an antinatalist and I think life is tragic and should never have existed – far to much suffering for both people and precious animals.

  7. Sandra Castle

    I have been a deep thinker since the age of 5. It started one day when I turned my homemade stilts upside down, put my doll blankets on for cushions, and was walking around like I was on crutches. My mother saw me and said, “Quit playing like that or God will make you a cripple.” I stopped, sat down and started thinking about what she had said. I only had a vague opinion about God at that time, but I was sure what she said wasn’t true. Since then it seems that I questioned almost everything I was told or heard.

    I was shocked when I first realized I was different. A good friend and I were on the beach and I asked her what she thought about the whole God concept. She replied, “I don’t know, I’ve never really thought about it.” I was 21 at the time. I had always thought I was just a weird introvert. Now I wondered how anyone could not think about these things.

    I am 68 now and have come to realize that I am only different to those who are shallow minded and ruled by what society tells them. Philosophers (deep thinkers) have, in the past, been revered for their deep thinking about the ways of the world and the motivations that move people. However, in today’s society we are expected to go along with what everyone else does or thinks. I reject this construct because it is not what my self has discovered to be true for me because I have thought through it all.

    It is difficult and lonely sometimes. I abhor small talk. I do not see the purpose in wasting words on mundane chatter. I long to have deep, meaningful conversations with others. I just don’t run across very many people who can or will reciprocate. My mind is always on. I often wonder what goes through the minds of those who are not like me.

    From the comments here, I think it would be a wonderful idea for those of us here to get together to share some of our thoughts. If someone comes up with a viable way to do that, please let me know about it.

    Peace, love and serenity are best.

  8. Ochulo chinonso

    I think this is the best article I’ve ever read in my entire life… Thumbs up and thank you for the light

  9. Amy

    Omg yes! I thought I was the weird one in my classes since most 13 and 14 year olds think it’s weird or funny that I tend to think deep, and I end up not paying attention in class because of what I’m thinking.

  10. Suleman Narsindhani

    Its a curse of curiosity! It never ends, which keeps us detached from our fellow beings. We partially believe there is an answer to everything and keep searching with one eye blind. We are not special on this land and we cannot affirmatively blame, judge or discard the ways of connecting and interactions of other beings no matter how stupid or materialistic they may seem. We maybe more vulnerable but we have to endure that and practise more compassion towards our own self and towards our friends and families.

    1. Justin

      This is all so true.
      Everyone says that I am a ‘normal’ friendly and talkative guy. But under the surface theres such a disconnect with things on a deep level with my friends.
      Like I can talk about games, movies, etc etc but I crave talking existentialism with people, or talking life goals.
      I have tried fitting in to geeks, gamers, travellers, entrepreneurs, philosophers / intellectuals, digital nomads, but I just never fit in to any of them.

      Does anyone know where us deep thinkers hang out? Cause it certainly isn’t the football stadium…

      1. Jack

        I feel the same way.

        All my life I’ve been jumping from group to group trying to find one that understands me truly and with people that I can connect with deeply. All the while not even realising that I was a deep thinker to begin with, and thus wondering why these friendships never worked out.

        If only there was some sort of group where deep thinkers congregate, or some sort of sign to differentiate them from the rest of the world, because I’ll tell you it’s the vast minority of us that are deep thinkers, and unfortunately that reflects on the productiveness of our entire generation.

        1. Ravneet

          Why, I feel exactly the same, that’s why I’ve never been able to get truly connected to anyone. I feel as if there are people who are similar to me but I never have found them. A group of deep thinkers brought together is what we need so that we can work collectively to do something we consider as meaningful.

      2. dani

        we hang out in acceptance I am with you, my friends and family say I’m outgoing, a free spirit! But inside all I want is to be surrounded by people that want to dive into what its all about mode until there is nothing left to talk about or feel about and then do something fun.

      3. PJS

        This is so true. You are the only one who does not like to watch or talk about your national game. Your friends are surprised that you do not know the names of all players in the national team. By the time you reach 50s and if your profession matches your interest you are way ahead of your pears in terms of knowledge but you still lack skills in small talk. You can mentally work out complex solutions. Basically you are well taken care by your boss and the company fears you leaving. You will very often hear the comments ” oh since you are working on it, the problem will be solved now” , “why you can solve it, can you train your team”. After spending a few week on various solution that are rejected by end user, you still tell your boss on Friday “do not worry i have Saturday and Sunday to think about it, I will come on Monday with something new”…..and Monday you are with something totally new that resolves all concerns of end user. You will be so overloaded that you will have to reject request of more projects coming to you. You are the only one who know in details about a system designed 10years back. You are also one of those for whom solving the issue is the biggest reward, monetary benefits are secondary. But finally…. the thinking process is really taxing but you cannot do without it.

      4. Emilia

        @Justin, I really hope you are still reading this since your question has already been some time ago. I would really love to connect with you. I am looking for deep thinkers as well, I just cannot seem to find any. But I noticed that I really need this in my life. I can 100% identify with the challenges mentioned in the article and I am always feeling like I don’t belong. Often I feel like I have to wear a mask, because I know that most people get annoyed of topics that are too deep. I try to keep it light as well, because sometimes it is wearing me down, if I am only thinking about very deep topics. I have also already experienced a great amount of suffering, so I think there comes some depth with that as well. However, if you are still reading this.. please feel free to contact me. 🙂

    2. Gary

      I am a deep thinker but I don’t articulate well sometimes I have trouble finding vocabulary so therefore I make a lot of small talk

      1. Chris

        Gary, I’m the same. I can ponder things with such adulterated elegance and complexity, but I am completely terrible – useless, almost – at actually expressing them via physical speech.

  11. Julia

    How do they stop thinking so deep?

  12. Keitra

    I honestly think it’s impossible to stop thinking deeply. Your mind will constantly work harder; whether you want it to or not. I stopped trying to shut it down because I’m a full blown deep thinker. Often times, I sit in silence and let my mind wonder off. Usually in a dark room setting or whatever suits my mood.

  13. Shing

    Reading this makes me feels a lot better. Super stuck in deep thinking right now. Looking for answers I know I cannot find. I’m happy I found 1 answer.. which is, I’m not alone.

    Currently wanna crawl under a rock and be alone. Currently “feel” like going somewhere I’ve never been to just release what ever it is I feel right now.

    There’s something about nature, that make me feel better.

  14. Randi

    I am a deep thinker, and also found it hard to connect with those who seem superficial. I was able to find connection with people after I finally gave my life to Jesus. He made me feel completely loved. I was able to know myself better, and as a result, I was able to love other people more. Especially those who are VERY different than me. (I never thought I could ever have relationships with people who seemed superficial.) If I have prolonged times where I cannot connect with Him/myself (I consider it all the same now, because He is in me), I find myself not feeling connected. It’s amazing how He has helped me to be at ease with myself. This post was helpful. Thanks.

  15. Evert-Jan

    Warning: This comment is not encouraging but gives my perspective on things as a 19 year old boy.

    Over the almost 20 years I’ve been on this planet, I’ve come to realize that even if you don’t really like it, you have to participate in small talk, and casual activities. The society we live in today does simply not allow otherwise. If you do otherwise, you are immideately labelled as some sort of freak and you will not be taken seriously.

    As for the constant thinking, this will go on forever. These ‘sessions’ (more like constant in my case) will keep occuring. *Why? Because in our lifetimes we will never have full information about everything.* I guess that is why I lean towards games so much: You have (almost) full information and a clear objective with simple rules; The Goal Is Clear. Same goes for Deep thinkers who join other groups or relegious groups; *it takes their mind off things and most importantly, simplifies things*. The truth I found thus far in life is this: Deep thinkers think best alone. Thinking in groups or searching for long term relation/friendships with likeminded people where you see each other frequently does not work out. This is because you will be disconnected from reality for too long. Occcasionally speaking with likeminded people or people who understand you is, however, a great outlet, but no matter what, the thoughts will keep on coming.

    In the short term you can get rid of these thoughts by doing a certain thing that requires both full attention and has a clear,simple goal in mind (in my case, playing some tactical shooting game online). As for the long term, :I am still figuring things out. I’d love to talk more about this but hey, who’s going to read this anyway.

    1. Joy

      Hi Evert-Jan
      I read what you wrote and it really resonated with me to help me understand some of my male friends who are deep thinkers too – especially the part where you said you like games so much because the objectives and rules are clear and you have almost perfect information. I turned 21 this year but will always be a child at heart. If you’d like to chat further would be keen to hear more of your story and thoughts…

    2. Simon

      rather than trying to escape from your deep thoughts, as i used to and practicly abused my entire soul and body. until my fiancee left and i thought of many things. embraced them, and they went, if you embrace the deep emotional thinking and get it out in the open. write it down, it puts it at rest. its a gift and one that sets us apart from the rest. thinking of every possible outcome and possibility. only ready’s you for the inevitable :). plus we got a much better connection with situations and can deal with them if you allow it.

  16. Chris

    Thank you for describing this. This is me exactly.

    What compounded it, or amplified it for me, though, was getting addicted to heroin at quite a young age.

    Drugs, of course, open your mind; so that, combined with being a deep thinker in any case, has left me an tormented abnormality of life. I am no longer on that stuff, but it has left me with the probably better-off-not-known knowledge that certain drugs can marginally, temporarily alleviate the toll and brain-stretch that comes with being a deep thinker.

    Mine is also exacerbated by the fact I’m Northern working class (English), and I live in a working class area. I am entirely alone. My mum and dad, and brothers, live not very far away, but I am unable to build a proper relationship with them. My father is a good man who has worked hard all his life. He’s a simple man, and we are utterly alien to each other. Though I love him.

  17. Matthew Watson

    Hiya, I too am a deep thinker. I think so much about things other people are just not interested in. Some people just don’t have the capacity to understand. I do get frustrated why people do such things. When talking about being isolated from the rest, that is true I do feel that. The world is blind and ruled by greed and power and only think about what is there and not what could be. I think about the things like why do certain things exist. How do constructions of experiments collaborate so remarkably, what I mean is how does the world start. There are theories in relativity but are bewildering, if 2 people started on the earth like Adam and Eve, how come some of us speak different lanaguages. Did they create life and when the child is born did it get lost along the way of lanaguage development and end up speaking for say Chinese? We don’t know? I think about the deep facts, because was there a Big Bang?. So many theories written online but are any really the correct reasoning. Are we all really just living on a theoretical interface where the only answer is a theory and justification of what matters. I could go on and on about this type of stuff. I would love to group up with people and just learn about the world in a vast formality, understanding its beginning and development to the full but it’s not something you can learn on the internet. It’s something that should be spoken, not written and read. My name is matt I live in Ipswich if anyone knows a place in which people like myself belong, then let me know. This is a great page for people like us, I’m glad I found it.

  18. Tom

    Here is a ninth challenge. Take the words wit, witty, smart, funny, and quick. See how wit refers to intelligence, witty means (smart)funny, and quick is associated with both. But quick is really a false equivalence. Nevertheless in our society, slow is associated with lower intelligence. However, speed of wit is only one aspect of intelligence. It ignores that deep thinkers think (of many angles, filters, their audience, potential repercussions etc.) before they speak more than most people. A considered response simply arrives later than a reflexive one. There is no inherent superiority of speed vs. considered, but social interactions heavily favor quick.

    1. Leroy

      i just deleted my long over thought initial thoughts by accident but you demonstrated with your comment exactly how my brain works. so crucial to think deeper when dealing with new sensitive friends who have misunderstood anything i’ve said prior to them due to me feeling comfortable and clever around them. they can’t keep up with me because they still are learning who i am. and sometimes they go into defense mode late into the night with passive aggression and that’s when you learn that there are many ways to go about helping them figure things out about this or that. thank you for articulating that what’s goes on internally.

  19. Sandra Castle

    I too am a deep thinker. Have often been labeled weird, self-involved, etc. etc. Only one person in my life, my sister, sees me as a deep thinker. She also realizes this is what makes me different from most. That being said, I wouldn’t trade being a deep thinker for the alternative. I am astounded when I state a researched fact to someone and get the answer, “I don’t care,” or I never really thought about it. It makes me wonder what people like that think about. Are their minds so devoid of thinking of deep matters? This makes no sense to me. Where would we be without the deep thinkers of our world? I admit, I avoid talking of anything with people like this since small talk of the weather, what’s for dinner, etc. makes no difference to me. The weather will be. When I am hungry, I will find something to eat. Until then, just leave me alone and let me figure things out that I’m thinking about. Is it any wonder we are introverts who long for deep conversations on something other than clothes, gossip, and whatever they think about. Boring. Where’s the interest in such mundane matters? None for this deep thinker.

  20. Irene

    I typed into my browser ” I don’t belong anywhere” and came across this site.. Thank you all for making me feel reasonably normal! I’m 75 now but quite clearly remember feeling that I must have been adopted as a child as I certainly did’nt belong in the family I grew up in 🙂

  21. Irina Koleva

    I really recognize myself (especially with 8), but not with 3 and 6, because I’m too young for them. Deep thinking will save our world, but it has one big problem – such people don’t live in the present. For example, I have some gathered money. The only reason not to give them to a pauper in the street is that they can’t help them in perspective. Deep thinkers see the bigger picture so they can’t concentrate on a current problem.

  22. Ali

    I do feel alone in this world and feel I have out-stayed my welcome. I am an idealist and have very small circle of friends. The modern world does not sit well with me. Most people think I’m a nice guy but a loner. The only thing that keeps me going everyday is my faith and knowing one day I will return to my Creator. Most of my close family have already left this earthly plane and I await my turn to be with them once again. Life is beautiful and God’s grace is everywhere. God bless all in existence.


    It is really nice to read an article like this and the comments to realize that there are other people in the world that are like you. It does help. Like Justin said, I just cannot find a group to fit in with. Many educated people who think quickly and appear, (or in their way are) intelligent are not deep thinkers and can be condescending and arrogant when you try to relate to them. Deep thinking, as I experience it, is not quick thinking typically, unless it is stored or collected thought over time that comes out in a burst or mental outpouring. Which in my experience is typically not received well. Society is not very open to deep thinking currently even though I believe it is in desperate need of it. So many people from different circles seem to scoff you off at any discussion outside acceptable topics and many times act like superior know it alls in response. Deep thinking in my opinion is not being or feeling like a know it all. It is the opposite really and I would consider it more of a “question it all” mentality. Including my own thoughts and opinions.
    Long winded, sorry. Great article. Thanks.

  24. A nonymus my

    Just reading this made me feel better. It was like you were describing me. Even though I know there are people out there who can relate and understand, none of my friends or family or coworkers really do which adds to the feeling of not belonging. Why am I bothered that I don’t belong when I don’t want to belong?

    1. Simon

      Being alone has a power very few can handle. same with feeling like you dont belong. you feel like you dont belong because your destined for bigger things you just havnt spent quality Me time to realise your path. instead you spent your time wondering why why why. feel blessed embrace it and shoot for the stars!.

  25. Emack

    I am a deep thinker. I do not like the same things (e.g. fantasy sports or so-called comedy TV shows) many people do. I would rather go my own way instead of following the crowd to path of misery and regret.

    Deep thinkers including myself are meant to be different. We are not supposed to follow the crowd or do what everyone else is doing. God has called us to make a positive difference in this world. The reason is that many people are doing ungodly things.

    So, do not let other people especially family and friends stop you from doing your purposes.

    If so, you would regret it majorily.

  26. Tammy

    Deep thinking has paved a path of life for me that I travel mostly alone. Others have walked with me for a short time only to fade away for I am “too serious, no fun, think too much, miserable”, or they just get bored. I have never felt I belong anywhere I have been. Like a nagging 2 year old, I am always wondering why or how about everything. This picking things apart has only one benefit I have found up to this point: I do enjoy my job as a small engine mechanic and am pretty good at troubleshooting 🙂

    I have accepted the fact I do not fit into any of societies boxes they have laid out for us. I am grateful to know there are others like me. Being alone with my deep thinking and finding more benefits to my oddballness has become my new goal. Doing this alone and accepting how lonely this world can make me feel is a rock in my path I will overcome.

    This post is reassuring in the fact that it tells me there are people out there deeper than a kiddy pool. Nice to know

  27. Basant Mudgil

    First of all… It’s a blessing to be a deep thinker. It’s a gift that has been bestowed on few blessed.
    Given the characteristics of deep thinkers it can be said that they seem like wandering in a maze which has entrapped them altogether. However it is the true only for those kind of deep thinking people whose minds have been wired in the habit of deep thinking. They are now a deep thinker by default. They consider or have assumed it as a way of thinking.
    Actually this is where the problem lies. Deep thinking is not just a way of thinking. It is something that must be employed to break every kind of deafultnesses. It is to come out of everything that is here to bind us and thus limit us.

  28. Norman Holanda

    This is totally me

  29. Kamryn

    I thought i was suffering from a mental illness or something losing touch with reality. I get so deep into questioning how i am here and where are we that i feel like a stranger to myself even. seriously i need somone in my life who understands this my kik is kamrynkings hit me up someone!

    1. Steve Jackson

      You (and we) are not alone. I finally realized that. We were taught to be like everyone else, I disagree with that. You need to be who you are, comfortable living your life the way you want, as long as it does not affect others harmfully, of course, Just be yourself. The world would be a very boring place if it did not have those who live, act, and be a little different than others, no matter what they think. Don’t you agree? Be happy. Think about the things you enjoy in life, whether its a sunset or just the view out of a window. There is a lot more going on there than “normal” people realize. Deep thinkers know that. Good luck.

  30. Trevor

    My favorite section is number 10 about lack of understanding. If there is anything that truly bothers me is when people, especially ones who know I’m a thinker see me in a state of thought and ask, “are you okay?” YES, YES I AM OKAY. ARE YOU?

  31. Emilia

    Guys, who ever is reading this.. please answer to my comment. I am looking for deep thinkers and we are so hard to find in every day life. My soul just feels this uncompromising need to connect with other like-minded people. There is really no other way, I need to connect with people who can understand. I feel so alone on this planet.. it’s so frustrating. Someone said all the deep thinkers should unite and try to improve the world together.. honestly, that’s really what I feel as well. Alone we are just people, who either isolate themselves or pretend to be different and are wearing masks.. however, together.. there is such a strength. I am so convinced about this. We need to somehow connect! Please, be with me on this. 🙂

    1. anuj

      hi Emilia iam also a deep thinker


    2. Will Jackson

      I’m just the same, A true deep thinker

    3. Maaiz

      Not a bad idea…lets all deep thinkers come together and improve the world

    4. Yv

      Hi Emilia…I randomly typed into the net, “Why am I so deep and how do I learn to connect with shallow people.” Today was the day I just can’t do it anymore. Trying to blend in to the shallowness of society is so hard for Me.

    5. Baron

      I know what you mean emilia, i feel alone and alienated all of the time even though I have friends I’ve known for 20 years and I’m 26.. It’s hard for me to deal with most people for too long and when i do i feel like i have to be by myself and recharge for a few days.

    6. christopher yu

      Would something like a wechat / whatsapp/ facebook/ group be something we want to start up?

  32. Steve Jackson

    This was one of those mornings where I was sitting in a quiet room. What started out as me thinking about what I will do for my day off today ended up with deep thoughts going through my mind. The “what if’s” about my past, and now. I’ve always been a deep thinker, didn’t realize it, and thought it was normal. I’ve always been a quiet guy, shy at times and kept to myself. I have always wondered why I felt more comfortable alone, and that I didn’t “fit in” with people that I deal with everyday also. Just thought it was meant to be. I grew up from my childhood to an adult with Epilepsy, having uncontrollable seizures many days a week. At 47, I was given a gift of an operation, brain surgery, that stopped the seizures that was an everyday thing to me. By doctors, I was told to start my life over, live a normal life. Here’s the part I’m trying to explain. Though the seizures stopped and I now had more freedom in my life, I found myself living the same way, alone. I even went into a deep depression, got help for that, but could never find myself even wanting to change things. Somehow I came across this “list” of being a deep thinker and felt like I was reading about myself. I even had a “wow” moment. Why couldn’t doctors explain these things to me in the past? Now it made some sense to me. I am a 52 year old man, single, no children and never had a really serious relationship. I always thought it was because of how I had to live my life having Epilepsy, seizures and being very limited on everyday things. It’s all I knew about. Now I believe it has more to do with being a deep thinker, part of a smaller group of people in this world. It just makes more sense. I’m comfortable with my life now, but it never hurts to have friends, or be with someone who truly understands why I am who I am.

  33. Little bird

    I’m a deep thinker

  34. srgwriter

    Yes, and it’s often difficult to go through this world. Feel so apart from the mainstream world. There was kind of a process with me. First, self doubt. Then, bitterness and anger at the world thinking it’s so screwed up. Then acceptance of what it is, personality difference, and it has always existed. And since I’ve gotten into history I know that shallow thinking is not just of these times. It is what it is.

  35. Laz

    I am also a “deep thinker”, feeling so alone in the world and no one understands or feels the way I do. When I respond to someone who asks me questions it seems my passion is aroused in such a way that I can’t control it which in turn causes people to just dismiss any answer I may offer.
    I find myself content to just spend time alone with my thoughts disconnected, disengaged, and ALWAYS asking, “what am I doing here?” Is this my reason for existing on this planet? I can’t believe this is what my life has come to!
    Even family and friends don’t understand or should I say truly desire to understand. People seem so fake, insincere. Never desiring deeper conversation and so many are medicated to begin with even though they look you right in the eyes you can tell they didn’t hear one word you said! Sad really…
    Most don’t understand how difficult it is to be in this reality. Even though I’ve tried to reach out people still look at you like you are from another planet. Honesty, integrity, sincerity are lacking in so many ways today, seems you can’t take anyone for their word anymore. I always said there are two kinds of people in the world, those who have something to say, and those who just want to say something!

  36. Tammy

    I am also a deep thinker and this has left me feeling alone and frustrated. While others continually gossip, condemn, judge, primp themselves, and complain, I long for intellectual conversation and peace. While others chase material and money and can never have enough, I look for a more simple life with less crap to surround myself with. I have traveled down some dark, dead end roads with others in the hopes of having companionship, only to be left at the end questioning why I am not accepted for who and what I am. Why must I always explain myself, my actions, my silence, my ways? Why can’t I just be accepted for me, and my differences? Why can’t I be trusted with my own thoughts and my own mind? Why is my silence such a threat? Why can’t I meet another like minded soul?

    I am on the path to recovery from my addiction, my desire, to be respected, understood, and trusted for who and what I am. From this path will be another that leads to respecting myself, understanding myself, and trusting myself. This is a familiar path, for I have been on it before. Before I followed another who promised what I was looking for in a companion. My self confidence has been battered for my indiscretion.

    In this realm I find myself in, surrounded by such shallow people, I feel as if I do not belong. I have never had the pleasure to meet another like me and often wonder if I ever will. I tire of small talk, gossip, and empty words. I tire of talk of material gain, gadgets, and money. I found the only thing that speaks my language is nature, where everything serves a purpose and there is no judgement; everything has reason. If only I could transform into a bear, an eagle, a wolf, or some other creature of nature outside this human, insane, realm of existence. This feeling of not belonging wears me down at times, and I have not found another who understands.

    This article, and others like it on this site, help me to feel I am not alone. Other’s comments show me there are others out there with the same struggles. It’s like a good book, in that when I close it and step back into reality, there is no one in this physical realm who understands, there are no deep thinkers with whom I can interact. We live in a very lonely world, surrounded by hundreds, if not thousands of people daily. The irony. Thank you again for great post, and comments

    1. Deborah Powell

      Not sure if this thinking is deep enough or thought provocating enough for y’all, but for me it is……..Where have the Days GONE of Commons Decency and Compassion Towards YOUR Fellow HUMANS and CO~WORKER’S
      Especially when they are really going through NOT the norm situations….their NOT ALONE by actual cards, call, making time for you, taking it a little easier for a bit, flowers, food, etc

  37. CapsuKid

    We’ll it really is true. But most of the problems you wrote are problems with teenager thinkers who is still knowing their surroundings. And is on going on to developed themselves. But when deep thinkers reach adulthood those problems can be coped. Because they already know who they are and know how to handle those situation. Deep thinkers accept opinions of others for why they think like that and are emphatitic. So it’s not really a problem in adulthood

  38. Tisha

    Wow. I don’t remember how I came across this blog, but I feel so liberated that what I thought was crazy about me, is a thing! Has a title (deep-thinker), and explained my whole mind to a T adding reasoning to myself!! Thank you so much for this. I literally felt myself relax and breathe at the words in #9 when you said the answer is no to the questions I always have in my mind when it comes to living life. I’m always searching for a purpose or a connection, and in reality, there’s no true answer that can be told. Wow, I’ve been spending these past months venting and trying to figure out my life, and this is a starting point for why I feel the way I feel and think the way I do! Thank you so much!

  39. Luis

    Yeah: WOW! I´m not alone after all. More or less like all other who have commented this great article.
    I´m almost 50 and only a few years ago have I started to come to realize, slowly and gradually (and also surely only partially and imperfectly) the kind of person I am (or rather, have been).
    And I believe I have started to change. One example of what I mean (or rather how it manifests): notice how I used the word “believe” in the previous statement instead of “think”? It may be subtle (or maybe not) but I believe now that it can make a huge qualitative difference.
    I am not religious (though I do not affirm God or something else does not exist). I’ve always had a very strong opinion about the value of critical thinking, logic, facts and science. But I have come recently to believe (again believe instead of think or know!) that thinking is like a double-edged sword.
    Additionally I have come to accept my human nature and associated limitations: I try to accept that I cannot know or understand everything (if anything at all) and that just as my body needs rest so does my mind. I would even say something stronger: I need rest from my mind!!!!
    So my perception of my relation to my life, emotionally, seems to have improved a lot due to this accompanied by regular exercise, forgiving myself for ALL my shortcomings, crying sometimes (but in a kind of relief manner), daily meditation and continuously trying to remember how to connect with my sensations and experience in the NOW (like, probably, when I was a very young boy).
    I’m still basically quite introverted and socially awkward and all the rest. BUT I feel much better about that than before! I even occasionally find myself having a “good time”, maybe smiling and enjoying some “little thing”, like some nice smell, comfortable seat or whatever.
    I believe and even think that, contrary maybe to most people who do it automatically, we have to want to take care of ourselves, help ourselves, for it to happen. Because our need or strong tendency to think and analyze everything and always overrides our other instinctive abilities or programs. Some of them are maybe related to what some call intuition, faith and hope and also BELIEVING!

  40. Nada

    I think deep thinking is not enough and confusing if not taken to the second level silence the mind instead of over thinking ,or else we’ll be in a sick metal state if not controlled ,such as anxiety and depression at least ,silence the mind is not stop thinking ,it’s like acknowledge the thoughts ,accept them ,and accept the behavior and the emotions ,the change that happens in every stage ,I m not an expert on that subject but after all those years of over thinking and deep thoughts ,I read about silence of the mind and still learning .

  41. GlennSac

    Love this page, so many interesting blogs every now and then.
    Being the only child i grew up alone, and yeah sure sometimes i feel like i have to socialize and somehow, in some way, i did.
    But a huge part of me screams “You really wanna be a part of this?”
    Reading the blog, i remembered a lot of happenings up until now.
    And now somehow i understand “that” part of me particularly #’s 1,2,3,5,7&10.
    Good thing my partner understands this part of me.
    It could have been better if there were solutions.
    Nevertheless, Thank you.

  42. Gail

    I typed on the computer “i need a deep-thinker”. Thankfully this article came up. Emilia i too feel the need that you, and as i see from reading all the comments, surprisingly many others have. I feel better just knowing i’m not alone. I hope to connect with others here

  43. Lee

    If you could find a central meeting point, maybe you can get a small group together. Your first topic of course, would be ‘deep thinking’ and how it personally effects, like a support group, only you may find yourselves laughing at some points because you’ll all be able to relate. From there you can get a basket of topic contributions and vote on order of topic discussion. You may develop into something big on any level.

  44. J.H

    I know I think different. I embrace it and it keeps me warm, watered and fed.
    All too often it can be extremely controversial.
    Why should I pay for drinking water for other countries when that country has billion dollar budgets???
    AND the recipients have iPhones, 4x4s, TV and university educations
    I have traveled extensively and seen this, got photos to prove it)

    What follows is not a dig at the countries but a dig at our “Morales” of supporting
    Why does Ethiopia have a space program and still it starves?
    Why do we pay billions to India when they take our jobs?
    Footballers, by and large, are cheats, these are the role models to the shallow.

    I use my depth to protect me, I am not the outcast, THEY are the UNINVITED.
    Sometimes they enter my world (can you take 5 mins to answer this survey? TFIC)

    You want to think deep? How much does that could that floats up in the sky weigh?
    Your bath weighs 1 1/2 tons, it all comes from the clouds…
    Think deeper my friends.
    Find the fun not the travesty in who we are and what we are.
    When it comes to the Zombie Apocalypse we shall prevail (Do not rise to that any real deep thinkers, not going to happen)

    1. KF

      I don’t think ANY of that equates to deep thinking. And, it’s think deeply!

      1. Neno

        That’s exactly like I felt! I guess we don’t qualify for a regular deep thinker or do we?

    2. Irma

      Nope, you’re definitely not a deep thinker. You just think about the world and it’s inefficiencies, you don’t think deeply…

  45. kathleen.... The Odd

    Well—Wadya know?!!! I have to live to 76 years old to find out that I’m not the only one out there. Blessed be the internet. ( Which is pretty much a mystery to me) However–I can use it to find cool information which I’ve wondered about for a very long time. Greetings fellow Thinkers. I was once told that ” You don’t think like anyone I’ve ever known !! On the other hand –I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone who thinks.!!” Sooo- – now I know that I’m a deep thinker , among other things too numerous to mention…My husband has patiently listened to me many times say things witch he has cautioned me to not talk about to others. I think he would put my ideas into the same category as talking about how I once had a STD and the best cure I found for it.
    Take heart fellow D.T’S. YOU WILL SURVIVE. I have, and I’m the better for it. I take pleasure from the fact that I have lived a more interesting life, if only in my mind, than others. I recommend this course of thinking to the rest of you. It is a rather solitary existence for the most part, but with some effort one can learn to dial it back and pass for one of the herd. In the meantime, do not try to solve the unsolvable. I would make the analogy of the dog chasing it’s tail. It thinks, hopes, to catch it. It enjoys the pursuit, but loses out on the fun of chasing the thrown ball. I know… So much to know…so little time. I’m in sight of the finish line of life and believe me, I do get it. Just remember nobody gets out of THIS life alive. The Great Adventure lies ahead. Trust me on this. Adieu, adios and so on.

    1. Lisa

      Wow, love what you wrote, is your husband of same mindset? cos im still looking for one who understands me lol, not yours obviously lol x

  46. Sebastian

    Isn’t that the truth. Guess that’s kinda the irony of the “being indecisive or failing to take action” admission lol. Its incredibly easy for a thinker to identify problems, but it can be pretty overwhelming actually overcoming the hurdles. I think someone said it best above – don’t go chasing questions that you won’t ever have answered, and more importantly, be comfortable with how you think and who you are. It is not a curse

  47. Jamie Jenkins

    To my fellow deep thinkers. You have a gift. Find it. Channel it into passion. You are creative. Please listen to the Grateful Dead. They are a deep thinkers paradise. Their fans are united by our unique desires and thoughts. The music gave us a home. We all just get it and the music taught us to embrace it and love it. The essence of their music. It turned my “mental illness” into a love of life and spiritual journey. It will guide you. No I do not do drugs. Trust me, you won’t be sorry. It is their loss. Nobody normal gets the music. They scoff at it. We know better bc we have something to make us feel happy beyond their wildest dreams. Something they can’t take no matter how much they make it seem terrible. Like a gift to deep thinkers of the world. Enlightenment. Just for us.

  48. Maryam

    I am definitely a deep thinker cause i can relate to every point that is mentioned. I struggle a lot socially and i think i have found answer to many problems that i face.
    Being a deep thinker is a gift but it can also become a curse because you sometimes get addicted to it and that can make you feel disconnected from people and reality.

    1. Ryan

      I am exactly the same haha.

    2. Irma

      I remember refusing to speak to my mother through a whole 1 hour bus ride because I wanted to spend the time thinking about time traveling….Needless to say, she was pretty disappointed….ha ha.

  49. Karen Lee

    Being a deep thinker is so unique and in my opinion kinda a curse. You see so much an anyalize it in so many ways . It’s so hard for anyone to pull the over your eyes per say. That’s why most of us who are truly cursed with it have few friends and most of the time live in our own lonely world. I can see how people feel , watch their actions, and most if the time know their responses. It is aggravating when no one understands how we never stop thinking. I can’t even meditate due to thinking about so much.

    1. Daniel

      I feel all the same stuff, it’s like u can see and feel the pain that person goes through and there’s nothing u can do about it but u know it’s there but you’ll never reach it, this whole passage except a couple things is me and it’s not a curse it’s a god given gift u just have to see the best of it they want u to think “us” live lonely lives.. sure I feel lonely at times and sad but I strive to be happy and most of “us” are caught up in thinking and get caught in depression and it’s not good you’re the only one that can get out of this, it’s god given and it has a purpose.. most of “us” just fail to see it and end up lonely which is not the life any of us want to live so don’t.. only u can control what u think and how u choose to live with it

  50. Ryan

    Dont know how the “hello” I landed up on this post hahaha…was busy researching stuff on the Universe/Galaxy/Space (yes I am a flat earth believer…) and somehow landed on this post. The problems I find myself dealing with are: not really being able to have a proper communication with people, where its actually “meaningful”, about whats happening behind the scenes and what people have been forced to belief and and and and and… Dont even know what to write in my comment- so for now ill just say: Interest post thanks 😉

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